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Adrianna Lima
I think I'm constipated. What do I do?
I don't have usual symptoms. I don't feel pain at all but I feel like I really need to get things going. I havent gone in 2 weeks and THIS IS NOT NORMAL for sure. I've tried everything -- flaxseeds, prune juice, lots of veggies, fiber grain cereals, magnesium, vitaminc C.

should I use ex lax or other laxatives? how do they work? are they fast? I need to do it before Monday cuz I have school. I don't wna constantly run to the bathroom in school..
Additional Details
please tell me like the specific brand and flavor and type (powder/liquid) if u can. Im gona go to the store tonight

Tell your doctor. You may need an enema. Hopefully it's nothing serious, and you may need to be careful of what you're eating and drinking.

you really need to go to a doctor. laxatives work right away, don't really have a lasting effect. about half a day....ex-lax works wonders...

Sounds like you need a fleet enema. see a doctor,

don't eat meat anymore.

You could have locked bowels, and this can be deadly. See a doctor or go to the ER if it really has been that long . It is nothing to play with or guess about.

Erika S
Two weeks is a long time but not impossible. Until I was around 16 I only had bowel movements every 1-2 weeks. However, it does make sense for you to give things a little boost--no sense in hurting yourself unnecessarily by waiting for things to get painful.

Since you've tried natural remedies, it sounds like it is time to move on to medicinal treatment. Try taking 1 Ex-Lax before going to bed. By morning (or two hours later if you're still awake), things should be moving along QUITE smoothly. If you haven't had a movement by afternoon, take another one.

Try to take only the first single Ex-Lax, because sometimes once things break loose with constipation medication, they stay that way for a few days--you don't want to have to miss any school or have to make embarrassing runs to the bathroom, as you said, so the fewer pills you take the better!

Good luck!

Hi and i had the same situation 3 weeks ago. ive been taking this pill called Jarro-Dophilus. I got it at the health store,it has healthy bacteria for your upper intestines. I swear by this stuff,also cranberry helps the urinary tract but also can be a laxative.

Footprints in the Sand VT
Use something like Senokot. Exlax is very harsh & you could find yourself running to the toilet at an inconvenient time. Senokot still works but not as quickly (usually in the morning if you take it at night) and you won't get the cramps and runs like you would with Exlax.

2 cups of hot coffee & it's on!!

magnesium citrate it is sold at most grocery stores and looks and taste kinda like soda it comes in a little bottle, you can also mix it with diet soda, but dont mix it with anything that has sugar, this should do it,. you can try two bottles they are small

Hi, id recommend going to see your doctor straight away. my sister has the same problem and has been in and out of hospital as hers has gotten worse just over a few months. shes now going to have a opperation to remove her colon and have a bag for the food instead. i dont mean to scare you but its better if you get it checked out now before it becomes serious.

Two weeks is very bad. Either go to the doctor or go get some medication from the drug store.

Something is TERRIBLY wrong. There is definitely a medical problem. How much water have you been drinking? It may be time to check into a hospital. Go to the emergency room. This is nothing to play with.

David R
Go to a herb shop and get the herb called "mullien leaf" put a good sized hand full in a cup add 2 Tbs of honey, put in boiling hot water, cover the cup for about 10 minutes then strain it into another cup and drink it.
Suggestion, do it about 30 minutes before bed time. within 6-8 hours you WILL be going.

I have never known it not to work,


Amy T
Go to your doctor this is not normal, he will probable place you an a laxative or recommend a special diet.

Go see your doctor!! This could be something really serious

All these things you have tried should have helped. Continue doing what you have been doing.

Drink a glass of water as you wake in the morning and lots more during the day. Try having an apple first the thing in the morning on an empty stomach. That's does wonders for me too. Personally I do not believe in laxatives, they do more harm than good in the long-term. One more thing, go to your local health food store and look for capsules by the name of Cascara Sagrada, and take 2 capsules before going to bed. That is another good remedy to try. I hope these suggestions work for you.

Hello I can solve your problem, with this best answer. A all natural laxative is OK. But I recommend doing good fibber colon cleanse it safe and all natural. The product I recommend is safe and all natural. And also this website I recommend has allot of good feed back about people who took this product. And I guaranteed you won't regret it. Because I brought some stuff from this website and it is very very very great. the website is www.drnatura.com the cleanse I'm taking about is called Colonix Fiber.

just use a glycerin suppository...you'll go in an hour.

Stools softeners work great. I use sometimes Doxidan and I think Phillips has one too I have used.

[email protected]
Please go to the doctor.

psyllium, lots of it

coffee and oj just to be sure

for me its like whoosh

Exlax works. Only take one though, it'll work. Don't take more though.

Kara T
you might have an obstruction of some sort if you havent gone any in 2 weeks.
When my boyfriend had to get a colonoscopy he had to pick up this thing called a fleet prep kit that had an enema in it and that nasty clear drink and that cleared EVERYTHIN out.

davie j
I have read all the responses up to now and now its my turn. Have you ever heard of the condition of being impacted? It is where you are so constipated that you have to have a portion of your bowels removed and this is serious! Try a suppository first and if nothing happens then you had better get medical attention fast! Have you been throwing up? This is a sign of being so constipated that what is going in has nowhere to go except back out the same way it came in. You have to eat or you will have very serious medical problems! And be sure to get plenty of water during the day!


Hi, If you haven't been for two weeks you need to see your Dr, I hadn't been for a while and I started to feel ill, in the end they realised I had an underactive thyriod (this is when your metabolism slows down) that is why I hadn't been. You may not have this but you SHOULD go to the Dr just to rule out anything else isn't wrong. As you have tried fiber grain cereals and prune juice etc. I would really reccommend that you go and see your Dr. Have you suddenly put on weight? do you feel bloated if you have these symptoms please go see Dr don't be embaressed they see a lot worse things believe me!!! Good luck and take care!!

Two weeks!?! holy cow, you must be jam packed. I'd definitely use ex lax. All it will do is basically give you the runs but I think you might appreciate it. If that doesn't work, go to the doctor cause there's something much worse happening than constipation.

go to the store and buy some metimucel, and you can mix it in your water and take it that way, its tasteless. it mainly has alot of fiber in it. and it should help you go. Good Luck!

buy some prune juice. you can get it at any store...it works everytime!!!

If you haven't gone in two weeks you need to go to the doctor. This could be a serious problem. You can use a laxative, talk to the pharmacist for a recommendation.

Don't use a laxative...they will usually give you cramps. Try Metamucil. The orange flavor is not so bad and usually works in about 1/2 hour or so. Take it tomorrow too just to keep things moving.

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