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Branden G
Is it true if you die in a dream you die in real life?
I've heard that if you die in a dream you really die in real life. Of course everyone has bad dreams where they start to die but wake up before it actually happens. But I've recently heard something about a guy dying from a bad dream. I know this is kind of a random question but i wanted to kno

No it is not true, I have died (in my dreams) plenty of times and I'm fine now.

shadow sniper
no. why would u even ask that? i had one of those dreams but i didnt die.

No. Dreams mean nothing.

Someone is stuck in a dumb*** horror movie....

Branden , it's true . Go to church and pray for forgiveness .


Eventually we will all die so technically yes even though it is just a dream but who said it can happen in like 30 years....

hey don't worry about it and just think positive

i dont know how anyone would prove this... though it is possible that as you are dying you dream that you are dying, in that order... your dreams have no control over your lifespan

That's not true.

I died in a dream a while ago, and I'm still here. (Course, I came back to life. But I was a fairy, so I'm not sure that counts)

i always die in my dearms and im still alive.........i think

ella tolerance
i dont think so.
you know when your having a bad dream and before anything happens to you- you wake up.
well, i didnt wake up once and i got stabbed it hurted but i woke up.

Julie R
haha no sry it doesnt work like that...

that guy probly had a nightmare and woke up in shock..

and he probly died from a heart attack or somthing like that


no, death in dreams actually means good luck.
in tarot cards, the death card means change.
why is everyone on here so rude?

if that happens then you might have a health problem.


In real life, everyone dies. So technically, the answer is Yes; you'll dream of death and die at some point. But you won't die just because you dreamt you did.

Piper Louise
I agree. That's pretty stupid. I know so many people that have had dreams of them dieing and they never died. Unless you're like...phychic or something.

i think that it is if you are killed in a dream you die, and when people say that they've died in dreams, they have not finished dying, so yes.


No. i dreamed that i actually drowned and completely died. im still alive. living proof

Adrian R

no thats not true dreams r just illusions

Snow White

no as long as you don't fall asleep at the wheel...

♥ Jess ♥ I dream, I wish, I love
i've died many times in my dreams.
one where i couldn't wake up.
one where it kinda just passed.

i'm fifteen. not dead yet.

I've heard that too, but I doubt it. I've never died in a dream though, so I wouldn't know!

Bear All!!
Well, if that's true, I died over 40 times about 12 years ago!

James G
only if you live on elm street ;)


The Black Spot

cobalt 22
yep ... i died in my dream and woke up dead. what?..it's true

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