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Are there any bars (like in mean girls)m That can help me gain weight fast!
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I am 5'0" and i am lyk 85 pounds i wanna gain 15 pounds.
Does n e 1 know ...

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 Why do people cut their wrists?
My friend does it. =S
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Well her Mum had been ill for a few years and dies this January. Is that why?...

 Is there some type of glue to heal a heart that's breaking?

 I like to fart. Is this ok?

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 Why do they sterilize needles for leathel injection?
feel free to star if you think this is interesting or just funny....

 HELP! is it dangerous to sleep with..
..is it dangerous to sleep with a knee brace. i dislocated my kneecap yesterday. and wanted to know if anything can happen like bruising or any more swelling etc..

thanks to all in advance....

 How do you get rid of hiccups?
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 I swallowed a worm! What should i do?
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 smoking weed, is it bad for you?
i've heard that more people die from smoking ciggaretes then weed.
what does it do to you? how does it feel the first time cause i have alot of friends that do it and i kinda feel like ...

 Is there a word that you're really uncomfortable using?

 I'm 15 and smoke..........?
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 How much sleep does the average person need ?

 How many hours of sleep do you get a day?
I get around 5 hours on a weekday and about 9 - 10 on a weekend....

 Its 3 AM and Wake up time is 6 AM. HELP!!?
Its 3 am. i cant sleep. ive tried everything. i have to wake up at 6 am.
what do i do?
how can i get to sleep?
suggestions/ tips pleaseeee =)
Thank youu!:)...

 my wont stop telling me to stop smoking weed what should i do?
shes making me go to drug counciling and i tell her weed is harmless and drug counceling a big waste of ...

 Smoking Weed (Details I Forgot To Mention)?
Should I Do It For The First Time?

I Am/Have

~ 8 Stone
~ Long QT (Heart)
~ Palpatations (About Every 3-4 Months)
~ Tourettes

 Is it possible to puke out of your nose?
You can blow milk out your nose from laughter so could you puke out your nose it is confusing?...

 Eeek! I Need Help!?
I cut my arm really badly outside on a nail on our shed (it wasn't rusty or anything, it was only hammered into our shed today, so it won't be infected) but I've got sports day ...

What are the dangers of smoking pot?

need answers
you can become addicted, aquire lung cancer, yellowed teeth, bad breath....smoking pot sounds like a dumb thing to do

it kills alot of brain cells, messes with your motor skills pretty much everything else

loss of brain cells. lung disease. laziness.
slower reaction time. which can be very dangerous if you drive while high. it can get you involved with other drugs when you get bored with it.

Pot is not a deadly drug but it definatly destroys the brain. also yellows teeth :D

you die...

You'll black out and make yourself pregnant.

you become weak, breath smells so bad!, teeth fall out, lung cancer, ALL KINDA OF CANCERS TO SOME IT UP, to avoid all of that, dont start

troll kila
lung cancer

circle of sasquatch
spending all your money, headaches, and spilling bong water on your white carpet. and also you might hook up with a total hottie and then she would would make you choose between her and mary jane. ive seen it happen to some great people

β–β–€β–€β–Όβ–€β–€β–Œ β–Ί O β—„ β–β–„β–„β–²β–„β–„β–Œ
Lazyness, Get really really hungry may eat everything everyone in sight. Ability to fly (halfed-baked)
You become retarded/slow. You can get lung cancer. You can get cotton mouth.

Raven Z
lots of different kinds of cancer and well that alone will kill you.
you wont have a life after this

King Emu
If you do it too much over time, you'll become stupid. If you do it just once, not really any dangers...

Not getting a job because the pot nazis care more about what goes on at home than when you're on the job.

you'll get HIV


There are multiple dangers from smoking pot

1. If you have mental problems they can make it much worse
2. Like everything that is smoked its not very good for your lungs
3. It affects memory, mainly short term, but with prolonged use, that short term becomes.. longer
4. It is addictive because it contains a drug that your brain naturally produces, i forgot the name of it, but using pot stops your brain producing it
5. Smoking pot doesnt make you go on to harder drugs, thats just BS imo, who you hang around with will make you more likely or less likely to move onto harsher drugs
6. Quite a few more but its 3am here so forgot ^^

you could have black organs,and the worst thing is to DIE! at a young age,plus if it is not for natural causes. SOOOO DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Busy Lady 2010
That you will end up a loser in society.

you, uh, like forget things and ..... space out, you know.... your uh, um, wazzit - your brain gets worse and. ..... ... ..oh yeah, uh foggy. yeah.

If you already have psychological problems then you shouldn't smoke pot. Apparently schizophrenics are particularly badly affected by pot, it makes the symptoms worse.

On the other hand, if you are a regular, psychologically well balanced individual then there is no evidence that smoking pot does you any harm whatsoever. Saying that it leads to harder drugs is wrong. Drug dealers and your own curiosity and lack of will power lead you towards harder drugs. If you are weak willed, do not take drugs. NEVER be persueded to take any drug by anyone else. ALWAYS decide for yourself.

There was one study involving 79 people that linked cannabis smoking to lung cancer. other studies involving between 1000 to 14,000 people found no link to lung cancer. one study suggested that THC attacks tumors.

cannabis has been used for thousands of years all over the world in many cultures for medical, religious and recreational reasons. read about it

Louis Friend


Sometimes a MENTAL addiction will develop, not so much physical. But yeah, it's HARD to quit. You say you'll quit when you're older, but it rarely happens.

...And of course cancer and lack of motivation... Not worth the high.

Gata de Barrio
God, so much ignorance about drugs, it's pitiful. Look, you wanna learn the real-deal about pot with no urban myths that are false and no old wives tales that you'll become a walking bugger if you smoke it, this website will educate you and anyone else that needs a reality check before posting nonsense:


As of such, there isn't real proof pot causes cancer, but it can cause chronic bronquitis which could indirectly increase the risk of lung cancer. More probable though that cronic use can causa paranoia in the person, but death and dumbness?

Urban medical myths make me laugh.

nobody has ever got cancer from weed or died from it i swear to god!!!!!!!!!!!

No physical harm has been proven

who blacks out?
i say the fun outweighs the risks.
toke on

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