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Is smoking weed REALLY bad ? Like cigarettes ?

Black Francis
Cannabis is one of the most benign substances known to man. However, smoking large amounts of cigarettes daily can be pretty bad for you.

Weed is better for your health, worse for your life. Which is to say that weed doesn't reduce your life expectancy, but smoking doesn't impair you or lead to hard drugs.

Yes, it has a lot of the same chemicals and crap that cigarettes have. Plus, it gets you high so your judgment is impaired and you could end up doing really stupid things. It's addictive like cigarettes and it leads to bigger and badder drugs.

For health? No because it is only a plant. Cigarrettes are made with all chemicals and sutff that isnt good for you.

its not as bad as cigarettes but i suggest smoking weed with a tube

Jojo Patton
no its not. it doent put as much crap in ur lungs... but it does kill brain cells.

MonaLisa Overdrive AM VT wannabe
Its really bad, but not like cigarettes - its bad in a different way. Cig's are worse for your health, but weed makes you lazy.

Brandi G
theres the point of being just a little high and then there is the point of being completely blown. just like drinking from buzzed to drunk.
everything is alright in moderation.
cigarettes have all kinds of chemicals in them, but weed is just a plant... however inhaling anything into your lungs cant be very good for you.
although weed is probably better to smoke than cigarettes its still bad for you health wise.
doesnt mean its still not fun...

Evil Anglo-Irish Devonian
Its completely natural ingredients

Prudential Intern
it kills brain cells but is not going to be as bad for your lungs as cigarettes are

Paed O'Bear
nooo weed isnt addicting at all and if u get things like a vaporizer it gets u high and it isnt bad for your health.

honestly i think it's about as bad a drinking alcohol. there are a few roughly documented health benefits (poor documentation doesnt mean it isnt true just that there arent enough studies) but it should never be mixed with driving and it can lead to social disorders (like becoming a recluse who sits around and just gets stoned) and the possibility always exists that giving in to try weed will lead to you trying other drugs.

of course the drugs a doctor prescribes for just about any illness or disorder out there is at least as dangerous (perhaps even more) and has way more side effects.

Smelly Junk
Nope . . . you will gain wait from eating twinkies . .. but otherwise it is fine for you.

no.. WEED is GOOD :)

NO! The only reason it's not healthy for your lungs is because some people hold it in for as long as they can. Cigarettes are way worse. Don't listen to the government. They're the real crooks.
At least pot is all natural! Unlike cigarettes which have rat poisoning in them.

Rooster R
None can kill you or anybody.Weed makes you stoned and you cant do ****.

No, cigarettes have nicotine which makes you addicted to them, but when you smoke weed you get addicted to the high feeling. There are people who have been smoking weed since they were 13 and are now 80 and nothing is wrong with them, cig's are defiantly worse. But smoking weed isn't REALLY REALLY bad for your health.

ii think smokinq ciqarettes are wayy WORST
ii quess people think because you can purchase ciqarettes from a store that they are OK .. NO YOUUU CAN DEVELOPE CANCER FROM THOSE STICKS !
weed is bad annd ii think unattractive but not half as bad as cancer sticks !

Weed is nothing like cigarettes. Smoking weed will obviously give you the effect of being high, but nothing more. And some people may say that if you smoke too much weed you could die from it. But that is all a lie. If you do smoke too much weed you will no longer be high, no overdosing. So there is truly nothing bad with smoking weed.

sayy babyyy
cigarettes are worse.

nope, cigarettes and alcohol are WAY worse believe it or not.

Edit: everyone who says weed is worse are just stuck up brainwashed people that believe everything they hear. yeah, getting it in your lungs isn't good for you but it doesn't have chemicals in it like cigarettes, its NATURALLY FROM THE GROUND. i've been smoking weed for about 5 years and i'm not addicted to it. ITS NOT ADDICTING. i can stop whenever i damn well please but i don't want to because in that 5 years, it hasn't caused me any problems at all and i LIKE IT. i don't do it because it's "cool" either, i do it because it relaxes me when things get stressful.

♪ ♥ ♪ ♥ ♪ Simply me ♥ ♪ ♥ ♪ ♥
No, it's not as bad. I mean, in Mass it is perfectly legal to smoke weed. And in many cases, it is given to patients by doctors as a treatment for specific illnesses. HOWEVER, that being said, ANY type of drug that your body does NOT require, will only do harm to it.

WWOOOOWWW!! I think you deserve an award for getting the most answers i've ever seen anyone get!! THAT IS CRAZY!! LOL

Kayla Jones
i herd smoking weed its not really bad for you and if everyone is smoking weed then why won't they just make it legal well idk


no its not really bad. cigs are waay worse for you. a cool side effect of smoking alot of weed (like everyday for a couple weeks, and at least 2 or 3 blunts a day) then stopping smoking..you get craaaazy *** dreams

no, most things u here about weed are twisted. ever since the early 70s the government has been lying about the effects and outcome of smoking marijuana. the truth is that its safer than every drug in the world their are an estimated 0 deaths a year from marijuana, THATS LESS THAN ALCOHOL AND CIGARETTES. Plus weed has none of the chemicals that tobacco has in it so its totaly natural. it eases pain, promotes eating, etc. its an overall great feeling try it ull like it. :D

Show me what you got in the bag
never heard of someone dieing from smoking weed. All that its bad cause you're smoking it without a filter is nonsense. There are no man made chemicals in it. But it can damage your brain though. Long term.

It all depends on how you smoke it. If you smoke it in a joint, then you are inhaling the smoke from the paper. If you use a vaporizer, then you only get the THC, since it doesn't heat the weed to burning point. There is always a risk when smoking anything, however, no, smoking weed isn't as bad as smoking cigarettes.

Neither are good for you. It's never good to inhale smoke, but I think that smoking weed is way less harmful than cigarettes. Weed is just a plant, but cigarettes contain tar and a billion other terrible things.

Absolutely not. Weed is not addicting, 100% natural and is way less harsh on your lungs than cigs. Weed is also shown to stop tumors from growing and is prescribed to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy because it stops you from being nauseous/throwing up.

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