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 Have you ever broken bones in your body?
which ones, how many, did you heal right?
Additional Details
besides fingers and toesfrom being a clod, I am pretty sure I broke my ankle while running for the school bus, it hurt very ...

 How to get rid of acne without using creams etc??

 how do you cure hiccups?
because drinking water doesn't help nor does taking deep ...

 Why do i have those lines under my eye?
Why do i have those circle lines under my eye and how can i get rid of it, is it a exercise or a food or any other thing i can do?...

 Its my 28th birthday on tuesday and I'm 20 years free of cancer too, any suggestions on how to celebrate?

 Are laxative's safe?
I've recently been taking them daily because i have problems with constipation. Last night when i took them i had horrible stomach cramps. How safe are they?...

 Can suking on helium kill you or have bad effects other than a squeky voice?

 Why does a human body weigh more dead then when its alive.?

 can you die from over-dosing on ibuprofen (motrin)?
just wondering....

 I'm 5'3 and weigh 130 would you call that fat?

 Smoking? Good? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
I know smoking is BAD, but i do it anyway. so whats good about it. Please no one say how stupid i ...

 I Can't stop crying and i really don't no why? I'm 17 and i cry so easily. I just want it to stop?
It's been happening since i was little and can remember, if a simple thing like my dad or mum shouting would set me off crying for hours, it happens when i'm angry as well and i tend to ...

 Do you believe that ppl are born gay or do you believe that they make a decision to be gay?
Many ppl have mixed feelings of whether or not ppl are born gay or choose to be gay. What do you think?...

 How much do you weigh?
Note: I'm not calling anyone fat.
Additional Details
I weigh 5 1/2 stone....

 17 hours asleep... what is wrong with me?
OK, so i have been sleeping a lot more than usual for a while now, but i've just been asleep for 17 hours, and I dont know what is wrong with me. I'm always tired, and I have had my B12 and ...

 is it possible to live until you are 200 years old?

 can i use my ten year old son's urine to pass a drug screen?

 A person weighs 290 pounds and the height is 5'9 inches. Is that considered overweight?

 when u breath y does you're stomach go out and in.?

 Is this still Self Injury?
I kind of cut myself but not enough to bleed, I also burn myself with hot water and I bite my hands allot. Lately I have been breaking skin a little but not much. Is this considered self harm?...

It's 2am, I am so bored! What can I do this late?
Ok, it's almost 2am. I am always up this late. And I have nothing to do. No one I know is up this late,so I cant call them. I have exausted working on my webpage. I dont want to watch tv or scrapbook anymore. And as sad as this is, I cant think of anything new to do on the net. I just got married, and I am having major wedding planning withdraws! I love being busy, doing something that matters! What can I do?

Read a book

I think you should get some sleep..
Go to bed early and wake up early.. tt way, ur biological clock is right and u'll have enough rest

Ask questions on yahoo

Wake up your husband! Organize the photo album from the wedding, start planning someone elses wedding, take a long shower, meet a friend at Waffle House for coffee and have "girl talk"
Chat with another nut here on Yahoo answers! Good night!

navigator j
i usuall play solitare on my pc or you can play cards with someone on the web....loads of games to interact

go to jack in the box and get me a shake.

im addicted to pogo.com fun games!!

call geico

Lallithambigai U
May be ur wife can solve ur problem... she may keep u busy..

Go to sleep!!

i was gonna say family guy and futurama are going to come on soon, i know your problem

Mopar Muscle Gal
newly married , up at 2a with nothing to do,, bored?
are you nuts,,
go make whoopee

maybe u spend too much time on yur work try some ez exercise such as stretch out and then lie down relax every part of yur body close yur eyes let yur mind flows thru all the good things in yur life if u feel aseep....let it be but if don't u can go on with yur work

you're doing it! maybe you should work night shift.

why not clean your closet out, that's always a fun job, or some other chore you've been putting off for a while. Youll get so tired you'll have to fall asleep.

m v
write a story about a young lass getting married.

Go to bed...not much is going on that late at night. If you just got married....time to get in the sack and spend some time with the significant other and get the groove on....good luck

you can post questions.....

or u can take up a hobby. hell, write a novel. apparently, it's ez to do these days.

answer questions on here.

You sound like you have anxiety. It keeps you from getting a good nights sleep.

What about going to bed and making love to your husband until you drop Then you could just goto sleep after and wake up in the morning and smile at him and say i love you and good morning

You just got married and can't think of anything to do?

The honeymoon over that quickly?

Go wake that husband of yours up and get some honeymoon going.

well u can chat with me or read book call to customer care and chat with them or go to sleep

J Lock
you can cook or find a hobby you like that you can do that late without waking anybody up

if u are female and over 18 u can IM me and we can chat

watch futurama on cartoon network. or, just look stuff up that you're interested in. just do a search on the net, or wikipedia or whatever. animals, mythology, comics, movies, actors, literature, art, cooking, science..... you can look up anything. look up stuff to do around your house. you can decorate, or create something unique for your home.

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