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Is it possible to puke out of your nose?
You can blow milk out your nose from laughter so could you puke out your nose it is confusing?


Sweet Pea
yes you can! when i was really sick i have done than that.

yes you can

yes you can. ive seen it and its disgusting.

Yes, it is. Your ears, nose and throat are not only in close proximity to each other. They are, in fact, intimately connected. When things are going well, this trio elicits no complaint. But for example if an infection, inflammation or allergic response occurs, they are all affected. That's why when you puke, some liquid migh come out of your nose.

You could, if you had the "deviated septum" like the girl in "The Heartbreak Kid"

yes. i don't want to go into it but it is possible. you can start laughing while you are puking and anyway... yes.


It is definitely possible. In fact I've done it. The contents of vomit come from the stomach, which then travel up the esophagus and into the pharynx. From here the vomit can travel either into the oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal space (i.e. mouth or nose). It can come from one, the other, or both depending on how you direct it with your tongue.

never, don't always believe what you hear

I think it is- just very unlikely.

I mean, your nose is attached to your esophagus, so that's why you can bring milk out of it.

I guess you'd have to laugh while puking.

Yep. Never cover your mouth! It WILL still come out!

yeah. im speaking from experience. it was not a good time.

Do You Have The Funk?
yes, if it's all liquid, like throwing up after drinking a whole lot.

Ess S
yeah you can, its very unpleasant though and can sometimes sting. I wouldnt recommend it

Can you help me with my problem plz


Sorta..I've had puke come out of my nose while I was puking once.. Lol



you only can puke liquid not food

It sure is . You should have seen me vomit at my in laws house , last Xmas .

yeah it is, and will almost definately happen if when your being sick your nose is lower then your mouth. i.e. if your lying on your bed with your head in a bucket.

yes i did before.
i ran out room in my mouth
and it just came out my
nose and my mouth

Hi H
since your nose and mouth are connected i would say yea....if you try....lol

Yes you can if you try hard to do it.

yea i think so because most of your body parts are connected and your mouth and nose are connected thats y sometimes you hav mucas in your mouth so if something goes wrong then i guess yea u can ouke out of your nose.

Yes, absolutely.

Melissa S
Yes its possible I think. I've never tried to be honest. But its all connected so I don't see why not.

Mr. Dangerous

i have; but not just by itself. usually when someone pukes out their nose it comes up during the actual throwing up out the mouth. it happens, it has only happens to me once or twice in my lifetime though.

If you are confused now then when it happens; and it will if a curious person such as yourself decides to experiment with alcohol; you will find out what is is like to have stomach acid on the tenderest membranes,
Just remember that when your nose is clogged and your mouth is still full of vomitus YOU CANNOT take a breath or you will get it in your lungs and that often is fatal.
That is what is known as aspirating. It is what killed orchestra leader Tommy Dorsey and many others that thought they could control their drinking.

I have done it and it burns like hell

look it up on youtube :D

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