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I woke up to start school and found blood, I'm afraid to tell my mom because I'm only 11 ... Help me?
We never thought my period would start this soon even though I'll be 12 this June ... But I'm scared to tell my mom ... I feel comfortable to tell my best friend but then again I'm not sure ... Right now I'm just using toilet paper so blood doesn't get my pants or anything ... please help me.

You have to tell your mom! I mean you didnt do anything bad u just saw blood! Just tell your mom!

Most girls get their period between ages 10-15, so getting it now is completely normal. Don't be surprised if you find out some of your friend's have theirs too, girls can do a good job at keeping it a secret.

Don't be to worried about when you tell your mom. She went through the same thing once too. :)

Future Dr. D
Don't be afraid to tell your mother. Some people just start earlier than others...there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

tell your mom. dont be afraid, she'll even be happy. usualy daughters would have their period at an earlier age than when their moms had it.
if ur having a hard time telling her, just buy a regular napkin at a pharmacy. but u have to tell her sometime. she wont get mad at you, its part of life.. some even have it earlier than u...

You should tell her...I started at 10..

Tell your mom, she went through it too and understands...don't be afraid, it's a natural thing.

You need to talk with your mom, or maybe a aunt or older sister. Toilet paper will not work. You need to get some pads.

You shouldn't be afraid, it's natural and it happens to all women. Talk to your mom, you need to get pads so that it doesn't get on your pants, toilet paper will not work and you are setting yourself up for a bit of embarrassment later today.

Don't be scared, your mom has been through it.

Tell your mother,, she has had her period for A LONG LONG time now.. it is NOTHING to be embarassed about EVERY girl goes through this, you are NOT alone.. tell her, she will help you...she is your mother. I got my period at 12, and many girls get their period between 11-13 its perfectly normal.. go tell her.

It's important to tell your mother. She can provide you with appropriate protection. The toilet paper might hold the leakage at bay for a small while because you've just started, but the bleeding gets heavier. Save yourself embarrassment from leaking at school and tell your mom. It's way less embarrassing and I'm sure she'll understand that you have reached puberty.

Good grief kid....tell your Mom. She will help you deal with it.

Jane D
its alright to tell your mum shes a girl and has been through this too. she'll be better to give advice then youre best friend who i'm guessing is also your age. your mum wont be mad cos it was always going to come. she can help you with what to do

Natalie W
tell your mum, its perfrectly normal :)

Lorenzo Albatross
Tell your mum - she will understand, it's not your fault!


Tell your mom little one!
You are right on time with it,
some girls get it at 8, and some get it at 14
it's nothing to be scared of.
Your mom will comfort you in no time.

astay with the toilit paper then go get some pads or tampons and its ok to tell yur mom thats a stage of life young baby=)

Secularly Speaking
It's called a period. Natural, healthy and expected to happen to girls. Why would you mom be angry for what she has herself?
You are not responsible for when your body decides it is ready. Likely this early is hereditary so you mom may have also at 11.

reiss b
you have hit puberty. your becoming a women. tell your mom, its nothink that she hasent alredi been thru!

tell mom right away and she can buy you some pads

Hon, I started mine when I was 10. I know lots of girls who started theirs at 9 or 8. I knew other girls who didn't get it until they were 14. Don't freak.

If you are already at school, go to the school nurse or if there is no school nurse, a very trusted younger female teacher and tell her that you got your first period and ask for a pad. She should have one and be able to demonstrate how to put it on a pair of underwear. If you have bled through your clothes, you need to call your Mom to come bring you a change of clothes, but if not you could tell your Mom tonight.

You are right in the middle of the average range to get your period. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but I know it can be a shock to actually get it. It is time. This is just part of the changes that come with making the very physical transitions from girl to young woman.

I know this might come with a whole bunch of emotions. Let yourself feel how you feel, but really this is a milestone to be celebrated. Make sure to do something wonderful for yourself!

Scarlet Begonias
Tell your mother! Don't be embarrassed. I got mine when I was 12. If you're at school, go talk to the school nurse. There is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

tell her. everyone gets theirs at there own rate. my best friend got hers at about that time, and i got mine when i was 12 almost 13. its ok she will understand

you need to tell your mom. this is not your fault, it is absolutely natural. there isn't a "right age" for a girl's first period. go to the store and buy some pads and talk to your mom tonight. don't be embarassed, there is no need to be.

You need to tell your mom, so she can get you the proper things. Toilet paper won't cut if for your period, or you would be going to the bathroom every min to change it out. I don't know what your relationship is with your mom but you need to tell her so she can also help you.

TELL YOUR MUM!!!!!!! my sister started thenn itss so not a big deall

Jason F
Why would you be afraid to tell your mom? It's not like she'll yell at you for a natural bodily function. Keep in mind that she went though the same things. In short, tell her.

you kinda have to tell your mom, specially if it is going to start coming once a month, your not going to be able to hide that. Just let her know and get it done and over with.

Tell your mother. This is something you want to discuss with her. You also want to find out how to take care of it.

Kids mature earlier these days. Tell your mom.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Tell you mom. She will understand. She is the one with the money - you have to tell her so she can buy you some pads and supplies. Don't be embarrassed. All girls go through this. Your mom will understand.

Its normal i started when i was 10

Just tell your mum & don't use toilet paper use pads!!


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