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Is blood actual blue?
My friend Raven said that blood is blue,
But when it touches oxygen it goes red.
Is that true?

Kara D
Deoxygenated blood is indeed blue. Look at the veins in your wrist.
Oxygenated blood turns red. Hemoglobin produces this effect in the blood.

That explains why veins are blue.

ThAt GiRl WhO lOvEs To RiDe
i think soo.... o.0 lol ive heard that soooooooooo many timez

yes it is true, my good man.

I have learned something new today, my friends.

some is

Yes, Blood is actually a light blue, and once it comes in contact with Oxygen it turns a dark red. So When you cut yourself, the blood starts off as blue but the platelets turn red because of the substance of Oxygen that it has never been in contact with before.

Yeah, totally correct, blood is blue before it is oxidised. That is why if you can see your veins, they are blue, not red.

Yes Its true Look it up :)


yes i have had a cut before were i could still see the blood was blue for about a second or 2

My friend Owl said that Raven is correct

thats why the veins in your arm are blue. and yes, when its exposed to oxygen, it turns red.

Deoxygenated blood (blood without oxygen) is indeed blue, that is in you veins.
And oxygenated blood (blood with Oxygen) is red, found in the arteries

yea that's true

yep, it is oxygen poor blood, so the air enriches the blood with oxygen :)

Alvaro R
When the red blood cells absorbs oxygen it turns red and yes it true.

Kaley Walsh

Yes, however your veins in your arm are covered by several layers of skin, so you cannot actually get the full effect..

Raina x
it is true, in the heart there are two passage ways. Passage way one, non oxygenated blood (blue blood) enters the heart and passes through the main canal, where oxygen is put into the blood, turning it red. Passage way two, oxygenated blood (red blood) enters the heart and passes through the opposite way of the canal, where oxygen is taken out of it, making it blue blood. Of course, when you look at your veins, you see blue blood coursing through. That blood is the blood that either does not pass through the main canal, or has already been deoxygenated OR it has not been deoxygenated yet. (I'm not entirely positive on that last matter...my memory is a little shaky in that department). But the answer you're looking for is yes, you're friend is correct.

Yes and no. It's blue in a VEIN. Veins are blue for that reason. Arteries are red. They carry oxygen filled blood to areas of your body, then the veins carry the blood back to the heard, oxygen free, to go through the cycle again.

Blood in your veins is bluish.. more like purple really... and blood in the arteries where is it oxygenated is bright red.

And when it 'touches' nitrogen it becomes polka dotted

No. Plain and simple. Google an anatomy web site, or just google is blood really blue if you don't believe me!

Lol are people still asking this question? Blood isn't blue, it's commonly mistaken as blue because some of your veins are blue but in fact it's a very dark shade of red, so dark that when it goes through the clear tube of your veins it causes it too look blue. Your veins are what causes your blood to look blue plus through the skin, I thought people would know that by now. When it hits air it turns into a lighter shade of red.

No, arterial blood is a brighter red when it is oxygenated in the lungs. When it returns by the veins, it is a darker red, not blue.

Darth Revan
no. it is red. your vains appear blue through your skin.

Quinn the Eskimo
Human blood is red, ranging from bright red when oxygenated to dark red when not. It owes its colour to hemoglobin, a metalloprotein compound containing iron in the form of heme, to which oxygen binds. There exists a popular misconception that deoxygenated blood is blue and that blood only becomes red when it comes into contact with oxygen. Blood is never blue, but veins appear blue because light is diffused by skin. Moreover, the blood inside is dark red and exhibits poor light reflection. From a physiological perspective, veins and arteries appear similar when skin is removed and are seen directly.


No it's not. All blood is red. Simple as that. Everybody answering this question has NO idea what they're talking about

No, it just appears to be blue in your veins because of the vein or because it is lower in oxygen. However, all blood is red, even before hitting air.

It is NOT blue. Deoxygenated blood is a darker purplish-red and appears blue in the veins, but is not. Watch the next time you have to have blood drawn. That blood is being drawn from veins, and is going into a vacuum tube (meaning there is no air in said tube) DIRECTLY from your veins. Air doesn't touch it, and you'll note that the tube will be full of dark red blood.

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