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Stretch Marks?!?!?!?!?!?
7 years ago I was diagnosed with Leaukeamia and as part of my treatment I had to take steroids, which had the unfortunate side-effect of making me hungry and naturally gaining weight. This went on for three years.
However, when I stopped taking them altogether, I lost a lot of weight quickly, and now have embarrasing stretch marks on my back due to the rapid weight loss. It is a little embarrasing due to the fact I swim a lot.
Will they eventually fade, I think they have a little over the past 12-18 months, but will they ever go completely?

Hi, you would be surprised at how effective Vitamin E is with skin, including stretch marks. Try to stay out of the sun also, and use a good moisturizer and sun-block. If you think its too sticky, you can thin it out with lotion or oil, and massage the skin with nice kneading strokes, but no stretching of the tissue.
I totally cut my thumb knuckle off a few years ago. Just the tiniest flap of tissue connecting it..

The Doctor was totally surprised that his little graft procedure worked, and I used mostly Vitamin E. And, no, I don't see them go completely, but you are having fun, and doing the best exercise. Have a good Long life.....

why don't you try palmers coca butter, it is to help reduce and fade stretch marks.. they will fade a way anyway if you don't use anything, so don't worry about it..

use bio-oil, i used it to fade my strecth marks after having my son, and it works wonderfully, its quite pricey for a small bottle though.

They usually don't go away completely, but they do fade a lot over time! They will eventually turn very pale (almost white).

you would have to use coca butter and shea butter to get rid of the stretch marks

Buy some Bio-Oil from the pharmacy, it is specifically for stretch marks and scars, helps them to fade quicker.

1st i want to say that congrates with the hole leaukeamia and on losing weight...Your a very strong person. But unforantly there nothing that will completely take away the strachmarks...You can try the products that are out. But most likely there always be there.....

Hugh Jass
That's a good question. The fact that they are some-what fading now, means that they will fade more. Also, you oculd ask your doctor.

some of cosmetics can help you reducing them, if you go to boots and to the section which sale this kind of lotion. initially make for after child birth woman. never mind, hopefully it will work for you as well. good luck

they wont ever go completely they'll just fade to a silvery colour or fade till you hardly see them they never disappear though i still got bad ones from been pregnant 5years ago

Misty Dawn
This is the dilema of many women who have had babies. I'm sure if you find the answer then they would all love you forever. The only thing that has worked for me is tanning and lotion. I mix some firming lotion with vitamin E. The best that it does is make the skin firmer and makes them lighter. I don't know why tanning helps, but it has worked wonders. They wont go away completely, but I can feel confident in a bathing suit.

I'm not sure if you can tan though with a history of lukemia.... I'd ask your doctor first. BTW, congrats on making it through!

xXx Orange Breezer xXx
I don't know of anything that will get rid of them completely vitamin E cream and getting a tan on them helps......

I have them from carrying a child and they do fade over the years...............

They are probably giong to stay there because your skin is stretched. You can try to find a lotion of post-natal moms that gets rid of it.

charlotte r
You can buy a product called Bio Oil at the chemists and it helps to fade stretch marks and scars. I don't think they will ever disappear completely but they will go very faint.

Lisa W
I was chubby when I was younger, then lost weight and got stretch marks from losing weight. I was self-concious about it until a hot (but rude) guy told me, "I'd rather see a skinny chick with stretch marks than a fat chick." And my husband has stretch marks too (from gaining weight since we got married) and I still think he looks great.

no it will not go away completely. to lessen the stretch marks try using mederma.

they will fade but ive heard cocoa butter (i think) can help them along their way
good luck, x x x i suffer too but got used to them

Ok this may not make you feel any better...but my husband has stretch marks and I love them! They are part of him and I could care less....Don't worry so much darlin...

cocoa butter works well, lots of it.

try bio oil. its available over the counter helps stretch marks . I have lost 10 and a half stone and have a few stretch marks , appears to be helping.
good luck


weezy f. baby Young money
They will not fade but if you rub some cocoa butter on the marks they will fade it worked for my mom and she had 4 kids and her stomach was gross

I think you can go for sugereries if you want it to go away. But, cheaper answers will be the stretchmark lightening lotions. However, they just alleviate, not permanently go.

Rachael H
No, I'm afraid they will never go completely, although they will continue to fade. There are lots of things that you can buy in the shops that claim to help fade them - have a look in the baby section in your supermarket and you might find a vaseline product that helps.

no sorry to say, they will never go completely away, they will shrink alitle but not completely

sarah s
Mine have significantly faded. I used to have large one on my thighs that someone can only see them up close. They don't inhibit me.

Plus, to me, your stretch marks are a damned battle scar. If I fought of an attacker I would show scars with pride, this is no different. Your body is a map of your triumphs, f**k imperfection. You are amazing.

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