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 is this weird? bony hands?
my hands are really bony. the bones sick out of them and its really gross. is this normal?
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im 13 years ...

Logical explanation for wetting the bed?

how old are you... i dunno when i was like 6 i wet the bed if you are that young its probally because you have a weak blatter. just make sure you go to the wash room before you go to bed. and a another reason you might be wetting the bed would be stress if you are streesed that could happen.. or if your scared but most likely stress. just figure out what your stressed about and try to solve the problem. .-- hope i helped.<3

My sister wet the bed until she was like 14. When she was 14 mom took her to a chiropractor, he ajusted her hips and she never wet the bed again. Sometimes it's something you never think of.

Depending on the age, there are several reasons for bed wetting. Some include: 1) Drinking a lot before bed 2) The person who is being affected may be one size, but the plumbing on the inside may not be of the right proportion, and needs time to catch up, which can be as late as puberty or possibly later. 3) Genetics. Over all, it really is a combination of all three. Genetics can determine the rate of 'plumbing development', which may be a bit slow. Drinking a lot before bed does not help when trying to stop, due to the fact that a person may not yet be 100% over it, and it just makes it harder to tell if you are about to stop or not. Once wetting has stopped, it's not so much a problem.

It happens when when your bladder is to small to hold all your urine.

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