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tightness of the chest
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What's less unhealthy: Sprite or Coke/Pepsi?
Is there even a difference?

No difference. They are both sugary caffeinated drinks which are bad for you.

All of them are unhealthy. From what I've heard, dark colas are better for your teeth, but usually have more caffiene. The light colas have little or no caffiene, but are worse for your teeth. Juices also contain a lot of sugar. My suggestion is to drink it all in moderation and stick mostly to spring or distilled water that contains little or no floride.

All sodas are extremely bad for you. They contain so much sugar in them its like eating three cheesecakes. And diet soda isnt good either, they add some special chemical to it that is so bad for your teeth, skin, and body in general.





I would think that Sprite would be better for you since there is not any caffeine in it. But I'm only guessing.

Sprite has less sugar and calories than Coke or Pepsi.

coke/pepsi is less healthy than sprite...more caffine and it has brown dye in it...sprite is clear

They say sprite is . Because soda is not naturaly clear . (the syrup that they put into it ). So i guess they have to do somethin not good to get it clear. But don't take my word for it .

1st-sprite since it has no caffine
2nd-pepsi 'cuz there's 28 sugars per serving
3rd-coke 'cuz there's 42 sugar per serving

if i were u drink diet sodas

flaming red
coke/pepsi have caffeine in them.that is not healthy

matthew j
coke because it has chemicals in it that are bad

Juicy Fruit
soda in general is not healthy because of all the sugar. Sprint has no caffine which is a little better for you and if you sit a steak in coke for three days and come back to it, all the meat will be gone (caues it is acidic), and you will have is a clean coke bone!! : )

Hope it helps.

Dr.Drake Romorei
NO difference. All of 'em r very hazardous to health if excessively consumed.

xzone fan..
dark pop is more bad then light and coke has more sugar the pepsi, so coke is more bader then any of the ones you picked sprite is better.

Mary O
They are all unhealthy sprite because of the sugar that is contained and coke and pepsi the caffiene and sugar sprite i believe has no caffeine.

If you had to choose between the two, sprite is better for you. Coke is harmful to your body (remember the science experiment with coke...where did the teeth go?). It melts away everything. Ive heard stories about poeple using coke to clean golf clubs because it really works and helps DISSOLVE dirt. So in bodies, it will dissolve your stomach, tract, teeth..etc...

Ieva C
I think everything that you said is harmful and unhealthy. Better drink water, juice and tea.

yummy yummy
pepsi is more unhealthy thn sprite

They are both unhealthy, but I would go for Sprite. It has less potential to stain your teeth. Also, Sprite does not have caffeine.

In this order, first sprite is the best, then coke due to the caffeine, and then Pepsi due to the caffeine and it has more sugar than the coke.

paul y
coke pepsi worse then sprite...the caffience factor

The diet kinds are better for you...don't have sugar or corn syrup.
But coke/pepsi caffeine (sprite doesn't, so that's good), and you shouldn't exceed 300 mg. of caffeine daily (that's like 3 small cups of coffee).
Since I don't have any of those drinks on hand right now, I can't tell you their nutritional value, but yes, there is a difference between them.

Laura S
None of them are healthy but a clear soda is better then having a dark one. So Sprite is better then having a Pepsi or a Coke.

id say probably coke

They all have alot of sugar, but maybe Sprite is better because it's caffeine free.

Just to say one is more unhealthy than the other doesn't give you exactly why. Sprite is less unhealthy than Pepsi or Coke. Here is some info you might find helpful:
Soft drinks have long been suspected of leading to lower calcium levels
and higher phosphate levels in the blood. When phosphate levels are high and
calcium levels are low, calcium is pulled out of the bones. The phosphate
content of soft drinks like Coca -Cola and Pepsi is very high, and they
contain virtually no calcium.
The United States ranks first among countries in soft drink consumption.
The per-capita consumption of soft drinks is in excess of 150 quarts per
year, or about three quarts per week.

Cola soft drinks are very high in bone-dissolving

Coke and Pepsi contain caffeine, Sprite does not so will be marginally better for you. Its much better if you get the lite/diet versions

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