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 My throat feels tight?
It just started a little yesterday and today it feels a bit worse. My throat feels like theres a lump stuck there and I also have a chesty cough with it. My throat is also itching. I have no problems ...

 How can I slim down my cheeks and get rid of really bad bags under my eyes?
I'm not fat but I have really fat cheeks. How can I get rid of them? Are there any exercises I can do? I not willing to do any kind of surgery or medical procedure. I just want a simple way to ...

 I think my pharmacy gave me a bottle of poison today?
who should I contact to have it checked?
I havnt taken any yet.
Additional Details
Im on propranolol, and they told me my new kind is from a different company called "Actavis&...

 Anyone who can help me with a digestive question
These are my symptoms....
Diahrrea anywhere from 1-4 times a day
Lower right sided abdominal pain (bad at times)
Tenderness to touch on lower side of abdomen
Skin ...

 is this weird? bony hands?
my hands are really bony. the bones sick out of them and its really gross. is this normal?
Additional Details
im 13 years ...

Ways to get rid of a Migraine fast and easy?
I have a awful migraine. I have school tomorow, which I hate missing.
I have taken pain killers... they haven't helped. I can't concentrate, i'm dizzy and I just need to go to school tomorow cuz it's MONDAY tomoz! and uhhh!
please help!

sleep early tonight and release your mind from nothing,don't pressure your brain think too much.i think your body immune not give the good reaction level already to the medicines cause you are too obsess on it for too much depending on the medicines.what i can suggest to you is take the natural herbal products to help you,ginkgo Bilbo is the one of the better products.it will regulate your blood circulation to your brain and protects all the membrane cells inside the brains from damage.you also can try to get Gogol leaves(sanskrit name).himalaya products have it which named MANDARIN and the Gotu-kola is the main ingredient.it works tu regulate the blood until the micro blood circulation.so more protection and prevention for the cells.good blood circulation will improve your migraine sickness.but you need to take for the long term to relieve and maintain the health.

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