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What's wrong with me?
I feel like a rock is weighing my head down and when I stand up, I feel like passing out.

I haven't eaten anything in about a day but when I think about eating, I feel all blehh.
And plus I was walking all day yesterday but I had about 12 hours of sleep, and I still feel tired but I can't fall asleep.
Additional Details
For everyone who is wondering, I do not have an eating disorder or anything related to that. I usually have 2-3 meals a day, but yesterday was a Family Fun Day so I was walking all day yesterday and had no money for food, then when I got home at around 10pm I showered then just went straight to bed, so basically no food all day except for a few chips.

I am a virgin, so I am not pregnant. I have never done drugs and I haven't drank. I am 13.

i love mary jane
drink water and get alot of rest

it is most likely attributed to your diet, that could be a reason you slept 12 hours, quite possibly a lack of iron, which can be evident in your "almost passing out" characteristic. Lack of Iron can produce low blood pressure resulting i these specific conditions, but please dont assume anything by what ANYONE says in Yahoo answers, go see your doctor or GP, do not muck around with health issues, keep me posted!

i had that one time. just sleep on or go see a doctor.

go to the docs that could be anything from the flu symptoms or it can even be a brain tumor go to the docs or hospital because another possibilty is tha it may be a sign of epillepsy

I am no medic, but get the ears checked for balance. Best of luck.

you might have the flu and hopefully your not drunk! first thing tomorrow go call your doc. drink water and all the vitamin C you can. peace!

You'd better see a doctor right away, and get something to eat, even if it makes you feel "all blehh."

sounds like you got over heated and did too much without food and water, your body needs more rest and water, and eat light foods for a couple meals - like soups.

i have had that happen to me before, you just did more than your body can stand without giving it enough nourishment and fluids, so take it easy , rest , drink plenty of water, and eat several small meals, and i'm sure you will be feeling better soon, if you don't feel better after a couple days, then you should see the doctor to see if there may be something else wrong with you.


Great StarClan!
Drink something!
ANYTHING that looks good to you!
You may be de-hide-er-ated!
Call your Docter ASAP!
You need liquid in you first, so drink alot.
(I couldnt spell it, so thats how it's per-nounced)Good luck!

Mopar Muscle Gal
you actually slept too much and thats why you feel crummy
stay awake but not too active , taking it easy while trying to eat something will help

Sounds like you have a bug. Take it easy, drink lots of fluids, sleep, have some chicken soup and give it some time.

maybe you should try drinking water, dehydration can cause lots of bad things. Especially bad head things.
And you have got to force your self to eat some food otherwise you will just get worse.

Walked all day, did not eat, slept 12 hours. Walk less, eat more, sleep 8 hours. Another miracle! Sounds like dehydration. Drink a gallon of something.

rahul k
drink lots and lots of water
and eat foods which have lots of iron in it
i think u r suffering from anemia take grapes , green leafy vegetables,date palm ,milk,custard these are some very good source of iron ,avoid smoking and drinking take a lot of rest and do not walk like a horse walk slowly and as less as possible
avoid stress and tensions and be happy u will be alright with in a week

take care

baby i think you got better chances of finding the right answer if you see a doctor rather than on yahoo answers your case sounds pretty complicated " you dont get to sleep and when you stand up you feel like passing out " i never heard of that go see the doc baby the world still needs you

go and see a doctor.

force ur self to eat! i no how u feel but drink LOTS of water with food- even saltine crakers


you have to eat SOMETHING- although you may not want to, it will make you feel better. umm... also try a doctor??

Sounds like you have an eating disorder. Why would you not eat, then go for a walk all day? Sounds like you're trying to lose weight. Eat something.

Funky is the best advice is for you to see a doctor.

you need to eat and you probably over slept. over sleeping makes you even more tired and feel light yet heavy headed.
plus-go to a doctor im sure he'll help

your dehidrated! (spelled wrong) u need to drink water! you alos have to have a little somthing to eat. it will make you feel better. have a peach or somthing fresh and light

Carlos A
Definitely sounds like the early stages of anorexia nervosa to me.

*´¨`*��Heart and Soul��*´¨`*
YOU need to eat something. You have nothing in your stomach, you don't have energies. You could have a thyroid problem. You feel dizzy passing out because your brain is starving for food. The blood is rushing to your head. Eat. Even a healthy snack...drink water.
Go to the Doctor.

Just Human
Don't do drugs mmmmkkkaaa...

Seriously could be anything, to much caffeine not enough food, cocaine anything.

TRY DRINKING MILK IT HAS AN INGREDIENT to put you to sleep, unless you have a stomach bug then just try to keep hydrated DRINK GATORADE (plug, plug)

You have to eat, even if you don't feel like it you must force feed yourself. You could even try a fruit smoothie or energy drink if you don't like eating a full meal.

I don't know whats wrong with you, but sounds like you should probably take a lot of rest. And try to eat a little bit, or at least have sips of water.

try eating something small. like soup.

go to a doctor

Get something to eat......... and drink, you are probably dehydrated............. if you dont feel better, call your doctor or go to the ER

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