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Period Pains?
Does Any one know of any GOOOOd Period pain relief?
i get some really bad ones HELP
thank you all

Little Minx
You can take feminax, they are very good for pain relief also a hot water bottle held on your tummy whilst relaxing really helps.

I use a combination of low-grade excedrin (the strong stuff is too harsh on my stomach) and ThemaCare heat wraps (they last 8 hours).

Also, I have acupuncture done once a month, and this helps an unbelievable amount.

Most acupuncturists can also do acupressure work, or cupping or other techniques if you're squeamish about needles. I actually loathe needles, but the acupuncture ones don't bother me at all.

Acupuncture has not only helped control the pain of my cycle but to shorten it to a more normal length.

Just be sure that if you look into this, that you find someone who is licensed for acupucnture (it's not actually a requirement, at least in the states, for the person to be licensed). The lady I go to is, and is also a medical doctor, as well as being trained in Reiki (also quite helpful).

Exercise AND stretches, particularly those that work your abdominal area, will also reduce pains because it will strengthen the muscles in the area that cramps up.

lil limey.
midol or advil. lots of it.

Try Feminax,sell it behind the counter at your pharmisists

yes my friend nay says micro-gramme 30 helps the contraception pill helps to lighten your bleeding & reduces the pains dramatically & the amount of days you should normally have a period for aswell. try warm baths and paraceptamol good luck.

I'm all ADVIL!

My wife used to suffer bad pains and used to sit in front of the fire to relieve the pain. She went on to the coil it stops periods but it has helped her get rid of the terrible pain. hope this helps you in what you are looking for. It is worth a try you will feel a lot better. all the best.

well, i heard midol was really good and i already use tilonol and motrin(those work really good) I also heard Advil was awesome

Things that work for me are;
drinking lots of water
massaging lower abdomen
eating chocolate
drinking milky tea! (probably psychological but I find it works!)

The link I've provided has lots of good tips...

MS. SEXY!!!!!!!!!!
i'm all about that midol!!!!!!!!

mersendyl it sold behind the pharmacy counter in canada.


ibuprofen and walking! i prefer the drug, who want's to walk this time of the month???

I use Motrin. It works for 6 to 8 hours for me.
Hope you get too feeling better..

Sarah P
hot water bottle on back n tummy, helps

midol always helps me out!!! i love midol!


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