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Shaving your Armpits?
So I started shaving about a year ago and well..almost after every timee I shave...I will get razor burn. It will be fine for about a day then...BAM-razor burn!

How I shave is- I use aGillettee mans razor(I know it ismeantt for men, but some people say it works really well)and I let my armpits soak for about 10 mins while I shower then I use dove soap and but that on and then shave with the razor. After it kinda hurts and I don't putdeodorantt on till the morning. I use lady speedstick deoderant.
Uh! It makes me really mad and I could really use your help on how to not get razor burn and make any suggestions.

i dont have razor burn and i:
get my armpits wet
then put shaving gel in them
then i use a womens razor and shave.....

Before I shave ANYTHING, I use Johnson's Softwash (Nourishing care 24 Hour Moisturizing Wash)..its kinda like a lotion soap.It makes my skin feel so soft and I never get razor burn.It could be that the Dove is drying you out..I can't use bar soap because my skin is sensitive, so I have to use liquid body soaps.It could also be the deodorant, but I think it may be the Dove.But, yea, the Johnson's is great..I usually wash myself with usually Lever 2000 liquid body soap (I like to change body soaps for different fragrances) then I use the Johnson's to wash myself after I use the Lever.Try it..its really a great product.Even though it is like a lotion, its a soap too so make sure if you use it that you rinse off just like you would with regular soap. Good luck..oh and if you try it, please let me know what you think of it..Thanks.

Richard Guenette
Be very careful.

Erica S
well if it is really bothering you then you should either do two things use nair see if that helps or start using a girls razor it works for me RELALY TRY THESE THINGS

try using a conditioner instead of the soap. also when you shave, shave in the direction that the hair is growing first, then shave how you normally do. hope this helps

I sort of have the same problem. So what I do is first is I shower and wash my body down. Then I put dove soap on and use a men's razor. It doesn't matter what you use. Then I either put on this moisturizing skin cream (aveeno) or put on baby powder. Then it won't hurt or have a burn feeling.

i use this nair hair stuff. all you to is spray or rub where you need to shave and you leave it on for like 5 min. and you take a shower and wash the stuff off and your hair is gone!

Beans McBean
Don't use soap! It will irritate your skin because soap is a degerent. Use real shaving gel like skintimate instead of soap. Maybe you want to try razor for ladies. Men's razors are meant to shave off thick coarse rough hair on men's face not for ladies' delicate skin. I like Venus Embrace because it has 5 blades so it should work very well on you.

shaving cream. it works great! :D

maybe you should try using women's shaving cream because your razor might be getting to close to your skin (causing razor burn) and shaving cream is a little thicker than soap. try it, if it doesn't work then I would suggest asking your doctor.

Preventing razor burn is tricky, but what I like to do is get a good lather going, and shave very slowly. Razor burn typically happens when the same area is shaved over and over, so avoid doing that.

It doesn't matter what kind of razor you are using, but if there is something built-in on the razor (such as a "strip" of something in front of the blades), you could be allergic to it. If there is nothing on the razor, then try getting a razor with a strip of aloe. Aloe vera is wonderful for just about any skin ailment - you could get some lotion or gel with aloe and rub a little on your pits after showering.

I personally like the Intuition Razor because it has a bar of soap built in around it. The only down side is you have to buy cartridges when the blades dull and soap is gone, and they are a little overpriced, but it's worth it to me. I also use Aveno Oatmeal Body Wash because I have sensitive skin.

Callie J
nothing is wrong with the razor you are using-weather it is a mans or not. but using the soap to shave with is not good. you need to use shaving cream weather its been or womens shaving cream. and put deoderant on after you shower it will help with possibly sorness.

Cherry Blossom
i use to have that happen too but i had it happen to my legs.
what i did was wash my legs with soap and then wash it off.
then i put johnson baby oil on my legs and then shaved.
i do that for my armpits too.
my legs feel smoother now that i do that.
hope this helps:)

Okay, iam sorry kat i dont really noe but i use to have that too i dont really noe how it stopped all i noe is that i started using this razor called venus plus shaving cream after that it stopped hurting but its pretty expensive so i just use the venus when i can buy it . The thing i use now is just those plain women razors

Try moisturising afterwards. Razor burn is just dry irritated skin.

When was the last time that you changed the blade? I get that problem if I've used the blade too many times. You could also try to use shaving cream instead of soap which tends to dry out your skin.

As far as I can tell, men and women's razors are pretty much the same: single, double, or triple bladed, pink or blue, whatever. They work the same way.

~*M!55!N YU B4BY~*
juss use NAIR it really works

maybe you need a new razor ?
or change the blade ?

i use mens shavers too, they seem to work better.

Don't use a mans razor, it cuts you up to a point of no return. Use a moisturizer on your armpits if they feel dry at night and make sure you use a moisturizing deodorant try shaving when they haven't been soaking for too long, that causes the skin to become more delicate and more prone to breaking

Everybody's skin handles the process of shaving different, you simply need to discover a good method for yours. You might wish to try switching deodorants as your "razor scraped" skin may be having a reaction to it.

The triple blade razors available for men and women are virtually the same. There's no reason to spend the extra amount to get the female version. I've shaved my face with a triple blade women's razor without noticing any difference.

Us guys often use after shave since it is alcohol based and ensures the shaved area is disinfected.

Alexandria M
Don't use soap to shave that is the worst rash maker! Use a shaving gel with Avocado oil and always use a sharp, new razor. Gillette men's are ok, but make sure it has at least 3 blades (I use Gillette Mack 5 and Venus) . It helps give you a smooth shave and the oils protect your skin from razor burn. Razor burn happens when you shave unprotected skin OR you use a dull blade or using soap. Some people can use soap, but you may have sensitive skin were others may not.

Try not to shave everyday to. It really isn't necessary to do that if you will not be wearing a sleeveless shirt or tank top. Give your underarms a break.

If you want the best hairless underarms, wax. Save what you would spend on razors and get waxed. It's smoother, better and lasts longer. The more you shave the thicker the hair becomes. I wax my underarms and bikini, and as the years pass less grows there and what does grow is way thinner.

Use a razor that's meant for sensitive skin. I also shave with shampoo 'cause it's more moisturized and slippery than shaving cream. Some baby powder afterwards would help too, and you're right~ don't apply deodorant until later.

well if you want to completely avoid razorburn, just invest in an electric razor like i did.

it works wonders on any part. ANY PART trust me :D

jane d
maybe its not razor burn but your deoderant... try changing it for a few months and see how that works

if that doesnt work try like a Venus (for women) razor. it has like 4-5 blades and leaves you reall smooth and soft

I don't have any suggestions but to change razors. I have the Venus and It works perfectly, I haven't had a nick, cut, or burn. Try changing the blades or try using conditioner instead of dove soap. Your skin seems sensitive so change things around and experiment.

good luck!!

Lindsey S
use a venus razor
with a moving head
with the aloe around the edge

Get laser surgery so your pit hair is permanently removed.

I wish I had the answer to this one because I always have problems with my neck. Most of the problem is when I wear dress shirts, so that might be the issue. Maybe your clothes are rubbing against your armpits and causing a friction.

Good luck and I hope there is a magical answer.

Get a moisturizing deodorant, like Dove, and put it on right after you shower and shave. Immediately after. Also, make sure you don't keep using razors after they are dull.

well use shaving creame, not soap.
thats should help. :)

Ivan R

I came across this article with sheer significance - explaining that if you shave your armpits, you can cause the chances of obtaining BREAST CANCER to skyrocket if you put artificial deoderant on (such as Lynx for guys and Rexona for women, as well as all those other deodarants).

I am not kidding I am not kidding I AM NOT KIDDING AT ALL!!!

It is the truth - I cant believe how these idiots did not tell everyone in the world!!!

(Ohoh now I think I confused myself - they either said people should not use deodarant if you shave on armpits or if you wax - no I think it was both!!!).

Be careful I read alot of - stuff... (well not read but stumble across it).

Stay back, honour your life and who you are ;).

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