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Should I smoke marijuana?
I have an opportunity to smoke weed in like 2 weeks. i know the long term affects of it, like lung cancer and stuff. I was wondering if i will really get dumber because i'm a straight A student, and I am worried about messing up my grades.

The Dude
yes. you should at least try it and if you don't like it, you don't have to do it again.

What is the point? Will your life be better because of it? Seems like a stupid idea to me. I was tempted to smoke it many times before. I'm so glad I never did it.

Yea, cause It's a right of passage to try things out. that's how you learn to say no.

cloud s
wow look at all these people trying to scare you into not doing weed

"oh no dont smoke it youll ruin your life if you smoke weed now youll be a screw up for the rest of your life!!!"

do what you want with no regrets your decisions if you want to smoke it smoke it and face any extra baggage that comes with it

Fred W
doing it once isn't going to hurt your grades. also keep in mind the laws on marijuana in your state.
just do what feels right for you.

This Kid
Asking if you should smoke marijuana is like asking if it's okay to use a heart defibrillator on yourself.

ROFL smoking pot wont make you dumber... i smoke and had a 3.5 in school. pot isn't even as terrible as everyone makes it out to be. as a matter of fact alcohol and cigarettes are WAY worse than Pot. but its ok to drink? what kind of crap is that?
smoke pot to your hearts content.

Noemy G
No don'tt even think about it if you smoke mariguiana it will mess up your gradesif you do it DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont do weed. i have friends who have done it and are f'ed up. my female friend did and lost her job a week later by failing a drug test. it takes weeks for weed to leave your system. and thats just one joint. thats the stupidest thing you could ever do. and if people on here tell u go for it. dont listen it does kill brain cells it has been proven. doctors on prescribe weed to Cancer patients but its small doses. and ur monitered

weed is interesting because it doesn't usually affect you the first few times you smoke it. breaking the thc barrier is when you will start to feel the effects, and it's an ongoing process for you body. more and more medical research is pointing to weed as a positive drug to help with both physical and mental ailment. that being said, it is still illegal, bad for your lungs, and incredibly expensive if you keep it up (though not addictive). ergo, you can't really 'try' it once. the rest being said, its your decision to make

lmao these people are histerical. I know plenty of straight A students who smoke weed, i say try it once, its not addictive. Ive tried it and now that i have i have no desire to do it again. Weed is less likely to kill you than alcohol (and by less likely i mean it cant whereas alcohol can). One time isnt going to destroy your 4.0

NO! there are 192390209812098920 reasons not to

If you're asking this question.. I would say lean on the no side, BUT:

Marijuana, although technically a drug, is not very addictive, has few side effects, and you can't get "dumber" by trying it once. It may affect you the next morning slightly (sometimes called being "burnt") but it won't affect your day to day life unless you have an allergic reaction.

If you're doing it to be "cool" just do it once and get it done with.. if you're doing it to see what it's ACTUALLY like, try it once, then try it again a few days to a week later because normally the first time is much different.

Also, if you're planning on picking up this habit, be careful not to stop for extended periods of time as when you start up again after a long hault you can sometimes get a weird reaction coming back (although not serious or life threatening, it's a lot less enjoyable than getting high the first few times).

It's not as dangerous as the "NO" fans will tell you, but it's also not healthy for you, as some chronics may try to tell you it cures cancer.. there have been studies for this, but be skeptical!

Some Kind Of Nonchalance
You don't get stupid from smoking with just one time.

But then again, you're pretty stupid if you are going to make a choice to ruin the rest of your life.
It just takes one time to get caught, and one time for someone to do something stupid.

Think it over hard before you do it.
Don't ruin your good reputation dear.

You know......don't start smoking. It's hard to stop.. and it truly makes you a veg head. I had a boyfriend in high school who smoked pot and smoked pot and all I did was sit around watching him smoke pot. I hated it and and remember how I felt. I loved him, but I hated him smoking the pot and it caused alot of problems. I'm 44 now and still remember.....just stick to the stuff you now know and keep up the straight A's. Be strong.

I don't think so, I use to smoke pot for months at a time before and Ive finally given it up because it screwed up everything.
It was fun at the time, but I learned to grow up from it. I got distant from school and family because I was distracted. It won't really make you dumb, from my experience the longer I did it, the slower my reaction to things started to happen.
Don't do it.

You do what YOU want to do. The only stupid thing is listening to people who have never tried it. You can follow what the Government believes...like drinking LEGAL alcohol. You can buy it anywhere and drink and then go drive a car and kill some unsuspecting family! Or you can smoke pot and enjoy your buzz. Hmmm? Never killed anyone by "HIGH" driving. But, the law says that it's illegal. Can't control taxes on pot, so they say that it's bad and declare that it's illegal. But, then they allow "alcohol" to be legal? Please! So, everyone, do not mock a personal high that doesn't harm anyone. I would rather have "my" child smoking pot than drinking. Society is really screwed when they accept a demon such as alcohol and shun a naturally grown plant. Figure out just how much money the Government makes from alcohol; taxes, drunk driving fines etc. They can't get all that by legalizing pot because it doesn't cause any harm or make you do anything that is against the "law". I am college educated, own two businesses, two boats, a house and four nice cars. I have an I.Q. of 148 and have smoked pot for at least 35 years. Go figure. Make you dumb? I differ on that one. So, anyways. You do what you want to do and let the misinformed believe what they were conditioned to believe.

Spencer L
I don't believe that you should start smoking marijuana(being someone who has tried it). I do not agree however, with half of the people commenting on this question. They use scare tactics to make you assume the worst of it. It can pose threats towards your health but it will not automatically make you unintelligent or senseless like some may have led you to believe. I have personally had enough bad experiences with it to put me off of it, and I would not recommend starting. Consider the risks of the things you do but don't let other manipulate you into not trying something for the wrong reasons.

Bill R
I doesn't affect grades, if it did Harvard would have half the enrollment it does now. Unless you smokin like an oz a day

i think everyone should try it at least once or twice. dont let it control you and you'll be fine. me, i use it for medical purposes ONLY! like to cure a headache, stop feeling nauseous almost instantly, stop cramps, ect ect.

Don't listen to anyone.

Pot isn't dangerous, it isn't addicitive, and it's fun, just don't overdo it.

I can safely say that I am considered one of the more intellectual people in my school, it doesn't have any downsides.
Just don't get caught.

WOW. I just can't believe it. I would've thought the world to be more open-minded by now.

If you are a straight A student, smoking one joint will not ruin your life or give you cancer. You know what will happen? You might get giddy, or you might laugh a bit. That's it. As for addiction, don't worry about that because it's not true. If you're really scared about getting addicted to something while smoking weed, it's the tobacco some people use to cut the joint. If you are really against smoking tobacco, tell your friends to roll a pure joint, no cutting. If they don't want to, then it's up to you to try it or not. (By the way, the tobacco used for cutting a joint is hardly enough to get you addicted to cigarettes.)

Weed won't drive you to suicide, it's an anti-depressant. Weed won't make you dumb, ask the many millions who smoke it daily and go about life just like you do.

Marijuana is a drug, yes, but it's the most natural drug you could ever try. My friends and I smoke a lot together, so I see it as a social activity - something fun to do with friends. I don't feel the need to smoke weed, ever. It just happens to be there.

Final note, addiction is all in your head. Some substances affect your body, making harder to stop using them, but not mary jane.

Hope you have fun in 2 weeks! =)

Jarad C
yes you should smoke marijuana. I do and I have a 3.5 in Pre-med. the myth that it makes you dumb is government rhetoric. moreover, those who believe it also believe that we are in iraq to liberate it's people.(i am a soldier)

Like anything else do not do it for anyone else, or to fit in, cannabis if done in moderation like anything else is really not bad. If anything NEVER SMOKE cigarettes. It seems that you are someone who makes decisions by observing a situation then responding with thoroughly thought out course of action. You have obviously made good decisions before. I suggest not to stress out and when the opportunity comes choose what would make you feel less uncomfortable. Practically all cases where weed has been a bad choice for someone is because they tried it when they just were not ready. You need to be mentally grounded and ethically strong, only you will know. I have tried and not a bad experience not necessarily drawn to it, but good times, heck i was in amsterdam.

Steven G
Do it. it doesn't make you dumber. all those "facts" are made up by the government to scare you into not doing it. I smoke it, and I have a 3.9 gpa.

pfft, go for it. It does not cause lung cancer (surprising, look it up). There are no other long term effects either. Its pretty fun and entertaining. I started and it did not effect my grades. If try it you will probably only do it every couple of weeks.

before you do a drug look in to it to see the dangers (dont go by what someone tells you)

The only reason not to is if you don't want to waste money on it all the time (cause once you discover how fun it is you may want to try it again)

well it sounds like you already thought things out. stay away from drugs

Jo March
If you're worried about it what it will do to you, you've already answered your own question, and you shouldn't do it.

Will F
I'm a straight A and B college student. I take advanced courses and study hard. I also smoke pot.

A lot of the answers you will receive to this question on this site are 14 year old girls who only know about the effects of pot through rumors.

I've smoked numerous times and I have never felt an addictive urge to smoke pot. It doesn't contain any of the carcinogens of a cigarette nor the Nicotine in a cigarette.

The cancer causing effects come from the fact that there is smoke in your lungs not the fact there are dangerous chemicals.

So go for it! Most people think you're going to turn into a dope fiend but your not.

People think that you turn into a litteral retard if you smoke pot but, agian, you don't. You spend about two hours with a light headed feeling and you just relax. You still have full control of all of your mental abilities, its just that things seem funnier, but your not actually stupider, unless you get just totaly stoned, which you shouldn't do really.

Studies show that for pot to achieve the actual same carcinogenic and addictive effect of cancer you would have to smoke 315 blunts a week.
1. You can't afford that much pot.
2. You would be to gourded to get past the tenth one.

So agian. Go ahead and try it!

If you don't like it you can stop and you wont go into any withdrawels whatsoever.

If you do like it then thats cool to.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

Hi. I'll start off by telling you I go to a rather difficult school, have a number of AP classes, and have never had below a 3.0 GPA.

And I'm a f*cking stoner.

Marijuana will not make you dumb. It does not kill brain cells, nor have any other negative effects on the brain. You might act like an idiot high, but once your sober you are exactly the same as before.

It does not cause lung cancer. Think about it: tobacco smokers take years to develop lung cancer and they smoke packs a day! Marijuana smokers don't smoke NEARLY enough to cause any long-term lung damage!

Here's a couple of websites that should help:

Marijuana myths and facts: http://www.drugpolicy.org/marijuana/factsmyths/

Why it's really illegal: http://blogs.salon.com/0002762/stories/2003/12/22/whyIsMarijuanaIllegal.html

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