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Alex C
My friends smoke weed, how do I get them to stop?
A ton of my friends smoke weed, me and my buddy have been trying to stop them, but they always go back to it. Is there like a website I can show them that has all facts about how messed up it is, and it can ruin your whole life?

Relax bro. Once they taste a lil maryjane they tend to remain very loyal to her. Face it... your friends will be smokin pot no matter what you say or do. The funny thing is they will probably be much happier in general compaired you

All you can do is try. They know the dangers, they will hopefully see that they are not cool at all but rather stupid for taking part in this behaviour. Google "Effects of Weed"

Ed D
Call the cops.

They probably won't get into too much trouble for simple possession, but a shakedown from a cop might do them some good.

x b X k x
They dont need to =]

Marijuana cool man.Dont listen to all the steriotypical hype/

Make them smoke all they want today, then the next day 1 less, and then then the next day 1 less, and so on until they rarely smoke or stop smoking weed completely.

i very much enjoy smoking weed and my friends hate it..
they tell me all about how bad it is for someone, how disgusting it is, how illegal it is, etc..

and frankly, i don't give a d**n because i enjoy it a lot.

i'm really sorry to say, because i know you probably REALLY want them to stop, but what you say will most likely not change their mind.

i respect my friends' opinions but i'm not stopping..
they may not either.

Anna Gaeta
DONT listen to these people... drugs can really f*** up your life. just sit them down, talk to them and explain that you dont want them to get hurt. it would really help if you show them facts and stuff

good luck!

weed isn't that bad for you the worst that it usually does is bronchitis.
unless you smoke everyday for about a year, then your reaction time becomes slow..
but it will go away if you chill out for a while.

its not very harmful unless it gets laced.
which means someone put another drug in it.
besides weed itself is an herb.

sooner or later your body will notice weed as a friend of the body so it will be useless to smoke it so they will either quit or they will try to find something stronger, that's when you should get worried..

Same thing happened to me... Have one take a huge rip off a "Chaos" bong 3 chambers an watch him cough, puke feel like dying for an hr. Then he'll wanna stop. Mark my words none of them are going to want to stop. You think they care about the negative effects..... I was the same as you, i was always the one who passed on the weed. I've toked up 5x in my life... yeah i caved in...

There's nothing you can do to get them to stop. And you know what they say, if you can't beat 'em......

james r
what worked for me was making my friends feel stupid. when they say something...make sure its the right time, respond with a smart *** comment like "you must me a stoner","are you high", "are your normaly this stupid or is it the weed?" etc. it also depends on the age you and your friends are. when your a little older you can blow up their spot when theirs girls around. most chicks hate smoking! you can also give them fact on how weed slows you down mentally!!! however you could just say "**** it" and smoke with them, you might like it lol.

I think its really cool that your trying to get your friends to stop smoking no matter what every one else says.It is an addiction and it s hard to stop try going to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_addiction
for info about addiction and http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/drug-addiction/DS00183 for treatment options.

just say 'really guys its not cool. you guys r really going to be sorry because that isnt going to help you at all... im clean, and i like friends that dont smoke weed.. sorry but if you dont stop, i dont want to hang out anymore.'

well weed isn't really an addiction so they can stop it just creates holes in your brain they can stop when ever they want

If I couldn't get my own mom to quit for the sake of seeing her grandson I doubt there is much you can do. I tried calling drug enforcement and other agencies, there just isn't enough available help out there. My mom choose drugs over her own daughter and grandchild so all I really could do was find more positive people to be in my life. Unfortunately if that is the choice your friend makes than he is no longer your friend. Drugs do that to a person.
For those who say just get high with him, you might want to think about the fact that you would be losing one more persons tax dollars who would be paying your way through life.

Most likely you won't convince your friends to stop.
I know someone who had a friend that started to use Cocaine.
They got him to stop by ignoring him and acting like he didn't exist. (Until they felt they could trust the abuser again)
Maybe you could try that.
It won't hurt anyone in the end...

Actually "weed" is not a dangerous drug, and in some situations is even prescribed by doctors for certain types of cancer treatment.
The only thing wrong with "weed" is the feds have said it is illegal.
Because it has been used as a herbal remedy for illnesses, they have claimed it a drug, and according to the FDA only they can sell drugs, and anyone selling what they say is a drug, is therefore breaking the law and can then be arrested and imprisoned.
"Weed" is one of the safest "drugs", safer than alcohol. If this is all they are doing, leave them be, better that then to be pushed into something worse.

However, I wish no one would get started on any "drug", including alcohol, as it almost always leads to the use of other things, and that is what should be considered by those doing "weed".
They won't stop till they are ready, and pushing them could push them in the wrong direction, so
you may want to be more encouraging by letting them know it doesn't bother you if they do it, while you chose not to.
Stay friends so you can encourage them not to do anything other than the "weed". Many outgrow it with maturity.
If you and your other friend don't use it, good for you, don't start, for even though "weed" isn't chemically addicting, it is socially addicting, and it will decide your direction of friends and life choices



Clo L
Take them to a psychiatric ward if possible and show them how many teenagers there are in those places from cannabis, you can find them easy, they are the ones stubbing out "spiders" on their arms with cigarettes, you know the spiders you cant see.


Tell them to stop , tell a consular , tell there parents or ask your parents for help , tell teachers or principals or anyone that can make them stop or help them stop. If none of this stuff works call the cops or a safer way would be is not be friends with them.

julie f
find new friends !! they won't quit for you!! i sure wouldn't!!

Find friends that like to do what you like to do!
Arent there things that you do that your friends dont like that you do?
I'm sure there is

Research all the health (short and long term) effects of weed usage. Then present them with your horrible findings. Maybe learning what can, and inevitably will happen to them, will scare them enough to truly values their lives and health, and quit.
Also, make them choose. Tell them it's either the weed or you. If they choose the weed, they were never really your friends. If they choose you, they don't want to lose you, but it's not going to be easy and they're going to need help and support.

report them. i hate to say it but, you have to. than their parents will find out and they can get help. but good job for not smoking it yourself

Get new friends.

tell a parnet or trusted school official to talk to them without mentioning ur name!!!

Can't really make em stop. Also, if you show them that crap, they won't acknowledge it. GET NEW FRIENDS. That's the only solution I can think of and it's proven to work

Just tell them, if they don't stop you won't hang out with them. If they value your friendship they will stop. If not, they aren't good friends anyway.

You dont

you just get NEW friends

Maybe YOU are the one that should be researching the facts on marijuana (for yourself) if you think it's THAT messed up. Anything can ruin your life if you let it....even good ol' legal alcohol and gambling.

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