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I was asleep when I woke up with a sudden attack of cramp in my calf musle. No strenuous exercise!!?
How did this happen? I was asleep in bed. Not running a marathon or swiming!!

Talk with your doctor more about this problem if you cont. to have cramps while sleeping. Their is what's called restless leg syndrome- that can occur while at rest and sleeping. they can give you a muscle relaxer to help or something of that nature. There are some great herbs that will also help if you want a more natural stance. Massage therapy might benefit you as well, with what's called myofasical release tech.s .......just an option.

The name of such attack is known as "Charley Horse":

In medical parlance, a charley horse is a painful contusion of the quadriceps muscle of the anterior thigh that commonly results in a muscular hematoma and sometimes several weeks of pain and disability.1,2 It often occurs in sports when an athlete is struck by an opponent's knee, in a manner not unlike the kick of a horse, perhaps the reason for its name. In the UK, such an injury is known as a Dead Leg, corky, or corkie.

In recent decades the term has also been used to describe painful leg cramps, which may occur in the thigh, arch of the foot, calf muscle, or quadriceps.

The term may date back to American baseball slang of the 1880s, possibly from the pitcher Charley "Old Hoss" Radbourne who is said to have suffered from cramps.[citation needed] Another story mentions a horse named Charley that used to work at Comiskey Park, the Chicago White Sox' ballpark in Chicago. In those days, an old, perhaps lame, retired horse was often called "Charley."[citation needed]

Causes of cramps
Sore muscles after exercise
Hormone imbalance
Mineral deficiency

The quadriceps contusion type of "charley horse" is initially treated by icing. Recent studies have shown that the resulting tightness and contractures that sometimes ensue can be lessened by maintaining the knee in a fully bent position for the first 24 hours to prevent the involved muscles from going into spasm. Premature return to activity can result in calcification of the hematoma in and around the muscle, a long-term problem called myositis ossificans.

A cramp can be quickly defused with either a massage or stretching of the affected muscle. Persistent cramps should be treated by a doctor.

Boo Boo Head
Lack of potassium in your diet. Next time it happens, massage it then go get a banana. Helps me when it happens.

I get these too. I just get up & walk it out. My PT says to drink more water.

It happens, its a probable indication that you are still alive.
Dont worry about but by sh*t it can bloody hurt.

~Funky Munky~
You might have turned over and stretched without knowing, I do that sometimes, then have to get out of bed with the pain.

there is no chancs that you are preagnant, is there? I know I got charley horses in my sleep while i was preggy. I was told that its one of the signs. Odd but true. If not then mabey you were dreaming of something stressful.

This used to happen to me a lot too. I'd heard that cutting down on salt in the diet can reduce or even prevent it happening and so I tried this and I certainly don't get any more cramps in my calf muscles when I'm sleeping. I don't know if there is any scientific basis for this, but it worked for me.

Sometimes I can get that because of the position of the foot. You can rid of it quickly by pulling your toes up towards your knee direction.

take a potato peeler to your ankle. It will take your mind of the muscle pain.

i have had this. it really hurts doesnt it?
im not sure how it happened all i can think of is that i was laying on that leg and the cramp just got worse.

if it happens again i know its hard to do but try pointing your toes my boyfriend says it goes quicker that way.

I've had that happen a few times. You probably need more potassium or b-complex vitamins.

could be that your body id lacking in potassium , eat bananas or dirnk Orange juice , it helps , and see your dr about a blood test to check your potassium levels.

I've had it before myself, it worried me initially considering it was while I was sleeping and the pain was immense and took a while for it to subside, I'd never had cramp that severe anywhere.

No idea of the course myself, though I could guess relaxed muscle, or you'd slept a certain way that had put pressure on the muscle.

i always get this if i've been out for a drink. it's usually dehydration. try tonic water the quinine helps it.

I get this when I'm not drinking enough milk. Not sure why, but that's the cause of mine, and I just had one 3 nights ago and thought I was going to go crazy until I got the knot in my muscle out. Started drinking milk again, and so far nothing.

nursing girl
you probably have been told this before and it is called a charlie horse and it is caused by a lack of potassium. Try eating some banana's

The First Dragon
To stop a charley horse (leg cramp) immediately get out of bed and STAND ON THAT FOOT. If it's not too bad, you can stop it by pointing your toes upward (toward your knee). But if it is bad, you have to stand on it, to get your foot going the right direction. This works because it relaxes the calf muscles.
To prevent this, drink plenty of water and eat a banana, or take potassium supplements; but don't take more than the recommended dose; this is dangerous. If this doesn't work, investigate further.

Absolutely normal, to relieve pain take the foot of the cramped
leg close to toes and pull upwards towards knee with force.
This should get rid of the cramp within seconds.

Good luck and hope it works for you, since it does for others.
From an ex-athlete who found out from his trainer.

A Vitamin B-12 shortage can cause this (poor circulation)

CFC's in Inhalers can cause it

Just a couple other reasons

alan h
These can come from medications that you might be taking. Cholesterol drugs can do it.They are called Statin type drugs. Also the ingredients in Prilosec OTC. gives me that problem.
Have a blood test if the problem does not go away. Test for CK

Blueberry Cheesecake
I get this too, but havent had it in a while. Its so painful tho, only lasts for a few seconds, but feels like someones squeezing and ripping your muscle out. Since ived started working out alot it hasnt happened. Sometimes i get it in my feet when i stand wrong on a ladder or something, then it happens and some of toes seize up. That real painful too!

Don't even consider that suggestion of Restless Leg syndrome. A simple muscle cramp is not a symptom of this.

There is a thing called night leg cramps that occur usually in the calf just as you fall asleep or just as you wake up. Almost all of us have occasional leg cramps. The more common causes are muscle overexertion (could include a lot of walking), prolonged sitting, dehydration, pregnancy, diabetes, low potassium levels, some medications have this as an adverse effect, neuromuscular disease and alcohol.

Try to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and stretch your leg msucles before bedtime.

it's called a charlie horse (don't ask why). I get them sometimes. it is from a muscle in your leg that has relaxed and maybe you moved in the bed the wrong way and it contracted and kinked up.

happens to me all the time, drink plenty of water before sleeping, better still if you can stand the taste of it is to drink tonic water.

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