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Popping knuckles: good habit or bad?
I pop my knuckles ALL the time. The way I started was that my cuz used 2 & I thought it wuz kool so, I started. My mom would make me stop but I'd still do it. She told me that I would get huge knuckles from popping them. I thought she wuz just trying 2 scare me but now I have big knuckles. So, my question is big knuckles and popping knuckles: good or bad. P.S.~ would big knuckles help you in a fight?lol!!!

halle berrayy
popping your knuckles is fine. if it starts hurting then you should stop, but you can't get arthritis from it.

well a lot of people are gonna say it causes arthritis, but it doesn't. im a chiropractor i know this. but yes it does make your knuckles bigger, but this has no effect on health. no worries. don't worry be happy =]

yea its fine but dont do it all the time ,i mean everyday.
coz if you keep Popping your knuckles then your fingers wont look nice i mean not girls hand anymore.
i Pop my knuckles sometimes. not always.
hahah yea a big knuckles would help you in a fight! argh let fight.!!
okay i have a big Pop knuckles and asks you wanna fight?wanna fight huni.


i am the eggman
it will not hurt you
its the release of gasses that mussels make
I am a computer programmer [im acctully a bored teen that can hack windows]
after about a hour I can make it sould like fire works

Norrie R
i say bad.....
causes arthritis

BAD! in between your bones, there are joints made of cartilage. it is a hard rubbery substance. (what your nose is made of)

when you "pop" or "crack" your knuckles, it wears down at that. you WILL get arthritis when you are older if you do it often.

Brielle ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶
i dont know.. ive heard that too but i dont know.. i do it all the time too and my hubby makes me do it for him lol
umm i hope not cause i dont wanna have big knuckles and yes, i think big knuckles would help in a fight! lol :)

It's bad, you can get Arthirtis.


There's a story/myth that says that doing it can give you arthritis in your hands, but this is not absolutely proven.

If you don't wanna believe that, I KNOW it's true that it makes your fingers widen (fatten), so unless you want stubby, fat fingers, quit the habit.

Stop it kid or you will go blind.

brown sugar
The reason why popping our knuckles makes a popping sound is due to release of carbon dioxide and other gases as a byproduct of the different metabolic reactions happening in our bodies. Sometimes CO2 bubbles are trapped in the synovial fluid (a natural fluid in our joints that keeps them lubricated, just like a lubricant for car engines)

These gas bubbles do release on their own but take slightly longer, in the meantime if we pop our knuckles, these CO2 bubbles burst.. making that fun popping sound.

Coming back to your question.. if popping is good or bad and do they grow huge..
the answer is NO!

but, science is not a complete set of knowledge, who knows what new research 10 years the road would tell us.. always safe to listen to mom

and yea huge knuckles would help u in a fight for sure :)

Southern Girl
bad...in my opinion. but i recently found out that it's not popping nitrogen bubbles like everyone seems to think.
it's your bones are actually acting as a suction cup and when you push down it makes a popping noise.

bad it will give u arthritis and crooked fingers

Abbey Cather
stop now because thats not good for u when u gt older u dont want ur knuckles like that

Hello, don't you know this isn't nothing except a habit?? You've seen or heard someone do this..Right?? OK, lol, next time you feel like popping or cracking your knuckles, lean over and kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend and I'll promise you, you'll either kiss him more or you'll have a new habit.. you know that, gives you no relieve from anything, except your habit.. now tell me? if i'm wrong??

I have the same habit. and yes your mom is (was) right. Popping your joints will give you big knuckles, or a slang is thunder knuckles. They dont go back so stop while you can.

But boxers do it so they have bigger hands! XD

its a bad habit wat if ur getting a job or something importent and ur like sitting there popping ur knuckles,not good. :)

Cracking your knuckles isn't bad for you at all. It just relieves the tension in between your joints. Don't worry, it doesn't make your knuckles huge, or give you arthritis! :]
Even though huge knuckles would definitely help you win a fight :D

Jenna Nicole
I dont think its good!

it can give you arthritis when you get older and your knuckles will be huge at some point lol.

I have that habit too, and i dont think they would help you in a fight- but maybe! you never know haha

bad cause doctors say that it causes arteries and make your knuckle big

i heard it gives you arthritis

hazel eyes
you can get arthritis in your hands if you don't stop popping them

Bad .Makes you have swollen knuckles.Gives you arthritis.Every time it gets cold they hurt.

My answer is you may suffer from arthritis in your elderly years severely and is a very bad habit.To form even though you may think it is cool now if ever arthritis on set it will be necessary to use tons of medication with hopes that your hand will feel better.And fighting is not good the best weapon to use is your wits.

it's probably not good because it erodes the cartilage in your joints.
I've been regularly cracking my knuckles since I was 8 (now I'm 28) and they're definitely not huge, I laugh because my mom told me the same thing when I was little...

Big knuckles would help you in a fight...duh ;D

Butttt, popping knuckles is a HUGE myth. It's just one of those things that your parents told you not to do when you were a child. Kind of like..."if you eat your vegetables, then hair will grow on your chest"..

Well..thats what my parents told me at least haha.

But it will indeed give you arthritis eventually.

bad. huge knuckles aren't good because it'd look bad and your bone structure will deteriorate.

answer please!!


Irritating and annoying

the popping sound is small air bubbles getting released from the knuckle. over time, i suppose they build up and enlarge your knuckles.

shoulda listened to dear old mommy, eh?

haha ya big knuckles do help you in a fight... i have them too except not from popping them. However popping your knuckles can lead to having a bad grip.

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