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What does it mean if your body is slow to heal from cuts, minor skin infections etc?
Does it mean the immune system isn't working properly or is everyone just different
Additional Details
Holy Smoked: ROTFL no it is not lol

\/[email protected] D
that means u have diabetes! u should controll eating sweats.if u cannot do so, then u have to start eating tablets. u should check ur diabetes. it is so dangerous. u should go to a doctor as soon as possible.

Brandon G

Rachel K
To be honest, it could mean cancer.

I do think loads of people are different, but I also think a low white blood count could account for a slow healing boo-boo.

Check with your doctor to make sure of your reason; but diabetes run in my family and I know that is one of the symptoms.

Laughing with you not at you
Possibility of Diabetes.

How slow are you talking about? And yes everyone has different factors that determine how well their immune system is working.

Josh B
Also if you smoke that causes cuts to be slow to close

Hi! I agree it could mean diabetes-but this is not gospel-how old are you? Do you take GOOD viatmins, how is your health? Do you smoke-there questions to consider before jumping to conclusions--if you have doctor you should see him or her--family history-- first of all don't worry just see a doctor, talk to them they will take it from there-could be your immune system--could be lots of things--just don't get all upset-that does not help and ...God bless

Could mean you have a weak immune system and you may want to up the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables you consume, drink more water and excerise more. It could also mean if cuts are not healing well, that you don't have enough platelets in your blood (platelets are what clots blood when you cut yourself to stop the bleeding) This could be the sign of a condition, although it's probably nothing, if you're concerned go speak to your doctor.

Eat foods with vitamin Cs like oranges, fruits.. You might be low on vitamin. But if its really something to be concerned about, go to your local doctor and have her/him check it out. Maybe a blood test should be taken, to make sure you dont have diabetes. Dont take a risk and ignore it

qt z
Oohh...Definitely you are positive to have a Diabetes. But it's good to see also a dermatologists...

White blood cells are responsible for curing whatever isn't 'normal' in/on your body so try eating more fruits, veg, and drink milk to boost your white blood cells. :)

you may be a diabetic, i have family members that go through the same thing and they have diabeties, see your family doctor for a firm answer.

I also think it can be a sign of leukemia. Regardless, see your doctor.

you could possibly b a diabetic first you should check with your doctor and know your family history

lana s
Sometimes diabetes, or thin blood, maybe just enough time.;;;

Let me see what I can find out =)

You are not getting your vitamins and your metabolism is slow!

Michele B
Everyone IS different, It could mean also that you may have aids or some std that affects your immune system. Aids attacks your immume system.

i have family history of diabetes and thats a early sign of it im sorry to say, get checked just to be safe.

if its not that its just a low platlet count and your blood wont clott as fast.

Holy Smoked
people are different. if you take awhile to heal but aren't getting infections it's probably not an immune system issue. perhaps you need more rest, less stress, and better care of the wound (i.e. cleaning etc).

hope you heal...

this isn't a KY warming problem is it... lol

Possible signs of Diabetes:
* Individuals with diabetes often experience slow or limited wound healing. Endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs), which derive from bone marrow, normally travel to sites of injury and are essential for the formation of blood vessels and wound healing.*

Possible role biofilms play in "chronic" wounds:
* Biofilms are bacteria that grab onto a surface, build a colony and then secrete a protective slime that makes them nearly invulnerable to antibiotics and disinfectants. Biofilms can foul drinking water systems, industrial pipelines and cause hard-to-kill infections on medical implants.*

you should check your sugar, cause diabetis patients takes time for skin healing.
but, check with your doctor incase it's normal for you.

Missing U
it means your immune system is weak...could possibly signifty anemia or diabetes.

It COULD be a sign of diabetes......(not necessarily but it is possible)

Maybe it is normal. bleeding time is about 3-4 minutes for small cuts. When it is taking more time then it means there is a disturbance in hemocoagulation and coagulation factors. Haemophilia is a major cause of slow healing of wounds and long time of bleeding.

Tanya B VT
Right away the first suspect would be diabetes. The other possibilities are side effects from taking Aspirin or any other medication which causes your blood to thin. This creates a delayed response in the healing process as well. Many heart patients experience this. One other problem could be related to pinched nerves. Quite often people confuse this with a pinched nerve in your spine. Chronic back pain sufferers have this problem, but it must be noted that pinched nerves are not restricted just to your spinal area. Your nerves could be genetically thin and hence the nutrients passing through for the normal natural healing often are restricted. If this problem is not too severe, a simple dose of 500mg of vitamin Niacin (B-3) will take care of this nicely. Niacin is wonderful for unclogging nerves. You must remember to buy the non-flushing type because the reaction to the regular Niacin can be quite uncomfortable. Also, do not exceed the dosage beyond 500MG per day. There are side-effects.

If any of the above theories do not make any sense, then you should do what I normally do; ask your doctor. Its your body after all.

Signed: Dr. Tanya...and your invoice will be in the mail.

one undone
You might have your blood sugar checked. That is one of the symptoms of diabetes.

that's a sign of diabetes. if it's really bad, ask your doc.

Orpheus Think Tank Repairman
contrary to some quick minded answers, there are many reasons for people to be slow to heal, and things they can do about it... and yes, it does have to do partially with the immune system, and partly with cell growth due to a response "T" cell. I could look it up again, but there is little need, just look into colloidal Vitamins and minerals Also, stress plays a major factor in some wounds healing, as too much adrenaline in the system retards some enzymes from being released from a gland said to be useless in the schools of Western Doctors... too Bad.


A friend of a friend said this might be a good place to add information on one of the best ways to purge pent up stress,

Also, the comment on colloidal Vitamins and minerals has to do with a misconception taught in schools, the basic requirements as set forth by the USDA for them is set up to keep from getting Scurvy, not maintaining health. and we wonder why doctors have to practice...


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