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Mikey Way
My dads 5'10" & my mom is about 5'6", how tall will i be?? HELP!! im scared! im 16 and im 5'4"i havent grown!
IM really concerned!!! i dont wanna be short!

Given the height of your parents, you may not end up being that short. Humans grow until they are 18 years of age and you may find that soon you could have what they call a growth spurt.

Why don't you ask your parents if you can seek a medical opinion as they are able to work out on a graph how tall you will grow.

However, being involved in sport also supports growth. Do you play any?
Good food is another contributing factor, so remember to eat lots of good things and leave the junk alone.

Christine A
I wouldn't worry about it, you have lots of growing to do yet, and besides theres much more to worry about than your height, its better to be shorter than taller in my opinion, I'm taller and I can't get shorter unless I cut off my legs but at least when you're shorter, you can bust out those high heels and have a little more play with your height!

First, there's no shame in being short. Or rather, 5'4". Maybe you'll go through some crap in high school, but people should start being mature about it in college.

Nobody really cares how tall a person is. They care whether he's a good person, fun to be around, someone they can like and trust. Sounds cheesy, but it's true. But you're 16, and you'll have to learn it yourself. (It'll be fine.)

they say (whoever they are) if you take your height at the age of 2 and double it --that will be your height as an adult. My daughter was 33 inches at the age of 2. She is 18 now and is 5 feet 6 inches. (66 inches) "they" were correct.

judith r
You will keep growing until you are about 18 or 20 depending on your biology.

For whatever it's worth - my mom was about 5'6" and my dad was about 5'8"...my brother is 6'1".

Jo Jo
It depends on your genes. My mom is 5'2 and my day is about 6'2 and I am 5'7. My sister is 5'3.

It's too early to stress about it. Ask your dad and any other guys in the family when they got their height. That will give you an idea of when you can expect to grow. In my husband's family the guys don't get tall until 17 or 18, but they're all about 6' tall.

If it's really a problem (you haven't grown much in a while or puberty is done and you've stopped) you should talk to your doctor. There might be hormones or something they can give you to "jump start" it.

Don't worry, My daughter is taller than my husband and I, she is 5' 8". She was 5' 7" by the age of 19. She had a growth spurt just last year of another inch at the age of 24. There is no sure limit to the age a person stops growing. My other daughter at 27 gained a quarter of an inch which she attributes to the continuous practise of yoga.

Who cares if you're short. It depends if you are still in puberty. Drinking milk and getting calcuim won't hurt.

I know a lot of people that weren't done growing until they were about 20. You have no choice anyways.

ur gonna end up being short after a while anyways....n wants wrong with it??? ive never heard of a 16 year old kid complaining about their height being 5'4 already.....r u ok?

you still have like 3 or 4 years of growing you could do, don't stress till your 24 and still short

you will shoot up soon

don't be scared...
eat well
don't SMOKE !!!!!!!!! ever

you still have about 3 years to grow (for a guy)

Hmmm, that's hard to say. You are only 16, so you might keep growing. Ask this question again when you are 18, and if you are still 5'4", then your next question should be, "Who's my real daddy?"

Ask your mom how many inches you were when you were born...There's a formula to apply!

most girls grow to about taller than their mom and shorter than their dad. most boys grow to either a little shorter than their dad or taller than both their parents. 5'4" isn't too short, so look on the bright side :)

not to worry, my son had the same dilemma he was short at 16, I am 5'5" and dad is 5'7", between 16 and 18, my son grew very quickly, now he is 6'2". Don't worry

take your parents' height and average it out, that'd be the height you'll probably be. but since you're only 16 and if you're a guy you still got a couple more years of growing. good luck to you

You can't exactly predict it from the heights of your parents, although on average tall parents make tall kids. Both your parents are slightly taller than average, so chances are you will be too. It is possible to have x-rays taken, and a doctor can use them to give you an accurate estimate of your expected height. For most teens, this isn't necessary or worthwhile.

your parents' height doesn't absolutely determine your height. It's not definite at this point, and probably won't be for a few more years.

Well Im Telling You I Feel It You Will Be 5'11"

angela b
l don't know if it's a wives tale or not, but they say that males 99% of the time are taller than their mothers when they have stopped growing.

if ur a male then u have more years to grow

suger baby
oh you'll keep growing trust me don't be scared...heck i'm 5'4 i'm fine and happy as a camper


were high heels. thats what most of the other women do to make themselves look taller.
don't be scared about your hieght just be happy for who you are.

kim l
gurl you got to give it tyme dont rush it and if you are still not satisfied you got to change cuz god made you that way be happy you even on this earth


Daniel L
You are probably not done growing, especially if you are male. You may have another growth spurt left in you. So, you might end up being 5'6" like your mom or even taller. Don't worry about it since there isn't anything you can do about it anyway.

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