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Bob B
Is it really that bad to smoke weed?
I do it like 2 times a week with a couple of friends. It's really enjoyable but waht are my odds of getting cancer or other diseases?
Additional Details
I wonder if all the people who say it is bad have ever tried it before? Please let me know that too ;)

You are killing your brain cells

i'd say you are ok.. we'll talk again when you start smoking a little more. how much do you pay for it?

stop asking what is obvious , you know very well its bad, you only need your conscience to answer that.

Id be more worried about how many brain cells you are losing.

BrIaNnA PeRfEcTiOn
veryyyyy high STOP

Yes it's bad. One joint is equal to 12 cigarettes.

sorry but yes. the effects ar in the long run....95% of cases in the mental hospital are caused/helped by marijuana. it also causes early death...most famous case? Bob Marley. its really enjoyable now...later when it just becomes habit it wont be. dont ruin ur life k? be drug free set an example...u can still haveloads of fun ...just healthy, conscious fun =)

what i said IS factual, but for real medical info, google it.

i really really hope u take my advice. it makes me so sad to see all my friends..so young so strong so smart give their lives away to a dumb herb. please dont be a statistic. anyway, ur choice, ur life, im out. peace.

answer me and ill answer you
it's illegal and a waste of money. What's the point of buying it? How does it help you in any way? Where ever you go (your car, your house, the air around you), that place will have a horrible stench, and nobody will want to go near you. The only good thing is it makes you feel good for a moment. Three minuses, one plus. You do the math.

Johnny Ma
weed is often a "gateway" drug- that is, it makes you more likely to try other drugs (heroin, crack, lsd...)

Anything illegal isn't good for you.

emily :)
yeah, i used to know this girl and she smoked it about as much as you're saying and she died from some strange disease.

i hope your parents find out and bust you, unless of course you are an adult.

then thats another story. you should know better.

YES. it is terrible for you. please stop before you are truly addicted. go to these websites and read them.
go look some up for yourself, just type in effects of smoking weed. you'll get plenty and i guarantee that none of them will be good.

Its OK a couple times a week as long as you dont get addicted, hey you only live once

Yes, it is, marijuana affects memory, judgement, and perception even in short-term. It affects timing, coordination, and movement, it would last several hours, so if your in sports, you will do bad, It is bad for your respiratory health too, the amount of tar, carbon monoxide and cancer-causing chemicals inhaled from marijuana are 3-5 times greater that the same amount of tobacco smoke. Marijuana is responsible for about 60% of all teenagers in drug treatment centers. Pot can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and pranoia, and those problems dont improve over time. Just go on google once and type up drug facts on marijuana, you will see what it does. I would stop if i were you before you get very addicted, weed contains more THC than ever! so please dont ruin your mind and body! stop!

There isn't a link between marijuana and lung cancer according to numerous studies (including Harvard). I don't care what dumbass on here tries to tell you otherwise. Google it for yourself.

i AM couger bait
not bad .but weed led my friends to stronger drugs like cocaine and speed n hard drugs like that.

curious corn
Marijuana has actually been shown to reduce risks for certain types of cancer including brain cancer. There are no conditions that it is shown to cause. Yes it is damaging for your lungs but not to any level of significance if you only smoke two times a week.

it actually helps not getting aultimers or however u spell it.

First off, don't be one of those people that thinks that just because it's weed and not cigarettes it won't hurt your lungs. Know what you're doing before doing it.

Second, it affects you more than you think. You know what a weed hangover actually is? It's when the next day, there's a lingering high that is so small it's not even enjoyable (you wish you were more high!). Most people do not know this, but yes, a smoke session can and will affect you longer than you think. Plus, most potheads are not happy people. They really aren't. You know why? Because a lot of them eventually become lazy, don't go out much, and don't have many goals. No human being is happy sitting around all day.

It makes you lazy and stupid and unmotivated. If you're one of the few that doesn't get that way, good for you. Just be careful -- if you develop the voice, tone of voice, walk, and the wardrobe, everyone will know you're a pothead, even if you haven't smoked in 2 weeks. By everyone I mean everyone. And you won't even realize it. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

i think the only problem with it is purity, ive known alot of people to have brain damage through blazing for a long time, but i personally think its down to what's in it.. apart frm that the main risk is your wallet.. and cancer and diseases seem unlikely

Not necessarily. It's no worse for you than any other thing you can smoke. It's all about genetics when it comes to vices like drinking, smoking and eating. Or a combination of the three. Some people's cells can handle the abuse, others' can't.

we just learned about this in health.
first it slows your ability for a lot of things and it kills a lot of brain cells.
Some people say it matter on what runs in your family..even if their is no cancers that run in your family. that doesn't make it good to smoke weed?
but yes smoking that is very harmful to your body in many ways.

damian n
pffff... don't trust most of these people, as there has been extensive research into this question it has come up with the answer that it does damage, but as everything like that damages, like alcohol or cigarettes, but they are also no worse...
as with both those other substances it only gets bad when you start to feel addicted then it can take over your life. don't let it become too regular or it could start affecting you academically
anyways, enjoy it as an occasional enjoyment and you wilol be fine because it is an amazing feeling.

umm i don't smoke it but some of my friends do alot

they have been doing it for a while and they might get a disease later in life but right now they are fine

if u r only doing it a coupe times a week i think its fine

I don't think it's that bad..smoke up i say.....

if you have job, yeh maybe just do it on weekends, but it's better than doing junkie chemi drugs, like coke, ice, speed, crack...that's disgusting stuff.....at least on weed the worst you gonna do is eat up everything in your house and laugh yo *** off.....as my friends say
Pick it
Pack it
Fire it up, come along
And take a hit from the bong
Put the blunt down
Just for a second
Don't get me wrong
It's not a new method
Just got an ounce in the mail
I like a blunt or a big fat cone
But my double-barrel bong
Is gettin' me stoned
I'm skill it
There's water inside don't spill it
It smells like **** on the carpet
Still it
Goes down smooth when I get a clean hit
Of the skunky, phunky, smelly green ****
Sing my song
Puff all night long
As I take hits from the bong
Hits from the bong y'all

Hits from the bong
Can i get a....hit?
Hits from the bong
Can i get a....hit?

Hits from the bong
Can i get a....hit?
Hits from the bong
Can i get a....hit?

Let's smoke that bowl
Hit the bong
And then take that finger off of that hole
Plug it
Unplug it
Don't strain
I love you Mary Jane
She never complains
When I hit Mary
With that flame
I light up the cherry
She's so good to me
When I pack a fresh bowl I clean the screen
Don't get me stirred up
The smoke, through the bubbling water
Is makin' it pure so I got ta
Take my hit and hold it
Just like Chong
I get the bowl and I reload it
Get my four-footer and bring it on
As I take hits from the bong

Nah dude its a freakin HERB.

Smoking weed is actually very beneficial. WHY WOULD THEY USE IT IN HOSPITALS!? Really, man, its totally fine.

• No risk of death, zero overdose cases reported ever.

• No reported cases of lung cancer or emphysema attributable to marijuana.

• Many of the cannabinoids in marijuana have been found to relieve symptoms off many diseases: MS, cancer and AIDS.

• Cannabis is less toxic than many of the drugs physicians prescribe every day.

Your odds of getting cancer or other degenerative diseases later in life are not that high. No pun intended. Weed isn't very harmful. Your lungs won't thank you for all that resinous smoke, but other than that, well its healthier for your brain than alcohol or nutra-sweet.

All drugs, legal or not, have their pros and cons. Since it's very hard to find marijuana smokers that don't indulge in other risk factors, we don't really know the long term effects of smoking. Seeing as it's natural and people have been smoking it for thousands of years, your odds of having negative side effects is pretty low.
We do know, however, that it's much, much safer than cigarettes, it's been recently discovered it helps ward off Alzheimer's, and they're currently testing its benefits with a whole array of illnesses.

Silent Bob
Some people are going to say stuff like omg youll die and its a gate way drug well i have never used any drug but pot unless prescribed by a Doctor. Most ppl who are anti pot have never tried it before. How can u judge something you have never tried before? ALso many many many of my friend that i have i met through pot, alot more ppl smoke then you might think my friend.

Ok pot is not bad. I have smoked everyday almost for the last 5 yrs I have a good job make ood money lots of friends im in college and the best thing of all a good relationship with god. I have no regrets for smoking pot it helps me focus it helps me relax after a hard day at work and it really helps me stay happy. so i say smoke up also there has been report that pot has a slight preventive affect on lung cancer so its your call man.

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