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Hello. Well today my friend called me and told me her mom had just stopped breathing. She said she woke up fine, but when she went to the bathroom, she started throwing up. She said her mom just stopped breathing and was panicking alot. She said that she felt like something was caught in her throat. There were some times where she could breathe again, but then she all of a sudden couldn't. What could this be? Her mom is now at the hospital, but i need to tell her what could be wrong so i could calm her down. Please Help.
Additional Details
Thank you all soo much. You have no Idea how much all of your advice has helped me : ]

Just reassure her that the Dr's know what they are doing and will get it all taken care of..you don't want to ask people on here and get a bunch of uneducated answers, that could only confuse your friend when the Dr's find out what is really wrong

I hope she's ok!!

Maybe she has a stomach virus but the hospital will surely find out.

A big sign for heart trouble in women is nausea. She could also be having a panic attack.

Melanie S
Possibly a panic attack? I used to get them all the time and it can range from anything like you think your having a heart attack to you can't breath.
But if she started to throw up it might be a little more serious

Kimmy W
sorry i dont really know but if you want to come her down just assure her that her mother willbe fine and stuff. i hope she gets better

Panic Attack?
They can range from low to high case.
I had a slight case.
It wasn't bad, it was scary though.
First i was happy, then i started crying, then laughing, then mad, then happy again.
I don't know.
It can get as bad as stopping breathing throwing up collapsing. Im not sure. Sometimes when someone is crying they feel like something is stuck in their throat.
Its just a guess.
: /
I hope she's okay.

Its nice that your being a really good friend and trying to help and all but all I think you can do is stay by your friends side and tell her everything thing is gonna be ok.

Hi there,
As much as you want to help, you can't possibly tell her exactly what is wrong with her mom. Doctors won't even know that until they examine her. Just tell your friend to relax and wait for the results. Getting mom to the hospital was a great start. Now both of you just need to give each other strength. Good luck!

wait for the doctors at the hospitall to diagnose her. Guess at a diagnosis is not going to help her calm down

Panda's Leaf
the best thing to do in a event like this is to think positive thoughts! the doctors are professionals so just hold your friend with warmth, let her take a deep breathe, perhaps some juice then allow her to naturally filter those uncomfortable emotions. finally, let her know you're there for her because that's what true friends are for.

Why does everyone hate me?
Have her talk to the doctor at the same time you are.

She will find out soon enough. (doctors will tell her)

I Hope its nothing serious.

That's What She Said
It's not your problem. Your friend's mom needs to call her doctor. So there's nothing you can do but tell her to call the doctor.

She's in the Hospital, so let the professionals take care of her. Don't try to go online and assume what is wrong. Doing this will only cause more stress. Her mom is in good hands. The medical world is considerably well developed in all health issues, compared to what it used to be.

The more you look stuff up, the more possibilities you will find and that will just make your friend more paranoid.

Let the doctors do the diagnosing, just comfort your friend and let her know that the doctors will figure it out and that she is in good hands. Be there for your friend more as a friend, take her mind off the issue, don't let her get fixated on trying to fix something she can't.

She was probably just choking.

Mai X
You mustn't scare your friend into thinking something is horribly wrong
just tell her it will be ok and the doctors will find the problem.

Mel C
I know you're worried for your friend and her mom. It could be anything. I honestly don't know, try to calm her down. Tell her everything's going to be okay. Only God knows what it might be. The doctor's are really advanced these days. Show your friend your support and you could even go visit her at the hospital.
I pray that everything goes well, and her mom gets out of there healthy.


just calm her down, the doctors will let you know


Only Mama Knows
You should tell her that her mom is in the hospital now and that they will be able to find out what's wrong and will take care of her. Just to be there for her mom and try not to worry so her mom won't worry about her.

About what it could have been, there could have been something caught in her throat and then got lose so she could breathe again or she could have had a panic attack, I don't know and wouldn't even try to guess what happened. You actually shouldn't try telling your friend what it could be because we could be wrong.

I think the best think you could do is be there for your friend if she needs someone to talk to and just reassure her that the doctors know what they are doing and will be able to help her mom. If you can go to the hospital and wait with her if she wants you too that would be cool.

Ask her if she'd like you to come and wait with her. But if she doesn't then respect that and tell her you'd be happy to come down there if she changes her mind. Your a good friend to be worried about her and want to calm her down.

go to the hospital and ask the doctors!!!!

Joe M
Maybe she had an allergic reaction to something that caused her throat to swell, blocking her windpipe. Moving her head may have opened up her trachea slightly so she could breath again. It's hard to say though, the doctors at the hospital will find out what happened though.

Stormtrooper In Stilettos
I'm not a medical expert. If you're trying to calm your friend down, just assure her that maybe you guys don't know what's going on, but if the mother is in the hands of trained doctors that they can handle it and she shouldn't worry, she should just be there for her mom because that's the most important thing.

No offense but it's not your place. She's at the hospital now. The doctors will tell her, you'll just need to tell her that her mom will be fine.

Possibly and allergic reaction. Reassure your friend that her mom will be alright and the doctors are taking care of her.

Harvey P
well what you need to say is that there could be a chance of a panic attack which are very common all you have to do if it happens again is just cup your hands around your mouth to circulate carbon dioxide back into your respiratory system that will act as a prop and open the lungs back up make sure if it happens again, sit down get fresh air and water, the vomiting could be a sign of dehydration.

hope this helps :)

you cant tell her what wrong caz you dont know whats wrong ...just calm her down be there for her as a friend

I dont know if she is at a hospital than they will find out

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
She needs to hear what the doctors find. It could be any number of things and no one on YA could tell you.

Tell her that the doctors will find out what's wrong with her mom

the doctors will tell her

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