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Holy Smoked: ROTFL no it is not ...

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♥ Sugar & Spice ♥
So people do you smoke?
Hi i want to see how many people smoke or are non smokers to see which 1 has the most of. i do not smoke i hate the smell (no offence but it stinks!)

Jayden's Mummy
i smoke but in the process of giving up

i do. wish i didn't though. i can't stand the smell, i started when i was younger with anorexia, my way of 'losing weight'

silent soldier

yes and not lately// for 66 years// hated smell before started// as kid rolled durham // , chewed for while//, smoked for 50 // quit for 10// unconsiously took a puff(wifes) while on phone // POW twenty minutes later on way to town for a pack going to HIDE an smoke just one from pack,that was12 years ago stopped 2 years ago, of 72 years about 15 non smoker ADVICE DONT lots of money an it still stinks but i love it

I don't smoke i'm just 14 so even if i wanted i can't although i once tried it once at school CUz to be honest my friends which are at my age smoke i don't like the smell but i Love the smell of shisha

What a disgusting habit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bad for the environment but most importantly bad for you

It's me :)
Not me

I Quit 15/10/1982

Only product I know of which if used exactly as manufacturer intended, will kill you!

♥☼☺Ж♫ İżżİė ♫Ж☺☼♥
no way
i am 12
but people at my school who are like 13/14 do
i hate it too
when i breathe the smoke in my chest gos all tight

I don't smoke cigarettes but love the smell. Same with hickory smoke, oak and cherry smoke. Sometimes when people are burning yard leaves of maple smells good, too.

Unhealthy to be around it too long, though.


Peter O
i do smoke but i am trying to give up.smoking is a very very hard habit to give up.

I smoked since i was 12 i am now 20 but I haven't had a cigarette since 1st jan (my new years resolution lol)

ramie box
Dont smoke but every now and again it helps stop me from getting depressed.

Now and again means about every 3 months or so.

Its a bad habit and im sure there would be less smokers if our lungs were on the outside of our bodies.

i don't smoke but see no problem with people of legal age smoking.

Juhi ♥
even i don't

I don't smoke no.
Saw my grandad die of lung cancer & nan of a stroke, doctor said both caused by smoking 100 %
Not nice, so that put me off for life.

alana s
I am a non-smoker.
Personally, I think it's a discusting habit. The reasons being:

1) It makes your breath smell
2) It can do severe damage to your body/health
3) It's not very attractive
4) It stinks!!!

Huzna B
my dad smokes but i dont =)
does smoking shisha count?

I am a non smoker of 7 weeks and 4 days!! Yippee!

non smoker i 100% agree with



I don't smoke. Even the smell of it makes me nauseous!

No I don't smoke now, not since 1976 - it wasn't cool then, still isn't!

No, I don't smoke.

Non smoker as it makes your breath smell. Be like kissing an ash tray

Love <3
And I never will.

1i hate the smell
2its bad for your body
3its bad for our planet
4it dangerous when others inhale

No smoking

Spirit Journey
I don't.

Amor ♥
No smoking is horrible. My mum and dad smoke and the way my dad coughs is enough to put me off

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