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Is it better to sleep 2-3 hours before going to school or not sleep at all?
I'm just curious about whether or not a person would feel better getting no sleep before having to go to school (or work) or getting only a couple hours of sleep before having to wake up to start their day.
Additional Details
Thanks I really appreciate all the help :)

Its better a couple of hrs than no sleep at all!!!!
But try to get the full 8 hrs. then your hyper

Dunno. I've done both. I am currently on 3 and 1/2, and my fourh cup of coffee. Yeah 2 am!!!

I think any sleep is better than no sleep any day. But this is for me. Although I wouldn't feel good after so little sleep, I would definitely feel better than having no sleep at all.

It's always good to catch some sleep. Try to catch even number hours of sleep (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8) as our sleep cycles in two hours. You will tend to feel fresher if you wake up on even hours instead of odd hours. Since you are still schooling, it's good to get at least 6 - 8 hours of sleep as your internal organs like liver & kidneys make use of your sleeping hours to detox. If you don't sleep, your vital organs cannot detox and it will be harmful to your health in the long-term.

Yes, you should. Just be careful to wake up on time. You should get about 8 hours a day though. A nap can help refresh your body.

Definetly the sleep, even ten minutes can make a difference.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your body. When you dont sleep is like when you dont do your homework, they start accumulating. Therfore maybe you wont get affected now, but in the long run it really hits you bad. You will become very impatent person, you will be an angry person... e.t.c.

It is not good to sleep alot as well, because sleeping alot makes you lazy, makes you feel more fatigue and tired to continue. Therefore, you wont be a help for yourself.

The right amount of sleep is 8 hours. Try to sleep those 8 hours. In some country it helps them to take a nap at noon. But then that depends on your work or school as well.

I would suggest if you are REALLY tired take a 10 - 20 min nap, that will give you more energy to continue througout the day.

As in sleeping 2 hours before hand, I dont see why it should hurt. Maybe you can give it a try for a month then try the other way around for a month and see how it best suits you. Again the reason being that we all have different ways of living our life.
But be aware not to give yourself less sleep or alot of sleep to keep you at the moving level.

ranya j
Better to sleep even just for few hrs.It's good for your mind,eyes and body to have a rest!

3 hours

For every 2 hours you are awake a day you need 1 hour of sleep... SO... if you have been up for 10 hours and you have to be at work in 2-3 hours then it will be impossible to get the 5 hours necessary. And not getting the 5 hours will make you very tired... BUT if you have been awake for 6 hours then the 2-3 hours will make you feel fully rested. A 30minute-1 hour nap is always good because it doesnt get you to "FULL" sleep.

so either get all the sleep you need or just take an hour nap

Medically, although the sleep would be good, it might not be good psychologically. By getting just an hour sleep, your mind might instinctively be less aware throughout the day and more tired, yet if you just pull an all-nighter you might get a second wind and in the morning before school you may lose much of your sleepiness (though your body is still tired, your mind might freshen seeing the sun rise).

By taking that couple hour nap, your body and mind remembers how comfortable the bed is and how much longer you can sleep, but if you avoid it altogether you might find yourself wide awake and consider yourself superman. Nonetheless, be sure to keep from making it a habit or else it could seriously upset your health.

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