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Want ten points???? Cannot sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ten points!?
Last October, I tried to commit suicide in my room.

Since then I have trouble sleeping in there.

I am lucky to get two hours of sleep a day.

I think subconsiously, the drama that has happened is keeping my awake...

do you have any suggestions to overcome this and sleep!!!???!??!?!?!?!

I have already tried the following:
drinking hot tea
drinking hot milk
taking a hot bath
working out
writing poetry
watching tv before crashing
listening to classical music
listening to soft music
listening to my favorite songs.

NOTHING WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!'

I am so tired, I cannot function.

I am a straight "a" student, but my grades have been sliping the last couple of weeks (I am in honors so that is a "big" deal).

I need my rest!!!!!

My mom won't allow me to sleep in the living room or any other part of the condo.

Just my room

Oh, I also tried repainting it.

Didn't work...

Ten points!!!!
Additional Details
Sleeping pills DONT work for me... I don't know whhy :(

vishnu s
try doing exercises and drink curd.

Cheyenne D
i would recomend going to the chemist or pharmacy whatever it is called and getting "dozile" it is a sleeping tablet you take one and in fifteen minutes will be asleep you will wake up so refreshed, but never ever more then one at a time or you will wake up with the feelings of a hangover for the next few days

Taylor! =]
tylenol PM

but only take 2!

Rhonda W
Honestly, Id go to counseling first and foremost. Your subconscience is obviously nagging you to the point where it is disrupting your life(ie; not being able to sleep). I know I know, I hate to sit and blah blah my feelings too...but it does help PLUS if you go to a psychcologist they can prescribe something to help you sleep but will only do so if you continue therapy. There are sleeping pills out there that arent addictive(Lunesta being one of them) plus they will help you look at why you tried to kill yourself. Im sorry but Tylenol PM may be a temp solution but its a shoddy one and doesnt address the main problem. Please talk to someone....and your mom should prolly see someone too cuz she doesnt sound very compassionate!

Hope that helps,

Julie M
tylenol PM.....it's got meds in it that help you doze off, and it's non-habit forming. TA DAAA~

Jimmy C
I think you need to resolve whatever it was that led you to attempt suicide. That is still in your mind somewhere.
In the short term, the remedies suggested by other people here. In the long term, find resolution to your other issues through therapy, hypnotherapy or whatever works for you.

Ok here goes....first you are obviously still allowing something to hang over you and whatever made you feel sooo desperate in the first place was certainly not resolved but lucky you you get the chance to make it better so be happy for the fantastic gift of your future and try to think of that luck instead of the burden of lifes everyday funk that can send a person to the edge....now, that being said here are some physical tips. Start by moving your bed to a different angle (in theory head at the north is centering) close all doors ESPECIALLY closets. Turn a fan on. They say NO tvs in bedrooms because food and tv make it a functioning "happening" room not condusive to sleep but I need a tv, so I put on something that I can follow without looking like old simpsons ,which i know like the back of my hand....they distract my overprocessing brain from important things to a storytelling type distraction.....all that classical music will just be useless if you're thinking OVER it. No naps either till you get on track with sleep and it may sound stupid but get a teddy bear or doll (even better if you have a childhood one tucked away somewhere) I sometimes rock back and forth like I'm crazy or in a cradle which also helps relax me...I can't think of others off the top of my head.... hope these help.

You didn't list talking to your doctor about this. If you were recently suicidal that clearly shows that you have some depression going on. I don't know where you are on that map but sleep issues and depression seem to go hand in hand. The solution to this problem is a vast as finding a needle in a haystack. It could be chemical...could be psychological...could be a combination of both...could be a crisis of spirit...or it could very well be something that is beyond my limited knowledge. You have to talk to a medical person about this.

For my own self I try not to take any medications. I've been looking into more holistic solutions ...like meditation and diet. It's been helpful in my experience.

Sheryl W
Benadryl (or generic equivalent) - lowest dose. Talk it over w/ a counselor at school maybe they can get your Mom to change her mind if she sees that it is a big deal to you.

Hannah W
Get a head massanger its really good it make ur head feel relaxed and making u go 2 sleep :)

Try melatonin. It is all natural and something your body produces. My dr turned me on to it and it really works for me. Good Luck!!

Andrew G.
u have to much stress u need to take strees pill(s)
or if u fell sick of the head take a tylenol pill(s)

Have you tried talking to a doctor and getting to the psychological reason for all of this? What about biofeedback or self-hypnosis (I use the self-hypnosis method).

Me! :- )
Repainting your room isn't enough! You need to totally reagrange it, like the locations of the furnishings, change the pictures and what you have done to decorate it!

Make the room an expression of the new and not depressed you, and feel good about the creation...different curtains and bed cover.... Different ornaments, and all which express who happy you is!

Until you can do that, count sheep! Sounds so lame, silly, and simple, but it occupies your mind away from every thing else, and you will become bored and go to sleep! Imagine images of sheep and count sheep! Trust me!!

All of the other items you tried are external to your thought processes! The problem is happening in your thought processes, which isn't slowing down!

Mike B
hmm maybe try switchting around some of the furniture in your room then switching covers blankets on your bed
just a suggestion
sounds like your room has bad memories
if you move your room around switch out some stuff
then that just leaves new memories to follow
hope this helped : ]

take a sleeping pill. Or like a night time caugh syrup, tylnol PM ?

Uh... I don't see meds up there. You could always ask for a non-narcotic sleeping pill of some sort. You probably don't want to do that, though.

Try switching your room with your mother's? You can try sleeping in a pup-tent type thing over your bed. I know they used to have those for beds, it might give you a different atmosphere with a room-in-a-room feel.

That's all I got.

Dont use any meds to fall asleep they do become addictive. I would recommend starting a daily routine. Like at 9 every night take a bath, then watch a show or read a little bit, write something in a diary, and then go to sleep eventually your body will get use to this routine and you will routinely fall asleep

John P
First,i don't need your ten points,just wanted to help you.Maybe it's just your making it hard for yourself,and don't try to commit suicide again it will not help you but make your problem worse.Just let go of your problem,be the way you are before and learn to accept the reality.I'm only 14 and also the the 1st honor in my class.In some period of the class,my grade also sometimes goes down but I just says to myself I will try harder the next time.I've done it many times.Like what they say,It's easy to say but hard to act.Just be the way you are and keep improving to gain what is lose to you.Hope I helped!^^

Louie A
lie down and empty your mind then concentrate on your breathing. if that doesnt work, go to a doctor and maybe the doctor would give you sleeping pills.

You need to see a therapist and resolve some of those issues you have lurking witin yourself. Getting to the root of why you tried to kill yourself will alleviate that stress and anxiety... also ask if you can be put on a prescribed medication of TEMAZAPAM about 15 ml its an antianxiety medication... How about prayer?? School work is easy to fix even with lasck of sleep by making sure you take the time to do the work and review... remember no eating , watchign t.v. or anythign else but sleeping in the bed.... find some quiet clean space to meditate.... you need to get a routine down in order to sleep.... eat=> bath => breathing techniques => meditate/concentrate => SILENCE => lay in bed => only peaceful thoughts => MAKE SURE ARE IN THE BED AT AN EARLY TIME => slowly listen to yourself breathe and take deep long breaths => think of a happy place.... do not force it... 30 days is a habit


Don't take any kind of medication - you're young, and even if you think it might be non addictive - even something like paracetamol can be very very dangerous.

I have also had an experience where I could sleep in my room. I bought new linen, picked really cool songs for my ipod to listen too, had a whole lot of crap magazines to read if I couldn't sleep...

AND I stopped worry about the fact that I couldn't sleep. Just enjoyed my own company.

Simpily me!
uhhm..maybe u can get sleeping pills...or move everything out of ur room so nothing is there to remind you of what happened...

get one of those things that you put on to fall asleep and put over your eyes??
write down all the things your thinking and than your mind wont have so much on it and you'll be able to fall asleep.
fall asleep somewhere else after your mom falls asleep.

tea and watching TV do not help

try something over the counter sleep aid

anti histamine Benadryl ,, works too

you need to forgive yourself

You need to reconfigure the chi in your room. When you have time, rearrange the furniture, make sure it looks different than it did. Light some insence or a candle and meditate a bit, try to clear the bad karma out of the room.

Now, if you have a fan or something that makes some sort of white noise, turn it on. Lie down on your back, and close your eyes. Focus on your breath. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Start with your toes and relax all the muscles in your body. Work your way up slowly from your toes to your face. Once your're relaxed, in your mind, project yourself to your favorite place, like the beach, a park, someplace where you feel safe and secure. Focus on your breath, and use all of your senses to bring yourself to that place. Think of how it smells, what textures exist there, how it looks, how it sounds, how the air tastes, how you feel, while still focusing on your breath.

It should put you right to sleep. Let me know how it works.

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