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Private question, i'd prefer girls to answer (:?
Hey. I started shaving *down there* about a year ago and it always grows back horrible. Or sometimes i'm clumsy and accidently cut myself. Is there any specials razors for down there. and is there anything to keep it smoother for longer?
Help please.

instead of shaving all of it, shave the top and trim the rest. =]

well. i get shaving rash , + if you put vaseline on it will help smoothen things out x

no thats all you can do is keep shaving.when you shave the hair grows back faster


There are special razers, just Look for them. Also, you have to shave often, twice a week. After when your putting your lotion on, put it in the areas that you just shaved as well.

use a quatro..the more blades on the razor the better. the more times you have to go over the same spot you could get razorburn. use lotion after, i use nair but it can burn alittle

John M

summer '10 chick
you should talk to an Adult (women) about this.
You could wax "it" that might help.

You could obviously have it waxed. It does last longer but it certainly a bit more painful. I myself shave and I actually use a Gillette razor that is made for guys. I find that they are more "gentle" for a lack of a better word.

Mother & Wife
dont shave as much an there are certain lotions out there

Try waxing..it may hurt a heck of a lot more, but it's worth it I think.

LiV lOvEs LiFe!
I just use a normal venus razor. If you are familiar with slumber parties they sell a cream that should prevent iteration down there that you use as a shaving cream. It's called coochie cream, it works great!

Try using Veet. Follow instruction, it's easy. Be careful to keep it out of your vjj and only use it in the shower. It leaves a smooth feeling and you wont have to use it that often.

Hmm..It can get really irritating and itchy/stubbly.

I would recommend trimming it instead of shaving it.
That way you and avoid all that uncomfortable stuff..

Hope that helped.

Natalie N
Shave it less often. The more you shave it, the more crazy it will grow back. Only shave it when you feel that you really need to (for some certain reason whether its because you are going swimming or another...) don't make it worse!!!!!

Maddy Cullen <3
There is nothing you can really try that will keep it smoother for longer. Try waxing, it is less ruining and you wont risk cutting yourself. It is very dangerous to cut yourself down there. You could also maybe try a hair removal cream that has added moisturizer. Try to minimize shaving as much as possible.

Ok so i shave there also and since i have curly hair i have problems with ingrowns and razor bumps.Here is wat i do i hope my tips help.
1) use warm watter(it opens the pore)
2) you can either use shave gel with conditioners and aloe or do what i do use hair conditioner.I know it sounds weird but it allows the razor to run smooth and also smoothes the hair.Plus it has lots of good conditioners.
3) only shave in one dirrection and that is down.I know it wont leave you as smooth as it would if it were shaving up but it helps when th ehair starts growing back this way you wont get ingrown hair problems.Shave carefully and slowly to avoid cuts and dnt run the razor too much in the same area.
4)When done rinse with cool water to refresh and close the pore.
About special razors i use any with 3 blades for a smoother cut or you can do wat i used 2 do.Buy a beard trimmer or a female trimmer.The electric ones.They can shave preety good when dry.Wont leave you baby soft but this way when your hair grows back it wont itch or you wont ge ingrowns.Not to mention its dry so you dnt have a mess of hair on you and no cuts.Hope it helps girl! ;-)

Well..if you shave more often then it won't have a chance to get so "horrible" OR you can save up and get lazer done...or get waxed. I get waxed and each time less grows back...and I have to say it in not fun to have done.
Special razors...there are some smaller ones made just for that area. You might try hair removal cremes....which is what I do between getting waxed.

i love you
i wax!
hurts but gets the job done!

Waxing will get better results. It stings like a ***** the first time, but at least it only hurts for a second. Shaving itches for a week!

If you're brave, Nair and some other hair removal companies make a product for that area. My sister swears by them, but I haven't tried yet.

get nair hair remover. you can find it at walmart, it burns a little thats normal but you only have to do it like once or twice a month you just rub it on, wait like ten min then rinse it off in the shower. simple

I just use a regular razor. You should be more careful though if your cutting yourself. Make sure you use shaving cream. You could wax down there but it's very painful :( very painful. So yeah I don't like that so much

Quatro Shick (not sure if spelled correctly), works and is gentle. If you want to be brave get a bikini wax. That's gonna hurt but be brave!

get waxed, it will stay smooth for a long time and the likelihood of ingrown hairs is not much of an issue. Getting waxed is expenive if u go to a spa, but I'm lucky b/c there is a cosmetology school that offers this service for 15 bucks. The waxing is done by a student at cosmetology schools.

waxing takes care of it being smoother for longer, and it grows back better. you won't cut yourself but it's much more painful.

The best way to shave is to take a warm shower to open up the pores, then take a new razor and shave in the direction the hair grows. Afterwards rinse with cold water and use a non scented lotion with aloe vera to keep irritation down and close your pores.

Hope I helped!

afternoon delight! ;o)
get a professional wax and see how that works? it'll be expensive but at least to see how it feels and how it's done, then you could do it diy!! :D

Hi, yes you can buy bikini razors there good for bikini lines and all over, there are creams you can use which takes eveythng off that lasts a couple of weeks and of course waxing that can last 1-2 months.

hope this helps

wax it.

Be very careful in that area, its very easy to cut yourself.

Don't shave so often. It always grows back bushier and more itchy everytime you do it.

I'd recommend hair removal cream - but be careful with it.

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