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Is pot good for you at all?
I mean I heard about all the bad things like lung problems but I heard their is some good things about smoking pot? Not sure just want to know? Why do people like to smoke it?Is it at all good for you?

Master of the Dark Covenant
there is good and bad to all things.

The only thing it does is help with appetite, but it hurts your lungs and kills your brain cells and is very unhealthy. Be smart and dont do it. Its not worth it.

there is only one good use: to ease the pain of long term illness suffers with immense pain. other things (all bad) include paranoia, depleted brain strength, autism and shaking

Soccer Chick
No!! It is very bad, it may seem good, but it is only because it sends false messages to ur brain and makes u do stuff u wouldnt normally do
(bc ur high)

katie sue woowoo xx
its a bad thing to do not just because its illegal but all the health problems it make you high for a while but then you need it more and more because its addictive and if you have it once and try and stop you will get withdrawal symptom's then that effects your mental health so the best thing for you is just to stay away from drugs and there are other ways to relieve stress and other problems

i personally dont smoke......i hate it, but it does offer a lot of medicinal purposes which is why people are trying to push for it to e lagalized....if for nothing else but for then medicianl purposes.......you can google medicinal purposes for marijuans and a whole list of things will come up. however the real fact is that it does kill brain cells, so in that sense it is bad for you......

Pot isn't good for you at all. People probably tell you smoking pot is good because they enjoy it. It causes memory loss & lung cancer. It prevents brain proteins too! As an all-around answer, It's horrible for you!

NO!! there's nothing good about pot and it can cut your life in half or even more. i had to watch a video in class about its effects and it showed pictures of the lungs and brain, all black, mangled, and deformed, and i almost BARFED

The chemical impact on the brain seems to temporarily alleviate stress and/or pain for some people and their conditions (such as arthritic inflammatory confitions)...

But there is a growing body of evidence that the 'other' impact on the brain - after prolonged and regular use - such a neurosis and even paranoia (potentially permanent brain effects/mental problems) - are risks that far outweigh the beneficial effect.

Lung problems really relate to the use of tobacco in making smokable products! So yes you could get lung cancer too...

Just don't do it! That's all.

Madi b
Uhm no. The only reason they even distribute medical marijuana in hostpitals is to numb pain because the pain killers they perscribe to people have drugs in them anyway and marijuana comes into effect faster.
All pot does is kill your brain cells and makes you do stupid things, or spend the rest of your life sitting on your couch high as hell doing nothing.

Fo Shizzle
no stupid, its bad for your health and has no good points

It's not good for you, it's just not bad for you.


♥ Animal Luvr ♥
IF you have glaucoma its helpful. If you are going through a treatment that takes away your appetite, its helpful. If you are sad and it cheers you up, its helpful :) But I would never do it. If you look at pot under a microscope there are little bugs all in it that you are inhaling!

So.....Hows your girl???
14 states in the country say that it has Medicinal value and that number gets higher(no pun intended) every year.
So I would say, yes its better for you than several legal substances.

Not really..... People smoke it because it F's you up.

The reasons that it is good for you doesn't even say it's good for you. It just treats symptoms of illnesses.

Advil get's rid of headaches that doesn't mean it's healthy duh.

Iv'e smoked before i'm not saying it's really bad for you but it's not good for you.

its no big deal

Like any other drug it just masks any problems your having. Its not good for your health at all...it just helps relieve pain ether emotional or physical.

The only way you will have lung problems and problems with your gums is if you smoke it. if you ingest it you will not have those problems. I don't know much about it. Just that. Also if it were government regulated the drug could be safer because it would be regualted as to what is out into it. It could also help the economy because millions of dollars wouldnt be spent on tracking down the dealers and what not. and it would produce more jobs. Some people say it's better for you than drinking. And it's less addictive. Theres lots of studies. Look them up. I'm not into it myself. But we learned about it in my second year university class.

it's not good for your lungs that's sure. first of all most people smoke it with tobacco. i heard it's good for glaucoma. the best thing it can do for you is to get you high

no no no no non

hugs not drugs

I don't know if it is good for you but I am an on and off smoker, meaning I do it only once in a blue, and due to this people say it does not have the same effect on me as others who do more often. However in my opinion after smoking weed, good weed the one called sess not hydrophonic, I find that I am more alert, not paranoid and tend to see things more clearly and actually do better on my exams.

Can't say why and there really is no scientific proof that weed does this but it is my experience.

it is good for you. it helps you sleep, eat, and helps releive pain.

last year i suddenly dropped 40 pounds in 2 months. (i went from 135 to 95 and im 5'6) the doctor couldnt figure out what was wrong with me so i just started smoking more weed and gained 15 of it back. so it can help some. also very good for period cramps. well in my opinion.

most of the people who say its bad have never tried it. in fact a lot of doctors are big supporters of legalizing marijuana

Its good for people with medical problems like people with cancer, helps to relieve the symptoms and helps them eat better.

Terry J
The smoking part is most likely the "bad" thing about pot. It is not healthy to "smoke" anything. Putting any kind of smoke in the lungs is detrimental to the lung linings, no matter what pot users will tell you.

The THC component which is what makes the "high" is used in some cases of terminal illnesses to relieve certain symptoms such as nausea caused by chemotherapy. There are ofcourse other non-THC medications that will relieve nausea. The pharmaceutical version of THC is a pill called Marinol.

Wow, there are a lot of people on here who have no idea what they're talking about.

"no it makes you die"


Marijuana has many beneficial effects. It relieves pain and stress, can prevent or slow the development of Alzheimer's, relieves pressure in the eyes (great for treating glaucoma), can help with depression and insomnia, can help with overall mental stability, and increases appetite, which is invaluable to people diagnosed with AIDS, as they often lose their appetites. It also stimulates creativity.

It DOES NOT kill brain cells or cause cancer. In fact, the exact opposite has been proven in both cases. It has been shown to stimulate brain cell production, and inhibit cancer cell growth.

In all cases you can think of, alcohol is worse than marijuana. Don't listen to propaganda. Don't get me wrong, there are a bunch of negative side-effects from smoking marijuana (inhaling ANY kind of smoke isn't exactly good for you), but the bad side-effects are EXTREMELY over exaggerated and much of what people say bad about it is just plain wrong.

Marijuana increases your appetite, as cliche as that sounds. It's also a pain-reliever, and can treat insomia, depression, and can add general mental stability.
However, I must say, that all of those can also be inflamed by use of Marijuana as well. All of it's uses are truly unknown as of now

YES!!! pot is good for you, believe me alcohol is far worst than pot!

Sure theres some benefits. Why do you think a lot of doctors prescribe pot to some cancer patients? It's a great stress releiver, which can do wonders for your health, and in the same way, it very much relaxes people. It's best not to do it all the time though, it could lead to paranoia, a.k.a. "sketchiness". People smoke weed because of the reasons I listed above, and also it's a way to let go. If you want to try it, just make sure you know what you're getting into, but it can be amazing.

YES it is good for you. it uts you at peace. they prescribe it to people who are in pain. and it highers your IQ

Okay. if you realllly need to know anything about it. look for the movie onine called "Super high me"

it will most likely tell you what you need to know (:

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