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I weigh 5 1/2 stone....

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i get some really bad ones HELP
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 My partner often has blood come out of his bottom when he goes for a poo...he refuses to see a doctor about it
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I don�...

Is 6'1" tall for a thirteen year old girl?
My parents aren't really that tall. My mom's 5'9' and my dad's only six feet.

Am I really that tall? I'm still growing, so I don't know what I'll be.

Thanks. :D

Wow, that's huge. That's like chickzilla, or something.

Holy crap you are taller than me by 3 inches and im 14!

Of course that's tall for a girl. Girls stop growing between 13-16 so most like, hopefully, you're done.

Btw your parents are freaking tall. 5'9 for you mom that's not normal. Your dad is normal though. So you have to tall parents so it is no surprise.

6'1 is even tall for a 30 year old woman! lol Go into modeling or women's basket ball!

Not in Nobustran, Land of the Giants.

Damn! Thats a huge b.i.tch!

Yes you are a SUPER FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes you are tall for your age. in fact your tall for a girl, the average height of a fully grown female is 5'4" or 5' 3 1/2" I can't remember which one.

it is tall, especially for a 13 yr old. but hey, I'm only 5'4" and I've always wanted to be taller! you definately got some model height on you!

No, thats just how God made you!!!:) its fine:)

Yes, you are quite tall. As long as there's not some sort of a hormonal problem causing you to keep growing it's just you. Girls typically keep growing until the age of 16. Have you spoken to your doctor about your concerns?

People are getting taller with each generation, so don't worry, you'll be able to find plenty of dates who are taller than you. Even if they're shorter than you, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that either!

My daughter is 5'11" and I'm only 5'5".

wow that's tall!
It is probably alright considering the height of you parents bt still wow that's tall I'm 14 and only 5"2

uh hell ya. My cosuin is like 6'4 and he's a grown man and he's uuber tall, has to lean down under doors and get his clothes made because hes so tall.

Carrie S
that's extremely tall.
Im 16 and 5'6"

I was I was a lil taller lol be greatful =)

woowwwww that is pretty tall

WOW! :) you're taller than I am! I was always the tallest one in my grade school years. I'm 18 now and only 5'11", but my mom is 5' 6" and my dad is 5' 7". Embrace it though! I wear high heel shoes 'cause i love being tall. I'm very comfortable with who I am. Everyone tells me that they wish they were as tall as me. You're going to get pretty dang tall when you get older. All you need to do is find a tall man. :)

Your taller then average Chances are your pretty close to being finished growing and the boys will hit their spurt soon so you wont feel so self conscious. I come from a family of tall women, too and the one thing you will find is men will be intimidated by you. embrace your height, and welcome to the world of trying to find pants long enough

oh my gosh i wish i was even over 5'4''!! i am so short....and i am 15 and 5'3''!!!

wow for 13 and a girl yea thats tall,
my brothers 6'2 and hes only 16

Right now, yes you are tall for your age. Growth times are hugely variable, you could well have just about finished putting on height or you might have a little more to come.
Every generation since the '50's has been taller (that's generation not individuals) than it's parents. It will be a few years before you know for certain what your final height will be.

yeaa thats pretty tall .

Pepper of doctorness
pshh yesss. i'm 16 and i'm only 5'6!

Man, I was born way too early!

I would have loved to be 13 and meet you! I am a tall guy and was always looking for a tall girl.

Advice: Enjoy the way you are...there's a guy out there somewhere looking for you.

umm yeaa thats prettyy talll wowwww

You're pretty tall, but thats a blessing! =)

For 13yrs old yes it is very tall for 16 or older not really. i know that 13-16 is only a 3 year difference but that's just how it is most of the time, and later on in the future you might have some medical conditions if you grow a lot more over the years you have about 6-8 years of more growing.

Good Luck Hope I Answered Your Question

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