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Not trying to offend anybody, I'm just confused: Why is cutting so bad?
I am a normal, happy person with happy thoughts and happy feelings, but I get sad on occasion, just like everyone else does. But instead of screaming into a pillow or punching a pillow or whatever I cut myself sometimes.
Not too deep and not too much, and it's not because I want to commit suicide, that would not even cross my mind, my life is wonderful. It just relieves stress and makes me feel better, IDK why.
so my question is, is cutting really that bad for you? if your mentally/emotionally stable, happy with your life, and you don't do it so much and so hard that you cause permanent scars, why is this bad?
thank you and please don't be too harsh

because it scars, and its harming your body...don't do that to yourself you don't deserve it love bug

instead take some midol, cutting can lead to drugs, suicide, and ppl think your emo

Why would anyone ever want to harm themselves if life is so great. I don't understand it. I had a friend who would do it sometimes when she was sad or angry. It would make me so mad to see her hurt herself that way. She has a son and there's no better reason to want to live than a child. I will try to remember all you cutters out there in my prayers. Please look for another way to relieve your stress!!!

Julian White
please do not cut yourself its very bad for you physically
and is just weird. if you cut in the wrong place you could cut a nerve, artery or tendon. so as a happy individual myself,
im begging you to NOT DO IT!! SAME FOR ANYONE ELSE!!!

do you mean aside from the possibility of hitting a vain and bleeding to death?

I Like Ike
Well if you're doing that, you may not be suicidal. But I'd really look at what your feelings are. There may still be aspects of self abuse and wanting to break everything down. Also cutting is still damage to the skin and body. And it can get people scared and worried if they find out about it.

Micheal Jackson
Well the scars are not to pretty and will always be there to remind you of "sad" times. You probably need to see a doctor and get some help. Cause what you're doing is extremely dangerous.

PS: I just put "Thumbs Up" on everyones answers that says you should STOP CUTTING!

Guess Who
Cutting is a deep subconscious psychological sign that you are needing to feel a sense of control. When you cannot control what is happening around you, you can control the pain you feel or how you choose to get rid of it. You are taking emotional trauma and making it physical...you have that power. With cutting comes some very serious risk. Even though you feel as though you are not cutting deep, cutting WILL cause damage to your capillaries which in turn can cause other skin problems. A dirty knife/blade can cause a very serious infection (Burning, boiling, alcohol, iodine, peroxide...NONE of these will kill bacteria on a blade)...a truly clean blade is one that has been sterilized in a steam autoclave. Cutting leaves permanent scars, which are just not worth the pain. Most of all, your mind becomes dependent on this form of control. You begin to believe that this is the only way that you can aleviate stress and calm yourself...sort of like how you are feeling right now. Sounds like you have a mental dependency on cutting. I would suggest other ways of releasing your anger, but I don't know the kind of things you face from day to day, all I can tell you is what I know, in my medical opinion and knowledge.

because when u actually cause a dangerous cut it can NOT be so normal anymore.. just try and find other things to do when ur mad... be more happy like u say u are =D

Its bad because its making you question your own sanity. You say you feel happy and normal, yet...you clearly do something not so normal.

Personally I go out and do gardening. I end up with scatches and cuts.
Why don't you go get some exersice?

Cutting releases endorphins. You are being like a druggie.

And be careful not to get infected.

Because its... Stupid? Why disfigure yourself? It's a serious issue. Its only seen as less of a bad thing now and over dramatized because of the 'emo revolution' who wear their cuts proudly and try to make depression cool.
I think it really is that bad, there is no real reason to cut yourself. if it wasn't a bad thing, it would never have been seen as a bad thing, its because its a bad thing that teenage kids do it to be 'different' and take the mickey out seriously sick people.

edit: looking back on answers, the people who say its bad get thumbs down. Wonder who's doing that... scoff.

I have a personal understanding of this...it seems to relieve a lot of inner pain. But it is NOT the best and most healthy way...respect your body. There are professionals that can help you with redirecting this urge...talk back to me if you would like...

Well, I never cut myself. But I had a friend that did it all the time. She would cut herself and then she would wanna talk to me or something. It is just a way to get attention is all. Try getting attention in some other POSITIVE way. If you don't work find a job. If your single try to get a boyfriend or something. Get some happy in your life.

Well, it is supposed to indicate some deeper subconscious psychological trauma or disturbance, and it is not good for you. Injury is generally looked upon as negative and cuts are injuries. I would consult a pyschiatrist for a basic session just to get to the bottom of why you developed that need in the first place. I have been near suicidal myself before so no I am not judging you. It is just good to get to know more about yourself. ^_~ At least try finding a better outlet - draw, listen to calming music - go outside and enjoy nature, go for a walk, write poetry. It really would be better.

if you're happy with your life, why cut? You can'y be healthy if you feel that if you want to relieve stress, you cut yourself. If you think that's a normal thing, talk to your parents about it. Are they doing the same thing to relieve their own stress. If you see someone you truely care about damaging their body in a harmful way, wouldn't you be scared? Cutting can and will kill you. You never know, maybe one day while your doing it a loud sound will startle you, & you might cut too deep... what wil you do then.
So basically it IS bad to cut yourself (hepatitis, tetanus, & much more illnesses). Give me some reasons why it isn't a bad thing...

Julie M
Cutting is bad for you. You are taking an unhealthy way venting some anger and not only will it leave scars but one day you might be hurting so much that you cut deeper than you mean too and bleed to death. It also doesn't really take the anger away but holds it in and you might explode one day with emotions you can't handle..I vent my anger by walking and reading...reading helps me look into someone else life so that i forget about my problems, sometimes it even gives me a new perspective.

I really hope for you to find some other way to vent your anger, something that is more healthy like exercise or you could take up boxing or Tae-kwon Doe...it really works to think you are kicking the object of your anger and a punching bag helps..

Your body is something precious, and should not be taken for granted. "lightly" mutilating your body may go out of hand when you actually are enraged...you might cut yourself even deeper and deeper... please don't do it! try to break that off. good luck!

its pretty much a self-centered way of punishing yourself because you think you deserve it. And yes, it is bad for you, emotionally, mentally, and physically because over time the nerve endings will die out and you won't have feeling in your arm. Maybe substitute your arm with something else?

Well honest it is like all releases they are extremely unhealthy usually for me it is nail biting and scratching and jaw clenching but cutting is worse due to the fact that it is inflicting a lot of self harm that is deliberate and it pretty much is usu sally covering up deeper issues than even you yourself believe you have.

people who cut are usually unhappy with their life.

i think you should try something different to relieve stress,

how about excersising?

why dont u consult a doctor .. he should be really helpful to you .. try consulting a psychatrist .. or try talkin out to people instead of all this .. dont cut urself coz u never know what moods life can take you to ..

johesuf joehezupfs
why would you cut if there was nothing wrong ???

that is torture to yourself

just run until you feel the release

find an outlet

well think about this.
you will have scars on your arms.
at your wedding--scars.
first kid--scars.
dude, its gunna looks like you were suicidal
cause all of your arms are gunna have cut marks.
it is bad
its not like your emo or anything
just stop it cause even if you say you wont have permantent scars, you will

bad from the germs and infections point of view... your free to do what you want to relax... i have an anger issue, what i do is fire a couple of rounds in the shooting range.... anyways take care germs that travel through blood are worse than the germs you breath in... just watch out.

because youre hurting yourself and your hiding from your feelings. life comes as it is. dont tune out by cutting. its the easy way out and eventually it wont be enough. youll move on to even more dangerous things. want to relieve stress? hit the gym hard.

It's a form of self-mutilation. no matter what frame of mind you're in, you cannot see it from an objective perspective. Seek counseling - self-mutilation starts out small but can get worse.

if you don,t know then you need to get counseling , its not normal that's for sure

sounds like you like the Adrenalin rush you get with cutting. But if you are cutting then you are not as stable or happy as you claim to be. you may be Bi Polar. get some help. there are other more healthy ways to relieve stress.

omg i do tha same thing i no exactly what you mean. im not sure y its so bad i think because people juss think u might kill your self or somthing. i do it cuz at tha moment things are a little better i have no idea y but it fixes something. i no its prolly not tha best thing to do. i wouldnt encrouage it but i couldnt say stop doing that cuz its bad since i do it anyways

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