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Is 5'6'' for a grown woman tall?

Additional Details
I dont mean like giant tall, i mean a nice height. I don't need examples like "oh, you think that is tall! Im 6 foot 1!" or whatever...

i would say average, im 5'4 and i probably wont grow anymore :(

I think it's about average.

« Kitty Kat »
No... I'm tall! I'm 5'11. My friend Lauren is 6'2''

Sounds about right if you weigh about 130-140 lbs.

Jenny Smith
no its in the average range

5'7 is average so 5'6 is pretty average, definitly not tall!

No, like everyone said. It's average. Good height.
I'm 5'1" and have been done growing for years. Be glad you're not really tall, yet not really short. Juuuusst right.

it's about average

Jerry M

not at all...believe me...i hav seen females who r abt 6-6'5",, i look baby in fronta them,,,i am 5'9" btw!!

it pretty respectable, and i would say that's an average height

Drew Carl

it's average...for the US at least...but in other countries it might be tall.

no.. but its perfect

am 5"8 so no... am kidding , yeah

It's about average, but it's a good height.

In the USA, 5'4 - 5'6 is considered average.

just wants to know
It's not "tall," but my grandmother always told me that it's a good height for a girl. (That's my height.)

Robert Arranguez
Not really! average i would say!

keep it simple
nah average

Average. 5'8 and up is tall for a woman.

No, average for most standards, kind of short for where I live

i wouldn't say its tall, but its the normal! I'm 6'1 and i wish i wasnt, i wish i was 5'6 :(

I would say that is average... Or just the right height.

Where as 5'1 would be short, and 5'10 would be tall.

Lilly, Actually it is just right !

That is average. My wife is 5'2" and considered shorter.

If you think that is tall my daughter is 14 and she is 5' 7. she is about 4 inches taller than me.she gets it from her dad he's 6' 7


Jazzy, I Miss U Love!
Not really tall, it's average.

worrying if it is as im only 5ft 2!! you giantess you.........

Don Drapers woman
Not anymore, you are average height. I am 5'11" and am just considered tall these days.

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