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 Anyone who can help me with a digestive question
These are my symptoms....
Diahrrea anywhere from 1-4 times a day
Lower right sided abdominal pain (bad at times)
Tenderness to touch on lower side of abdomen
Skin ...

 is this weird? bony hands?
my hands are really bony. the bones sick out of them and its really gross. is this normal?
Additional Details
im 13 years ...

What can I do to get rid of this horrible cold without going to the doctor?

there are many cold remedies for the common cold, look in your medicent section of any wal-mart or drug store. try 'CORICIDIN.....HSP.....COLD & FLU, if you have Highblood Pressure but please call your health care provider on the phone first.

Inundated in SF
Doctors can't cure colds. If you have a bad flu, then you should go to the doctor since it can escalate. For your cold, just drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, if you are achy or if your temperature is high, take aspirin (or aspirin substitute). Wash your hands and always cough into a disposable tissue so you won't keep infecting yourself (or others). I always find that a shower or bath makes me feel a little better (I mentally picture all the bad stuff I sweated out being washed downt he drain). If it's just a cold, it'll pass pretty quickly. My mom always rubbed Vick's Vapor Rub or Mentholatum on us (chest, back, neck, under the nose) but I don't know if that has any real medicinal power or if it just made us feel like we were being medicated.

Take some vitamin c, lots of it and eat some citrus fruit like oranges. You'll feel better in a couple of days. This works because vitamin c is one of the key components that aids your immune system. I take vitamin c at the nearest sign of a cold and have not had one for years

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