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My throat feels tight?
It just started a little yesterday and today it feels a bit worse. My throat feels like theres a lump stuck there and I also have a chesty cough with it. My throat is also itching. I have no problems with my breathing or swallowing though. Should I observe it for a couple of days then see a doctor if it's still there? Or has anyone had something like this before?

Go Hokies!
better safe than sorry.

do you have any food or medicine allergies. it sounds very similar to the feeling i get when i take sulfa drugs. i'm not superseriously allergic, however, it still causes quite an unpleasant reaction. i would try to take a benadryl and see if that helps. if it does help, try to remember everything you ingested before that sensation so that you can try to avoid it. if the benadryl doesn't help, and you get worse or stay the same for days, i'd give your doctor a call or go to an urgent care center.

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