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My son's bedroom carpet smells horrible... almost like urine and spoiled milk. What can I use to remove smell
Something inexpensive would be great! Maybe some home remedy using household cleaners??? Thanks so much!

your son

Blood works well.

Try changing the locks on your house the next time he is out and don't give him a new key. That should clear things up in time!

Sometimes it helps to sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, leave it for a few hours, and vacuum it up.

Jonathan M
Well sounds like you're going to need some powerful cleaning things to shampoo that carpet. I've used regular shampoo and liquid laundry detergent before. If you can't find a way to get the smell out of the carpet then it sounds like that carpet needs to be thrown away.

I would suggest removing the carpet, and maybe putting in lanoleum...is that what it's called? Vinyl? They have different designs, even the look of hard wood floors...which would be MUCH cheaper than getting the actual wooden floors. Easy to clean...and you can put down a section carpet just to cozy up the room...can also get those cheap at Ikea to K-Mart.

Rent a carpet cleaner. They aren't that expensive. They are like vacuum cleaners except it deep cleans with soap and water. You have to let the carpet dry for a few hours before walking on it

Pet stores carry different brands of cleaners that are designed to remove pet urine from carpets and furniture. I don't know if your carpet is stained with pet urine, but if it is some sort of biological stain like urine or milk one of those might work and they aren't incredibly expensive.

Retarded Dave
Steam cleaning will not get all the smell out. Rub it with vinegar and baking soda first, then steam clean.

You need to rent a steam cleaner from your local supermarket. Might as well do the whole house while you are at it. This will definitely remove the smell and deep clean all your rugs, making them look like new.


Many grocery stores rent out steam cleaners. It's not too expensive, easy to use, and very effective.

You can take a mop and soap and water to it and vigorously clean it or take a brush and scrub it. Depending on how old your son is, have him help you clean it too since he is the one who dirtied it. Then try to find out why he pees on the floor instead of a toilet.

nothing cheap is going to work right, however you can take up the carpet and install some laminate floors yourself for about five hundred or less for the cheap stuff, this floor wont, stain, fade, smell bad and is easy to clean

well i do

Shampoo it, let it dry, sprinkle it with baking soda, vacuum then shampoo it again with a touch of ammonia in the water. Once you have done this and its completely dry, lightly spray it with Febreeze. I hope that helps.

You need something to neutralize the odors before anything else. I have used a product called Citrus Magic-Walmart carries it. That helps with the smell. It almost sounds like your best bet is to remove it and get rid of it-it might already be in the floorboards beneath it.

Well if it is under the carpet into the padding or wood you have a problem bigger than cleaning. Baking soda works great. If you have a Taylor Rental near you, then run down and rent a carpet steamer for $25, the shampoo used in that thing cleans cat urine to the point you can't tell there was ever a cat there, it should work even better for human odors. As for your son leaving his room like that, I think its time you have a talk with him about his share of the responsibility in the house. (unless he is a baby, in that case don't let him eat in his room, feed him in the kitchen before he goes to bed)

Someone once told me to use coffee powder to get out the smell of milk. However, I am not exactly sure hot to apply it and then remove it!

Also, not offense intended, use animal odor remover! Just go to the pet section of your local retailer and look for the bottle with the little cat and dog holding their noses!!!

Good Luck!

Try steam cleaning or febreeze.

Go to a supermarket that rents out carpet cleaners. Buy some solution that is used to remove pet smells. If that doesn't work call Stanley Steamers to do it professionally. You may have to remove the carpet.

Use laundry detergent.If the carpet is small then you can wash it yourself or else hire some people to do the job. Dry out the carpet before using it again.(spread it out in the sun) Or you can just spread it out in the sun. It will not clean the carpet but the smell will be gone for good.


Maybe you should remove son first.

Rent a steam carpet cleaner and then hit that thing with Febreeze every day for a year.

papa bear
best bet--remove carpet and underlay,give the floor a good cleaning with javex,,let it dry and air out good,then lay new carpet !!!!! not the cheapest,but the only way to really get rid of the odour.....good luck.....

steam cleaning..
there are lot of carpet cleaning solution you can use.

if it's really bad, it might be toxic so it's best to have it professionally cleaned or remove the carpets and replace with hard wood (just to be more sanitized)

get a steam cleaner and clean his rug as often as posible. If you have more than one male cat they might be marking their teritory so you might want to keep them away from his room. make sure he dosen't eat in his room because he might spill his food on the floor. If steamcleaning dosen't help you might want to have the floor removed and replaced. just don't put in a hard floor because you won't want him to fall off his bed and crack his skull open or somthing like that. also puting scented things in the room might help a bit. make sure you use a fan or a towel to help dry the floor so it dosen't mold.

Shampoo the carpet if you can.

If not, if you can find the source of the problem, you can use OxyClean or Fantastik. Just put it on the carpet where the prolem seems to be coming from, let it sit for 5 mins or so, and rub with a strong paper towel or a rag. After that, Febreze works great at getting out smells. It just won't work for very long if the carpet is dirty.

50% vinegar and 50% water in a steam cleaner, AFTER you shampoo the carpet. The vinegar smell will disappear when the carpet is dry, and so will everything else....

Keith H
Sounds like an acid based odor since you mention urine smell (uric acid) and milk smell (lactic acid).... try a deodorant powder with a baking soda base that you sprinkle on, leave for a while, then vacuum.

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