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What can I do to save myself?
Ok I will start by saying i have been very depressed for about 4 years now. It is starting to get really bad. only three people know about my problem. I have tried counseling and anti depressants but those just made it worse. I hate people and i don't talk a lot. I hide in my room most of the time and i have even started to cut myself but not in the wrist where everyone can see in in the arm. I cut myself not to die but so the pain of it can take away a little of the pain i feel inside. but i think on a downward spiral that leads to only one thing. I need to know what to do i am sick and tired of feeling like this. Plz help me
Additional Details
and im girl

Summer M
go to counseling or therapist... i think it will help u

ok, the best advice i can give u is to look on the upside of things as much as u can.i've been doin' that lately. if u can't stop cutting ur self cold turkey, then minimize ur cutting each day little by little till u eventually stop.

do the same thing with the shyness first come out of ur room, then say a simple little hi to someone, then start a conversation and so on and so forth. i'm the same way with the shyness. but today i started by saying bye to people getting off my bus and even though most of them didn't say bye back i just let it go and got over it.

i really hope i helped ... good luck

Ok, what you are dealing with is very scary! I'm sorry you have to deal with this and I'm going to try to help you. First I need to ask you a question. Are you a Christian? If not, you need to be! God is our Savior and he is the source of all happiness. You need to ask God into your life! Sometimes, when I feel down, I read the Bible and do devotions. This helps me and makes me feel better. You also need to surround yourself with friends and others you can trust and talk to. Do something fun to keep away from the sadness! Please don't do anything more to hurt yourself. Be happy and ask God into your life. Without him, you will be in much more pain forever! PLEASE do this for me! I will keep you in my prayers! Love, Carleigh

I'm even cooler in person
try going out of your comfort zone and socialize with someone

The antidepressants didn't work and counseling didn't help so I think this is your best shot

You'll get over it. Trust me. You might think that you never will, but you will.

And hate to say it, but take some ecstasy. You'll be reminded that it's possible to be happy.

We all get tired and depressed at times....I found a way to get up a little bit out of life modification (my own theory)....think of a few things that you really like....food, ice cream, movies, television shows, books, comic books etc, etc....your top 3 or four things.

.....deprive yourself of them for six days....on the seventh day allow yourself to have it, whatever it may be.

....you will find that even during the six days when you are on edge a little for not having what you like....you still want to LIVE...and strive because you do have something to look forward to....you will find that you have a little more spunk and life to you.


1. drink white tea....it has a chemical that increases dopamine and puts you into an energetic mood.

2. get some vitamin D in you....mood enhancer...may also get it from sun light.

3. write down a list of things reasons you should be thankful.

4. my sure fire way to happiness YEAH!!! I sing 3 praise songs...with music and lyrics....I give praise to God to Jesus Christ...and some how "magically" all my tired vexing, frustrated depressing feeling flee...I think God visits us during our praise...when he does so no evil vexing spirit can be around His presence.....If you are feeling so low...you got nothing to lose...try it....by the second song you will start feeling great.

The best thing to do is to talk to your family and friends about it first off, these people are the best people for you, they've been there for you in other times and they'll be there for you for this. You'll want to talk to them about how you feel, what causes it, and how they might be able to help. Just letting them know is a tough thing to do but it can help a bunch.

Once you have a sit down with your friends and family, start a search either through the phone book, internet, or through your doctor to find a therapist that you can visit and talk to. A therapist will help you deal with the problems you have and the best way to deal with them when they arise.

Some small stuff you can do in between these bigger things is start doing stuff that makes you happy, get your mind off of the things that make you feel bad, and start changing your life to avoid those things and people that might make you feel worse. Oh, and stop cutting yourself, it's not healthy to do especially if it gets infected, show them to your doctor and let him/her clean it up.

Good luck

Katie B
I recently found out that if you are depressed, you will stay depressed. What you need to do to break that cycle is get a more positive outlook on life. You have to act happy then your mind will believe you actually are happy. So get out there and find the 1 thing that really makes you happy.

P.S. Stop cutting. You regret it later.

Vince Shlomi
I'm in the exact same situation. Right now I'm just kind of waiting it out... :P

listen to music to let it out.
write about it.
take long walks by yourself outside (with music)
I don't blame you...I am in my room sometimes away from this place we call a "wonderful world"..
good luck! :)

get a dog

I don't know much about what your going through but I'll try to help you. If I were you I would try to talk to people and make some new friends. I know it can be hard. You should also try writing in a diary. I do and it can help you find out what is bothering you the most. You could also do something that is calm and relaxing. try some of these: fill the bath tub up close your eyes and soak, paint or draw a picture. don't worry about how it looks that's not the point. Doing something constuctive will take your mind of of hurting yourself. In order to help yourself you have to be willing to try new things. I hope I could help.
P.S. Good luck with the new you. I'm sure you can do it.

Scarlett Icing
There is no way that counselling and anti-depressants can make your situation worse unless you're choosing to wallow in it.
My diagnosis is one word - teenager.

Sarah T
oh sweetheart, no dont cut yourself.....ive been down that road.....please dont do that to yourself......tell your parents, get MORE counseling......try talking about it to a doctor who specializes in your problem......please help yourself and get help. ♥

this might help


First, you need to reach deep inside you for strength. Faith was what helped me.

omg im so sorry! i will be one of ur best buddies!

just talk to friends, become a leader of your friends, join clubs, play musical instruments, write, draw

go to ur doc n get help

did you try a psychiatrist ?

If you wanna talk let me [email protected]… or kane112001( yahoo messenger)

seek a psychiatrist. talking to someone that will understand you will help. good luck

talk to people like close friends or family. Go out and enjoy life the pool movies parrk and other stuff is great. think postive. just think, you could have been born a mosquito or a brainless ameba. if nothing is working you really need to see a doctor. depression is a terrible thing. life can be wonderful, so don't give up just yet. best of luck

Danielle R
GET help sounds like ur manic badly. and only certain medicines can help with that. even if you think the counseling isnt helping it will it takes time all people who are in your position think this. my father in law is bipolar manic and im a RN I take care of him hes exactly the same way. AND DONT STOP taking the medicine because u think your better your right you are better but its because of the medicine your better.

Kelly R
Depending on how old you are you sound like you are between 15-20. I was like that when I was young and I had counseling my self and even was given anti depressants. They worked for me but when the happiness went away the sadness and anger came back then times worse. It was like smoking pot or drinking but when you wake up the next morning your miserable again. So what I did was wright in a note book everyday about how I felt, I started reading the bible, praying to God, singing, going for walks to my destination instead of catching the bus, drawing basically doing things to keep me busy. It is very hard to do and I believe you will grow out of it, trust me it will go away just don't relay on drugs to save you because if you can't save your self then no one could save you for you.
Also to let you know the reason why I was like this was because well I will just say my dad is in jail for 25 year for what he did to me. I am not saying you are going through some tough times but you have to think there are other people who are going through way worse then you are this is what really helped me get pass what was wrong with me. The people in other countries are going through some crazy things you couldn't even imagine so keep that in your head.

get help

L♥VE 09
well if counseling and pills ,did not work ,I think that you should start a blog so that you get all your feelings out or maybe get a kitten or a puppy so you have something that depends on you to take care of it .

You could give yourself a trip to the therapy clinic for about three months to a year.

Phoenix Hunter
A good idea to solve this issue is to turn to the Lord. I don't mean that you have to go to church. Just pray and ask God for guidance and a peace of mind to overcome your deprssion! Hope this helps you!

Get yourself properly evaluated by a psychologist and take it from there. Life really is worth living you know so get back on the road to recovery. you never know where it will take you but thats the beauty of it. your problems now might help you to help others if you stay in control and actively move yourself out of this bad place you're in. you're worth the effort - believe in yourself.

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