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I think my pharmacy gave me a bottle of poison today?
who should I contact to have it checked?
I havnt taken any yet.
Additional Details
Im on propranolol, and they told me my new kind is from a different company called "Actavis"
So I looked it up on google, and I can see they have been in alot of trouble with the FDA for bad drugs

Dr. Atari
You have to wonder why you think that, are they for paranoia.

George Baily didn't do his job...

hmm this is interesting,
i highly doubt they would do this,
maybe they could of switched the wrong medicine's by accident,but even that is rare/almost impossible.
if you're acually worried,bring it to a different pharmacist,or the same one while different people are working,or you can even bring it to your doctor.
ask them to check it,say you think you've got the wrong pills or medicine/or you think there's something wrong with it(dont say bottle of poison lol )
then they'll check it out or w.e and call you,
dont take it til you get it done,
unless you feel you were misjudged the first time

Good luck

that wasnt nice of them send it back with a note saying thanks but no thanks. seriously though just dont take it.

Why would you think that? If you are really concerned then take it to your doctor that prescribed it to you and have them check it out. To be honest they may prescribe you something else. OR you could take it to another pharmacy and have them inspect it.

A generic cannot be sold if it is not equivalent to the brand. Propranolol is off patient. The medication is fine.

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