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So I ran into an old girlfriend, who's married with kids but she wants to hookup. Should I do it?
She is not bad looking and we did always have alot to talk about if u know what i mean.

First Lady
NO...it's called adultery (well for her it is). Don't be a homewrecker!

dont do it it will really hurt the kids, believe me my dad did do that, and would you want to be responsible for a divorce?

No, she's married. And if that wasn't enough she's got KIDS. That's wrong. If she were divorced I'd say, hit that. LOL

Nancy D
Run Fred Run! I assume that she is married and if that is the case, if she'll be untrue to him what do you think she would do to you? Yes, THE SAME THING! You deserve better than this. You don't want to get tied up to someone with that kind of baggage. Tell her thanks for the memories and no thanks to rekindling old flames.

did she say hookup in the way you are thinking? maybe she just meant hookup as in hang out and catch up.

shes married with kids, it wouldnt hurt a thing to hook up for drinks because she wouldnt cross the line

If she was your wife & it was some other guy would you think they should hook up? No obviously. Have some morals & do yourself a favor don't do it.

Mom of 3
Absolutely not...be a man and walk away. She has a husband and children that will suffer terribly. Please don't do it...

be the adult here and don't do it. what future will you have with her? is she quote happily married? if shes gonna do it shes gonna do it anyway. maybe she already has? HIV, is it worth it for one or two nights of pleasure? have you done this before and are you married? do any of the both of you have children? you can do better for yourself I'm positive!! i would not want anyone Else's used goods. even if its a one night stander. i hope you both see your partners faces if you do this. its morally wrong. the innocent person gets hurt and is always the last to know. however, what goes around comes around. we reap what we sow. keep this in mind. i hope you don't. Kat

Tudor_ 22
Yes, I guess It was your dream, a married woman since you don't want to marry and kids, somebody else did the nasty work for you. You're great, man.

don't do it. It's not worth it. Imagine if she was your wife would you want her sleeping around behind your back?

If by hook up you mean get together for a lunch or a cup of coffee to catch up on old times and what you've been up to in the intervening years, and all you're doing is talking, then why not? Provided there's no flirting or any expectations on either side that it's going to be any more than that, I'm sure friendship is acceptable. If by hook up you mean you get together for a tangle between the sheets, or some nooky on the back seat of the car, then no way! If she's married with kids, however happily or unhappily, neither of you need that sort of complication in life!


no... you dont want her husband to kill you...

no...remember why you guys broke up....

Dude! She has kids, what the hell are you thinking.
You would then be the one she's cheating on, which causes for a bad situation should the husband find out..
Even if she breaks up with her husband or whatever, the chance of you two ever getting back together is slim.
So why bother. Go find another girl.

sorry no. im a kid of divorced kids. you make your own choices but i'd say no you'll disturb and upset her kids lives, her husbands life, her life, your life...don't do it. find someone else for a one night hookup.

Well, would you want your wife to hook up with an old boyfriend?
Do unto others what you want done unto you, and remember what goes around comes around.

No, you should not hookup with someone who is married and with kids. In the end you'll end up getting hurt, but worse of all is the pain it could cause the family itself. If her marriage is having problems, suggest counseling.

It depends on how old she is and if she's seperated or not. If she's sperated and 93 years old I'd say sure why not?

Run Run Run.. sounds tempting but could land you in a lot of trouble. Besides do you really want to take the chance in hurting kids?

I wouldn't advise it for anything.It will come back to bite you.

Just simply walk away... if she's hellbent on destroying her life, why you do want to help her with that? Its like playing with fire which might engulf everything....even you.

Buddy, this kinda thinking is nothing but trouble, which if you get into will make you repent for the rest of your life.

Tortured Soul
Go for it, you only live once.




No way... just not a good idea. If it's a one night stand, you risk wrecking a family for one night of fun,and if it's not, you obviously can't trust this woman if she's breaking her commitment to her husband and risking the well being of her children.


It is a moral question. How much is your soul worth? If you didn't know it is a sin to "hook up" with a married woman, it's called adultery. And to do wrong and know it is wrong is a sin. Bless you and I hope you make the right decision.

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