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church k
People that smoke so much weed talk alot, but when they don't get it they act different WHY?

Jamie B
dont do drugs
stay in school
dont drinck and drive
dont smoke and fly
cheddar cheese
kinky breeze
dirty knees
look at these
*lifts up shirt*

Ah, because it ***** up your mind.

Maryjane affects the brain.

However I didnt learn until today that you can actually become addicted to it....Per Dr. Drew

Because the drug in weed lowers inhibitions much like alcohol and loosens up the tongue.
Most drug users think they are geniuses.
It is a mockery the drug does to the taker.

hot sexy lips
smoking addiction results to such manners.

Jose V
they get paranoid

jafaMupp E
could be because of the mind altering state your in?

What do you mean by different?

This is like asking why people act differently when they're drunk.

Weed has many effects, see - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_issues_and_the_effects_of_cannabis#Physiological_effects
But generally, it makes people more relaxed, happy, makes them think certain things are funnier and gives them the 'munchies', but it does makes some people paranoid.

The relaxed, happy and 'creative thinking' (not necessarily good, just creative), means that some people will feel comfortable talking more.

When they're not smoking... well, they wouldn't have those effects. Some people who get really stressed, smoke a lot to relax, but if you see them stoned all the time, you wouldn't realise that normally, they're a little anxious/uptight or stressed.
Getting them to stop smoking probably won't help how they act normally if they get quite stressed (if someone gets paranoid smoking though, they should definitely stop), but getting them to start some activities that help them destress might make them less reliant on weed.

i dont get what you mean, whoever does weed is wierd.

Bruno V
Because they have not taken it.

Must Be The Clouds In My Eyes
you may need to elaborate more

Weed = brain malfuntion.

StabMaster Arson
It's a drug, need their fix. You get really down when you're out of weed. one of the hardest drugs to quit

cause drugs are bad.just say no(:go to a 8th grade health class...they'll teach u what drugs do to you

I smoke weed almost everyday. I talk a lot no matter what but you are right, I definitely talk more when I'm blown. I would say the fact that my body is so used to being high that it feels normal under the influence of cannabis, and feels much more relaxed. When your body comes to the point that you are high more than sober then you feel you need to be high to enjoy certain things or maybe even be more social.

alex l
because when they are high they dont care about who they are being, or what they say, they are too high and having fun., But alot of people who do weed, are really not ok with themselves, so in real life person they are something there not.
the weed in a way brings out the stupid part of them

I think people start talking more because they have a lot to say. Some people usually keep it inside, so when they smoke it eventually pours out. It probably keeps their sanity in balance somewhat. Otherwise they would be completely sociophobic.

Joel R
Because they are jonesing for some THC.


Drugs cause people to react differently. I have seen the opposite happen when people smoke weed. Hard to say why people react that way and why they don't. Drugs for the most part affect your nervous system and therefore your brain.

being high just relaxes them- maybe they are naturally shy, but when they smoke- they become more outgoing and talk more

bill l
because its a drug.

I don't understand... lol

wait, you mean like, when they have their weed, they're talkative, and when they don't, they act differently?
Well, that's because marijuana is a drug, and it changes people... That's all I can say =P

Something not in the air?

smoking weed loosens your inhibitions and you are more open to talking and dont really care what others think

haley g
b/c they are "in a dif. word"when the smoke so they don't realize it!

because it effects their brain so of course their pesonality. plus it might have to do with the addiction, a little.

Phantasize bout me
Kk!!! There r 3 side affects 2 smoking weed. HUNGRY HAPPY AND SLEEPY. Thats it

Same reason that druck people think everything is funny.

Despite popular belief that it is not addictive, they are trying to figure out how to get more and probably having withdrawls.

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