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it was 2x ultra tide detergent.
my friend just chugged it.. for about 10 seconds and before that he had half a bottle of strong vodka that had 40% alcohol in it. and after he chugged the tide he had some pasta sauce. and hes 14.
Additional Details
AND me and my 2 friends dragged him outa my house and the ambulance came and got him and hes in the hospital right now.... :/

why would you go on yahoo after that happened? call ******* 911 or stick your fingers down his throat and make him throw up!!!

that just goes to show that your friend is ******** DOWN !!!! please dont worry about this just tell him to clean his system out with alot of water i guess

probable death

ely :)
i dont anything will happen since he already seems to be pretty effed up already...

jiggy jammer
your friend is retarded for drinking tide.. nobody knows the answer cuz were not stupid enough to drink tide.. read the label

i'm surprised it didn't send him into convulsions, not smart

well my father worked in the emergency room for like 15 years i guy came in one day he drank some anti-freeze and he ended up having crystals in his blood stream and an aneurysm. i think you you are just screwing with us but if you aren't i'd call posion control or go tot the emergency rooom right away.

Sasha D
this kid will either die, or puke his guts out for a long time. this kid will hurt in the morning. i feel really sry for this guy.....

911 NOW

call the ambulance. he just made a stupid and possibly fatal mistake

One Love
Uhm death. You might wanna call 911 right now.

call poisen control!!

You should have your mom take him to the hospital.

Rick B
call poison control immediately

is he stupid stupid? call ambulance NOW.

call 911 thts strait up poison get him to a hospital fast so he can get his stomach pumped

did i not just answer this? it could be DEATH. call poison control/911!!!!!!!!


whaT an idiot. puking for sure. have a fun night!

Spike ( The soothsayer)
The effects are a trip to the hospital.

um, call 911? fast?

Laura G
what the ****, why are you on yahoo answers asking this!?!
CALL 911.
dumb ***.

your friends a dumbass
the ultra tide detergent is really toxic, i think it has bleach in it. And half a bottle of strong vodka. this is bad to say, but i hope your friend wil be ok. get him to a hospital.

Punch him in the face. Then call poison control. Then the morgue.

ask a doctor.

omg.... take him to the hospital.... call 911

Jake R
no offense but yall some dumbas* kids

pass the amunition
uhm...severe sickness....possible death. call the cops.
and your 14. you shouldnt be drinking. it doesnt make you cool. it makes you a dumbass.

I do care!
Listen and read closely.

They will shove a nice thick tube up his nose and down the back of his throat into his gut. While AWAKE AND NO pain meds OR anesthetic.
This WILL HURT. Make him gag and scream.
They will then tilt his head back on the trolley and attach a funnel to the end of the tube.
They will then pour water down the tube into his gut.
Then take the tube below his head, and drain the water and contents of his gut into a bowl.
They will then pour more water down into his gut.
This will go on for maybe an hour or so. Until his stomach only send back clear water.

They will then pour liquid charcoal down the tube if he will not willingly drink it.

He will spend a LONG, LONELY, PAINFUL night in the hospital. Being stabbed with IV needles. Blood tests. Peeing into a bottle. Hooked up to noisy machines that will take his heart rate. O2 sats etc.

He may even DIE!!!!!

How could you let your friend do this?

He would have alcohol poisoning for one.
Then the detergent is alkaline based which is WORSE than acidic as the alkaline will continue to eat through his guts after the substance is long gone.

He has now got his cards stacked against him even coming out of hospital ever again.

I hope you enjoyed your drinking game as the Cops will be around to interview you soon.

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