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 how to get talller?
everyone says im short.im 14 and im 5'1" 5"2'. how can i grow taller?

p.s. My bf says hes short but hes not so how can he get taller too?but he doesnt need to.hes ...

 Is 5'6'' for a grown woman tall?

Additional Details
I dont mean like giant tall, i mean a nice height. I don't need examples like "oh, you think that is tall! Im 6 foot 1!" or whatever......

 help! bad high last night.?
i dont know why this happens to me, it has happened once before.
i use to smoke almost everyday, probably like every second day, and this was in like october/november/december. but then one day ...

 Can't stop the bleeding?
My brother's tooth just fell out. He's about twelve and he says that he just BARELY tapped at his tooth and it just fell out. Now it's about an hour later and it's STILL bleeding.....

 how long does it take to get addicted to ciggarettes ?
ever the last weekend , i have smoked three ciggarettes but only really inhaled the smoke of one of them into my lungs, but some of the other ciggarette too. i know this was horrible for me to do, ...

 Is blood actual blue?
My friend Raven said that blood is blue,
But when it touches oxygen it goes red.
Is that true?...

 why are some people on yahoo answers so freakin mean??
some people are abuseing this site!!!!!! they just need to answer nicley!!...

 Private question, i'd prefer girls to answer (:?
Hey. I started shaving *down there* about a year ago and it always grows back horrible. Or sometimes i'm clumsy and accidently cut myself. Is there any specials razors for down there. and is ...

 Which is better, washing your hands in warm, cold, or hot water?
This question has been bugging me for the longest time.
I usually wash my hands under hot, or warm water.. So. Yeah.

What's better?
Additional Details
These answers ...

 So people do you smoke?
Hi i want to see how many people smoke or are non smokers to see which 1 has the most of. i do not smoke i hate the smell (no offence but it stinks!)...

 if i have suicidal thoughts, should i go see a doctor?
well i have suicidal thoughts, like im sure many people do. but when i come to reality i know i wont ever try killing myself, u know?... but those thoughts are still there and i come up with little ...

 I can hear water sloshing inside my belly, can anybody else do this? ?
when i drink a lot of water, i can hear it sloshing inside my full belly like the ocean....

 So I ran into an old girlfriend, who's married with kids but she wants to hookup. Should I do it?
She is not bad looking and we did always have alot to talk about if u know what i mean....

 HELP!!! Bulimia.?
I am bulimic. I have been this way for about a year now. About an hour ago, I was purging and I vomited up blood. Is this serious. What do I do??? My parents don't know I am bulimic and I can...

 I want to start smoking cigarettes, what's the best way to do it?

 My coworker farts all the time and it smells like popcorn is that weird or does anyone else's?
MOST farts smell like poop... ...

 which one of the 5 senses u think u couldn't live without?
Additional Details

 Do you regret starting smoking? At what age did you start?

 What do you think are signs that you're are an adult or getting older?
For men, I think its making noises whan you bend/sit down. Also becoming fascinated by tool ...

 I get in trouble a lot because...?
I tend to laugh at inappropriate times at inappropriate things. I've had several times when it's really gotten me into a lot of trouble. I had a HORRIBLE incident at a funeral once...I ...

What's the ugliest part of your body?

My hairy bum beard

My tummy. I havent exercised it and didnt look after myself after i gave birth. its flabby and ugly....i am ashamed of it

A scar

Belly buttons with FLUFF!

Bum hole. I can't imagine a phlegm-filled sinus is very pretty either.

The Concrete Fox
Feet. I f**kin hate feet.

Not only my body, but everybody's: THE FEET! I guess man's evolution did not extend below the ankles. Why else would we have a body part so malformed and smelly? I mean, have you ever seen feet that don't look like they've been broken multiple times then soaked in Castor oil? Ewww!

karen f
Definately feet.

My legs, Skinny, hairy and varicose. But my bum is OK, if a little hairy........

dont consider any of your body part as ugly.

just thanks God for all the parts He had provided u.

My feet and, in particular my toes!

My Ugly Spot

Lisa P
My feet!! Hate them.... Big toes and little toes are disgusting and no way would I allow my partner to touch them never mind lick them!! yuk !!

My mind

My thighs!

I think it's my spleen

My inny navel, it always fills up with lint & chest hair & always look ugly

Oh! Can we only pick one ugliest part? I have many ugly parts, so I cannot play your game... so there! Not unless of course you change the criteria.

my face! too many acne scars... duh! include my super damaged hair.. i hate it! hmp...!

the shoulder pit, but mine isn't, its just a general soggestion

i don't have an ugliest part... i'm a hot mama

My ***

naughty bits


the scar running from right below my belly button down (my son came out the window instead of the door ).

Goofy Goofer Goof Goof Goof !
My brain!

My chocolate starfish.

Nana Susie
my big fat belly

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