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Is anyone allergic to water? And if so what would a person do?

Philip M
The human body is 60% water so the person couldn't exist.

Are you related to The wicked witch of the west? If so I would stay away from water.

Actually it is VERY possible. My science teacher told me that he once had a student who was alleergic to water, well the thing was she wasnt really allergic, she was just deathly afraid of it, so instead of taking showers and such, she would use baby wiipes.

i am allergic, i am going to die in 3,2,1..

human is made of like 80% water....you couldn't exist if you was allergic

you have water INSIDE you how can you be allergic???

No but there's a version of the wizard of oz where the witch is good and she is. She only drinks and baths in milk.

Yes, there are people who are allergic to water, although it is very rare. They can't even be out in the rain or they'll get these things all over their bodies, and it could be deadly. I'm not sure what they do to be honest, but I've actually heard of it many times.

Check this out: http://health.msn.com/health-topics/allergies/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100154510

~Cow Lover~
no, beause its only really only made up of hydrogin and oxygen, and your body is made up of hydrogin and oxygen... plus your body is more than 50 percent made up of water, unless you know you go to mexico and the water is intoxinated

No one is allergic to dihydrogen monoxide...

Humans neeed it to survive. more than half their body is made of it since they were born. Besides, its everywhere!

divine wolf
considering that the human body has a lot of water within it..no one can be allergic to water...you're born with water in you lol

you can however be allergic to something IN water, depending on where that water came from who knows whats in it

We're made up of 90% water. Chlorinated and fluoridated water, yes. Buy a filter or drink bottled water.

That's an interesting question...never thought about it :)
Yes, there are people allergic to water, it's called .aquagenous urticaria..I found this article on it:

that is imposible because the body is made up of 75% of water.

Waldo Wasnt Here
Jesus!! I have never in my life heard of anybody being allergic to water. If so, then that person needs to go to the hospital and fix this problem immediately. Any way, to answer your question as in what i would do if I was allergic to water, I would drink low caloric juice and fat free milk.

No one can be allergic to water, it is something that just can't happen. Everything pretty much has some water in it and water is something that every one and every living thing must have. I don't think it is possible, but if it was, I would say they would either be in a hospital all their lives or die. I couldn't imagine being allergic to water though!

If your having allergic reactions to water then it was probably something in the water not the water its self, or even something in the air, some other food, ext.

But no it is impossible for someone to live and be allergic to water at the same time. The human body is more water than anything ells combine. It would be like someone who is deathly allergic to lactose drinking a gallon of milk in one sitting.

He cares
Well i don't know how serious your allergy is, so you need to talk to your doctor. By the way the following drugs can help to reduce your allergy: capsaicin cream applied two to three times per day. antihistamines and beta-blockers can also help. Many of these medication are prescribed so you need a doctor's appointment. Good luck.

impossible...the body is 98% water

Bob E
This is a really stupid question. I mean, 70% of your body is compossed of water, so when you were born, you are instantly dead.

my gosh... i cant imagine that...

It's impossible to be allergic to water.
Water is in everything, even our own bodies and even the air we breathe contains some water molecules.

What someone CAN be allergic to is something IN the water, like certain minerals and bacteria and such.
The best thing that a person like this can do is get a water filter (either the ones that go on the tap of your sink, or the jugs). Pur, is a great company for the tap water filters, and you can find a good jug filter at any big story such as Wal-Mart or Sam's, Costco, Target, etc. anything like that, for about $20 or so :)

A person cannot be allergic to water. However, there are a few cases where people have been allergic to the things found in tap water and in some bottled waters. But in any case, no one can be allergic to water at it's quintessence.

blues breaker
my mom was allergic to water. she got terrible fungus under her nails b/c of it. not much you can do really. she took medication for it for a while but it didn't do much good. she just learned to live with it.

Dizzy Dean
It is impossible to bee allergic to water upon ingestion, but it is possible to be allergic to water when it touches your skin, and this disease is called Aquagenic Pruritis. It is a condition where you skin develops leasions and abrasions, and this can come about by an increase in the number of red bloods cells in the body. I do not believe there is an exact cause for this diseases, but the symptoms consist of your skin being very itchy, and it is treated with histamines or histamine agonists.

No, I am not allergic to water.

GO TO THIS WEBSITE IT SHOWS YOU WHAT IS THE TRUTH http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-520329/The-teenage-girl-allergic-WATER.html

Smart S.
it is imposssible to be alergic to water. water is in all of our resouces, juice, food, even to make denim jeans!!! plus, urine is 99.99% water. sweat is also a form of water. on a hot day, if someone wouldnt sweat on a hot day, they would eventually die. if someone were alergic to water, they would, obviously, die.

yes. there are really people alergic to water..;


I don't think anyone can be allergic to water and living. Your body is made up of mostly water. You can't live without it.

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