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Meda M
I want to start smoking cigarettes, what's the best way to do it?

BUY a packet!!! dont get into the habit of asking others to give you 1...if you're able to smoke...you should be able to afford it!!!!

who me?
what do you think? lol

Rachael H
dont even go there

Why wuld u want 2 start smoking.All of us that's been smoking awhile wishes that we culd quit.I've been smoking since I was 14.I'm 29.U wuldn't even want 2 know the amount of money that I've spent,if I were 2 do the figures over the years!Good luck.*

Mark M
Why???? If it is to try lose wieght the I would sugest you go and do some exersize as the amount you would lose would not make much diference. If it is to fit in to a group then I feel sorry for you as if you need to smoke to fit in then the people you want to fit in with really do not care about you as the don't care about your health.
I know all about the health affects as I have worked in operating theatres for 12yrs and have seen many blackened disgusting lumps and lungs taken out of patients. Many not even in their 30's. Yes that's right. Also seeing patients who are in there 50's who need assistance just to breathe and the stuff they cough up is foul in the extreme. On a personal note I know from experiece as my father died when I was 5 (he 31)of cardiomyopathy due to his smoking.
If you want to see what smoking does for you get down to your local hospital and ask to volunteer on the respiritory ward or cancer ward just for an incite.
Smoking also makes you age quicker and ruins your skin, hair and smoking gives you hideous lines just look at a smoker's mouth. It usually looks like a cat's bum. The stained fingers that look like you have just stuck them up your bum.
Also it affect others around you who may not want it.

Then there is all the things that will go wrong with you-
Cancer - mouth, tongue, larynx, trachea, bronchus, lungs
Disease- asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, pluerasy, cardiomyopathy, athersclerosis, heart attack, stroke, COPD, tooth decay, gum disease, periferal vascular disease, impotence, miscarrage, still birth, halitosis

Wait till your on your death bed then ask for a cigarette then at least it wont harm you then,otherwise DON"T even think about it do you know all the terrible diseases it can cause and believe me you would not wish to have any of them, cigarettes are full of poison's substances would you swallow a bottle of poison well it's the same thing as smoking if we where ment to smoke we would have been born with a chimney.

Dont start.....ITs not healthy and its very unattractive. why would u want to anyway~

chas g
Don't even think about starting

Is this question for real? Do you just want a bunch of smartass answers? Because I have several at the tip of my tongue. (I still have the tip of my tongue--I have never smoked). I mean really, how hard can it be? You buy a pack. Ask for a pack of matches. If they don't give matches, buy a lighter. Light the non-filter end. Say goodbye to white fingers. They will soon be all yellow and nasty. you will soon get winded when walking a small distance. Eventually, you will die. Bye Bye.

Why do you want to star smoking ciggrettes

Ozzy D
first of all, your an idiot to even think about smoking and secondly think of the complete waste of money not to mention all that **** going into your lungs.
if you do start all i have got to say is cough cough wheeze cough splutter!!!!!!!!!

lady z
u dont want to stop being silly

Are you sure your old enough to buy a packet. Its bad for you and could kill you but hey if you live near a newsagents go buy some they will love your custom and welcome you with open arms.

baby doll
wait, youre asking how to START?

The man
If you don't know how to start smoking then don't. You might be asking how to quit in a few months or worse yet asking why you are coughing so much or why do you have lung diseases.

Don't do it. You'll end up hooked and it'll be hard as hell to stop.

dont you ever start, you will be killing yourself, you will have all kinds of breathing problems lung cancer.eczema,and either have to go around with a tank of oxegen for to rest of your life or an iron lung machine. forget about them darn cigarettes an all tobaco.

Anita G
Don't start...

please dont start! i have just been told that i have carbon minoxide poisoning through smoking (its true) i have tried numerous times to give up but always failed, it is also very expensive so do yourself a favour and spend your money on something else

ger 58
Wait till you are 90 years old before starting, So that it will not matter so much when you get lung cancer,as you will not have long to go;

)OMG, you is taking the p1ss right?

Chris C
put it in your gob and light it then regret it 20 years down the road!!

omg...if you knew how hard it is to stop..i gave up two days ago......and i want to kill!!!!!!!!!

Ryan H
I hope this is a joke because if you are really that stupid, please at least sterilize yourself so your genetic material dosen't go on. Why would you want to start smoking, its expensive, unattractive, and it makes you die

ARE YOU INSANE? There are so many reasons not to start smoking those things. Trust me, I know, I smoked them for years.

What are you thinking? Do you want to look "cool" with a chemical stick hanging out of your mouth that will probably leave you impotent? Or riddled with cancer? Or DEAD?

Joy J
Please save yourself a lot of associated health problems and dont start. Smoking kills your body in more ways than you know. I am sure that you are aware of the cancer, emphysema, and other obvious respiratory problems, but there are many other organ systems that are effected. Smoking dulls your sense of taste and smell, increases you risk of stroke and heart attack, changes the texture of your hair and skin, increase the risk of asthma, increases the risk of colds and pneumonia, and gives you an overall odor. We all avoid BO.....smoking odor is worse than that. The other thing is that smoking is expensive. You will save a lot of money by not starting. Cigs are at least $3 a pack......that adds up. My last thought for you, is that smoking is highly addictive. They put chemicals in them that is more addictive than crack cocaine. Please consider all of this before you consider damaging your body and those around you!

Dr Frank
Cut out the middle man, just find some quicker cheaper and less painful way to commit suicide. It will then cut out all that coughing and the heart attacks!

You've obviously got money to burn (quite literally!) its just taken me 12 years to give the things up. Don't start!

DONT DO IT!!!!!!!! seriously ive been smoking for 11 years and starting is the worst mistake of my life im asthmatic and am constantly wheezing i stink of tabacco im constantly skint and it looks absoutly disgusting

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