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 demo lenses in glasses?
i wanted to order a pir of glasses online....but they come with demo lenses..i wanted to know if the demo lenses are safe to wear....i wont be wearing the glasses everyday...and when i do wear them ...

 how do u treat acne scars?
I have been breaking out..and also i have acne scars .how do i get rid of ...

 whealth can not buy health and health can buy wealth do you agree with me?

 i'm pale and i sunburn very easily?
is there a way to make my skin more resistant to burning and more likely to tan?


i'm a redhead, yeah and i heard it makes your skin paler and more prone to ...

 Do you think more of us would go to the doctor?
If we didn't have to wait so long? We have an appointment for 10:00 a.m. We sit in the waiting room until 11:00 a.m. and then go to the examination room for another hour. I find it very ...

 My throat feels tight?
It just started a little yesterday and today it feels a bit worse. My throat feels like theres a lump stuck there and I also have a chesty cough with it. My throat is also itching. I have no problems ...

 How can I slim down my cheeks and get rid of really bad bags under my eyes?
I'm not fat but I have really fat cheeks. How can I get rid of them? Are there any exercises I can do? I not willing to do any kind of surgery or medical procedure. I just want a simple way to ...

 I think my pharmacy gave me a bottle of poison today?
who should I contact to have it checked?
I havnt taken any yet.
Additional Details
Im on propranolol, and they told me my new kind is from a different company called "Actavis&...

 Anyone who can help me with a digestive question
These are my symptoms....
Diahrrea anywhere from 1-4 times a day
Lower right sided abdominal pain (bad at times)
Tenderness to touch on lower side of abdomen
Skin ...

 is this weird? bony hands?
my hands are really bony. the bones sick out of them and its really gross. is this normal?
Additional Details
im 13 years ...

Is it wrong to have/need 2 drinks before bed every night?
my friend and i were having this discussion, they said if one had 2 drinks before bed every night that meant one was an alcoholic even if its just 2 drinks. i didnt think it was if it was only 2 drinks before bed, i always heard stories about people having "night caps" before bed, i didnt think it made them alcoholics, does it? i dont understand if it does. (btw i dont have 2 drinks before bed everynight, usually finish off my sachets of hot chocolate tho ;) ) but anyway, i ask cuz as i said i dont understand, even if someone NEEDED two drinks to get them to sleep does that make them an alcoholic? is it bad? could you explain? thanks

lmao yahoo wanted to put this in Pregnancy & Parenting > Newborn & Baby

im not sure where to put it... so sorry if in wrong category, but please, i do want SERIOUS answers, thanks
Additional Details
oops not sure how it ended in beauty?? and posted twice :(

Is it bad?


It is bad to intoxicate yourself before bed.

It is also bad for your tummy and kidneys to be saturated with liquid when you sleep.

haha that did make me laugh :) thanks for that, your funi.
Anyway, errm i'd say that if someone NEEDED to have a drink or to to actually be able to get to sleep then they've got a problem, but if they just do it cause they fancy it then its probs more of a psychological thing, cause they're in a routine or whatever, however that could very very easily turn into needing alcohol before they go to sleep, which pretty much is (if not just verging on) alcoholism.
I do have to admit though sometimes the odd drink at night sends me off to sleep a bit quicker... parents always did it, so i guess maybe they could be classed as alcys? hmmm i'm not so sure...

to be honest though i think it's a great beauty routine, bet ya always look better just before bed.

Your Fine. If the number stays at 2 your OK...... If you find that number increasing then you may want to reevaluate

I'm a recovered alcoholic who went into rehab in 2006 and has been teetotal since then, so this to me is my 'specialist subject'.

If this is the extent of someones drinking, they are most certainly not an alcoholic, anyone who thinks he/she might have a problem with alcohol should complete this simple questionnaire for themselves.


While in my opinion having a couple of drinks before bed time doesn't make someone an alcoholic, it is not a good practise as it could lead to dependency, as to drinking during pregnancy, while there have been conflicting reports in the past saying for instance that a couple of glasses of wine will not do you any harm. The general census of opinion is that if you are pregnant, or even trying for a baby, you are best advised to avoid it all together.

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