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What was your most embarassing moment?
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yes you could die from a ...

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im 16 so still growing ...

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Basically the coursework deadline has been brought forward and its TOMORROW! i have to complete near enough a whole folder of work! I need to stay awake tonigth and get on with it all or i fail.

 What are the dangers of smoking pot?

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P.s i use antipesperant already.....
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 How safe is it to eat 'Expired' food and drinks, like Chips, Popcorns and Mountain Dew, Coke?
Some are like January 2006, some are May 2006, and some just expired for a couple of weeks.

And, yeah some are from Last year.

How Sick can a person get eat expired food/drinks?...

how can i tell someone i have bulimia?
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 Should I smoke weed????
I have a lot of very good reasons which I don't feel like getting into, of why I want to, but I'm kind of scared.. I don't wanna get addicted, or anything, or get caught, advice??

I randomly started to cry while smoking weed.?
The other day, i smoked weed for the first time in my life. My sister came over with two friends, and they wanted to "smoke me up" so I had known that they were coming for a few days in advance, and I was excited, but while I was waiting for them to get here, I felt wrong, and like I didn't want to do it anymore. So, they showed me the ways, and I went along, and them once I thought that I getting high, I started to laugh at what they were laughing at. Then all I can remember is that while I was laughing, I felt like eric from that 70's show when they are in the circle, so I thought "soooo....this what it's like". then they asked me whats wrong, then I realize that I was wiping tears off my eyes. After I realized that, I headed out of the Kitchen and into the bathroom, and I realized that I had cryed. On my way to the kitchen, I said "why am I doing this......what am I doing"

I think that I cryed because subconsiously i didn't want to smoke, but I forced myself to. The week before, at school we had a speaker tell us how her son died from smoking weed which led him to heroin. this had an effect on my reluctance to smoke, otherwise i would have been fine with it.

Panda :)
You cried because it was wrong and illegal. That is true that people can die from weed. If you want more advice, you should watch a show called "DEGRASSI" on the-n channel 124. The show gives vey very good advice!

Dillon S
This happened to a couple of my friends when they first started smoking weed with me and some other people. When you get high, there are two different ways you can go. A good trip and a bad trip.

A good trip is a fun high, laughing, having the time of your life, think every little thing is funny and can't really feel your legs.(at least I can't)

A bad trip is when you feel really emotional, don't wanna be high, and feel like everything is wrong. Since your high, you think this and begin crying without knowing it.

When having a bad trip just cool down, lay back and listen to music. If you fight the bad trip it turns into a good trip. Since it was your first time also, you could of had a bad trip.

bob t
Marijuana takes away your initiative and turns you into a failure.

Thomas R C
You could have been laughing so hard your eyes started to tear up without even realizing. Also, I've had a couple of friends who've had anxiety while high which led to breakdowns. Hell, I'm all for tokin up if thats what you want to do, but trust your instincts.

awwww hun dont worry about it and weed is not so bad feel worse if it was ciggerettes because those are worse but just dont do it again.

well, it was obviously guilt, b/c as far as I know you cant cry with that kind of feeling.

I tried smoking too, since people around me where. I always would cry too, so eventually I quit. Two close friends quit (years later) after not getting jobs that paid good money. One went to school to be a radiologist. Another one quit after not graduating high school (smoking and being a goof had become his main focus). There are other reasons not to smoke besides tears. You can be high on life and not have drugs jumbling your head! Have fun.


okay so what is ur question then...????

you mean smoke you OUT? xD

weed is bad. People react to it in different ways, just like alcohol.

despite what some potheads might say, WEED IS A GATEWAY DRUG!!! Be careful, you don't want to ruin your life by it.

peer pressure is not a good thing ismoked for approx 5 yrs cause my life turned to s**t & everyone around me did it & i wanted to fit in but in that 5 yrs i experienced things that i could only attribute to smoking & realized my life was still s**t that i'd just managed to find away of not caring through getting high so i gave up now i'm almost 3 yrs without it & haven't looked back my life's changed for the better i now remember everything i'm saying & doing some of my mates still smoke & we still hang so nothing in that area has changed remember peer pressure isn't great you can lose the smoke without the rest

look truth is no one can make you stop or start something. Does weed lead to other drugs, not necessarily but it does make them seem less harmless. Weed doesn't make everyone a veg head some people get depressed on it an do horrible things to themselves in punishment for it. Besides no one really finds the coughing, gaging idiot funny or attractive. If you really do feel guilty about it leave the room. If you get crap these weren't your real friends anyway. I live somewhere where there isn't a lot to so in the winter so a lot of people are just vegging out. But some of us just find it cool to hang and bs and remember what the conversation was about. We go to Football games, skateboard wherever we don't get in trouble, crash our bmx's in the woods, and make trails through them with our ATVs. As for That 70's show I love it too I am also a fan of Cheech and Chong and Jay and Silent Bob but these people are laughed at for the stupidity they exhibit not great intelligence or adding to society in helpful ways.

Since you just started smoking, your body is still really not used to the feeling of being high. You will get the hang of it, but it affects people in different ways. My sister, like you, gets pretty emotional when she smokes. I know people who get really funny, very intelligent, very quiet and socially awkward, and really giggly. Like I said, it affects people differently.

However, if you think you're crying because you don't want to smoke and felt pressured, by all means, stop. You tried it, now no one has to pressure you. Just say you don't feel like it and no one will judge. And yes, smoking weed (and really liking it) CAN lead to trying other drugs... experimenting with heavier drugs like heroine, and eventually becoming addicting and dying... but that is the worst case scenario. Most people I know who smoke weed, myself included, are smart enough to know that if you try a heavy drug, it will not end pretty. Just stick to the simple stuff and you will be okay.

lol hahahahahaha sorry but just dont do it makes u dumb

If you didn't want to then why did you do it. Don't say peer pressure because it is easy to say NO that is one of my favorite words!!!! Just don't do it again. You will be finel

weed doesnt lead to anything thats just poor choice
you go on to stronger drugs because thats a choice you make.

just quit smoking altogether or just keep your mind set on not using anything other than bud

Dreux F
This isn't a question. It's a blog entry.

LMAO then y do it...unless u r in da ghetto ware they *** u in da but if u dont

Aztec King
Wow...Mabye it could be the fumes that made u cry or subconsciously u didn't want to smoke either way try to stop doin it. that SH*** F**** u up man

I think that you cried because subconsiously you didn't want to smoke, but you forced yourself to.


do not smoke

must have been some give shizzle

I don't think that getting high is for you...

sweet sensimilla
weed doesnt lead to heroin? it leads to MUSHROOMS baby. and i dont know why you think smoking weed is such a big deal. everyone smokes. my grandma smokes. we all smoke. dont cry

Tiffany M
you should of went with ur instinct

ellada princess
its a sign. please stop

try stopping.

your sis shoud of known better. thats not good to do drugs,

Dude, weed doesn't kill people. It is not the gateway drug, none of that, it is all nonsense. It all has to do with you as a person and your mental capacity. The person died froma HEROIN overdose, not marijuana. !!
More so prescribed drugs such as Vicodin is what leads people into Heroin, not a mere joint. Don't believe that weed is the gateway drug. Not true not true. Most people that say that are people that have never done any drugs nor lived a life. Don't judge unless you been there. Sorry I totally went off topic.

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