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Watching angel
Please help me! :( I'm really helpless?
I just threw up in my mouth. (0.o) and whenever I swallowed it, my throat starts to burn. Whenever I swallow, my throat hurts like it burns. and whenever I cough or whenever I cough, my throat burns and hurts. :( I really want to go outside and pop some fire-works but I cant. Please help me!

Sasha G
this is a sign of a cold so drink a lot of water and dont think about your throat

Sounds like you have strep, honey.
You should go to the doctors asap... but you can ask someone to go light fireworks for you and then look at them; or wait till you feel better.

Same thing happened to me on Christmas.

Happy newyear.

mia d
lol - u need several doctors!

Drink some liquid antacid. Good luck.

Saila Saccadic™
Yay Pepto Bismol !

see a doctor tomorrow...
youu, might have acid reflex...

Larry F
Don't worry about your burning throat for now. When you swallowed it (which you shouldn't have), the Stomach acid (which is fairly acidic) gave minor burns to your esophagus. Your throat should heal naturally, since your stomach acid won't kill you. However, if this pain continues for a couple of days, go to your doctor. The pain might not have been simply caused by throwing up and then swallowing the stomach acid.

Drink some milk, the other white stuff.

Tell your mom and dad. Drink lots of water. I mean 6 glases. Not all at once! My mom is a nurse and these are her words. Tell your momto take a look at your throught and to take a pic of it. If your throwt is white that is bad. If it is red it is normal.Gargle salt water. It will clear your throwt. Because just because you through up in your mouth does not mean parts of the material thet was flowing in the throwup did not stck to your throught. Please pray that God will help. Haave a BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!
-Maggielynne Serranzana

can't you tell someone about it?
and don't swallow it...

That happens to my 10 year old daughter. I asked her what she does. She said, " As long as it was only that one time and it doesn't keep happening, I just get a 8 oz. glass and drink it all in one time and it works. If it doesn't, I am sorry, that is what workes for me."

sounds like you coughed up bile, why would you swallow your puke? that is gross, you should drink some milk if your not feeling sick to your stomach, it will probably help make the taste go away-or liquor if your old enough to drink

you know what works the best, lemon juice and honey. all you do is put some in a small cup and sip it. it will burn a little bit, but that means that it is working! it feels a lot better if you heat up the lemon juice!

Raw Truth w/ Vitamins
um, get your butt outside and pop fireworks, just don't say anything.

Apostate Rebel
Spit it out.

You swallowed some bile.

You will be OK.

Take a mixture of 50% white vinegar and Honey. Mix a 1/4 cup of each, and refrigerate. You may have to take the first swig warm, tough it out.

Take a tablespoon full every four hours for a day, this works great for all sore throats.

Acid Reflux the acid will make your throat burn take some tums. And yes you can go out and pop some fire works.

`Katie εїз PaperWings
Don't throw up and then swallow it. The acids from your stomach are coming up and that is what causes the burning in your throat.
Just let it out. Seriously.

Frank T
you need to get some of that PINK medicine that you drink and it should sooth your throat and stomach
that Pepto Bismol stuff

and or drink a little bit of milk
with a couple of TUMS

good luck

As said many times before, its simply the acid in your throat, it's called hydrochloric acid, one of the main acidic substances used for digestive purposes in your stomach.

Nothing other than what's happening now is going to happen, if it happens in the future too, you're only just going to have an irritated throat for about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on who you are.

drink something hot

cut your throat out. p.s. take your kids throat out to.

KoKoKiTTy is depressed
Acid reflux.

Jake S
try drinking water or milk

dont swallow it and your mouth wont burn

The acid in the vomit is burning your throat; most likely acid reflux.

You should drink water or milk, milk is better to drink.

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