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Smoking Weed (Details I Forgot To Mention)?
Should I Do It For The First Time?

I Am/Have

~ 8 Stone
~ Long QT (Heart)
~ Palpatations (About Every 3-4 Months)
~ Tourettes

I Wish I Was Joking, But I Am Not, Not A Good Idea Right?

All My Mates Are Doing It, I'm Just Wondering....?

matt may
no you shouldn't especially with your heart pot is nowhere near as dangerous as cigarettes but they have 3 times the tar
also its illegal

I think this is a joke, Either that or you are dumb.

no please dont do it, my boyfriend was on weed for 8 years after he got addicted and has only just decided to sort himself out. he has ADHD also. now hes on tablets because he has heart and lung problems, he has numerous panic/ansiety attacks and he gets a really fast heartbeet and pulpatations all the time. it will ruin your life x

Please don't do it just because all your mates are. In my experience weed can suit some people, maybe if you try it and like it first time you will think it suits you, but i know from personal experience that you can find out it doesn't suit you too late. And you're right, if you have those things it's definitely not a good idea.

Just say no dude.

You already know the answer to this question, don't you?

no weed is said to be linked to metal problems which you have so you are not doing yourself any favours just because your friends are doing it doesn't mean you should.

No, you really shouldn't. Thats a long list of details on your health. Adding on an addiction wouldn't be a good idea. Put your health first, not your popularity.

Dude no. I dont even know what 8 stone is, but the other things sound like it'd be trouble if you freak out while high.

Stay away from weed.

Laughin' At Obamaniacs
yeah, don't do it, weed is extremely stupid to start.

yeah man try it. Weed actually helps you. Government and **** ban it because they try to stop the underground econemy from flowing.

Do it with a couple of friends in a park. Sit relax and enjoy the sun for a few hours giggling about nothing. It's quite fun the first time.

It's not addicting either. So don't worry.

dont do it alot though can mess up your lungs and ur brain cells. but every now once and then your'e good.

Hey man,

Never good to get into drugs. it can really mess ya up, it will send you on a downward spiral, and even though you think you won't do any other drugs, who's to say you may when your already messed up.

I wouldn't do it...

You have answered this question for yourself already!, even the fact the fact your questioning it means you shouldn't do it because you'd be doing it only for your friends and not yourself. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone anyway! Not healthy for people without all of the difficulties you have regarding your heart and mentality.

Def a bad idea, be a man and stand out from the crowd by refusing. If you get some stick just tell them you aren't a sheep and don't need to follow th flock.

Dude THC has no known side effects with any disease or health problem. The only bad thing about marijuana is the actual smoke when someone smokes it. So my advice (so you can enjoy the high and not be paranoid) is to just extract the thc and cook with it. After that I would try smoking a little amount and then go from there. With cooking thc there will be no worries. Here is a link for some cooking tips. There are a lot more sites just google cooking with weed.

Ya...it's nice to have a habit I guess..sounds like you might not even get off on it...or if you do you might forget you did!!

Its your personal choice. My sisters boyfriend has Long QT and he has smoked before. He doesn't now though. I'm not saying its okay, don't get me wrong. I have had the chance to smoke and I haven't, I'm just not interested. If you are doing it just because they are then that's wrong. What you should be worried about is what you will do while you smoke it. Could anything else you do cause problems with something you have?

Nick =]
pot lowers blood pressure and body temperature, if u take blood pressure meds or sumthing like that you can but dont do weed and ur pills at the same time, the palpitations are really the major conscern because adhd ocd tourettes etc... are some of the reasons its perscribed in legal countries and states


litl red
well with heart problems it probaly would not be a good idea, beacuse it will cause your blood to be less oxygenated, and not to mention the effect on your lungs, and with all the other health problems I would think you would probaly not want to add to the list.

Blue eyed babe
Its up to you. Don't feel pressured.

Peter P
well keep in mind nobody has ever died from using Marijuana but it is true that it's not for everyone.

♥ neionix ♥
I used to be a big stoner and I have to admit it was fun, but since you mentioned that you have OCD, smoking weed will make you extremely paranoid. Also, my sister had a heart condition and used to get high. She died when she was 18.


i don't know what 8 stone means but i'm thinking it's not a good idea.

Before listening to a bunch of propaganda-spewing conservatives, you should do some research about the medical benefits of marijuana. It is *not* addictive, and helps with many different physical and mental ailments.

There are a lot of good books out there about cooking with it (to remove the effects that smoke inhalation cause, if you're concerned), and the history of the plant.

You should discuss this with your doctor if you have medical problems, and in this day and age there are MANY doctors that condone the use. My father is wheelchair-bound, with the very debilitating multiple sclerosis, and has discovered that marijuana assists him with the slowing of the progression of his disease, along with calming some of the more severe muscle spasms and the depression that comes with dealing with a horrible condition.

I understand there are a lot of do-gooders that feel that because it is "illegal" that it is a harmful substance and on the same level as serious narcotics such as cocaine, meth, heroin, etc. However, alcohol was illegal at one point, along with biracial marriage and women in the military.

This is the 21st century. Marijuana is just like any other medication (or even alcohol). It's not for everyone, but users should not be condemned for seeking alternate treatment for medical conditions -- or for preferring marijuana to alcohol. Be informed and make an intelligent decision for your *own* life.

[I would like to note that smoking weed for ADHD & OCD can be very beneficial. I have ADD and am often deluged with racing thoughts and a very short attention span. Smoking helps slow me down enough so that I can concentrate on one thing at a time instead of bouncing off the walls. As for the heart palpitations, I don't know that inhalation of smoke is very helpful, but weed can be cooked and the THC added to your food.]

I am a regular smoker that uses it as an alternative to the often harmful compressed pills the doctors try to cram down own throats.

Blue Haired Old Lady
No, don't do it. Bad idea. Especially with Tourettes, heart issues and OCD. Bad idea.

no dont. its not worth it.

nah dont think so it will only add to your list of conditions

Ryan N

Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell
never do anything just because your mates are, thats a bad idea...i am very pro cannabis, but even so, it should only be chosen by reading truly unbiased info out there, and making your own mind up. oh yeh and being at least over 18 too. i dont know how old you are but its definitely not for kids. as for the conditions you have, i dont know if it will interact. if you are serious, it would be best to bite the bullet and ask your doc for the medical lowdown.

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