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 is marijuana better for you than ciggarettes?

I need to take a drug test in 2 days. I'm a heavy marijuana smoker. Any suggestions on how I can pass?
It's going to be a urine test, which really isn't that hard to pass. But drinking too much water dilutes urine. I need something that's either going to cover up the toxins or get them out of my body. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Additional Details
And I am aware that quitting would be my best option but I am not asking you to judge me, so don't. I smoke for medicinal purposes, thank you.

Rotorwings-Come Fly With Me
I say, take a stand. You don't need to "pass" the drug test. Stand up for your right to smoke pot for medicinal purposes. It is about time we start explaining why we need our pot instead of trying to hide it.

For example, you could tell them that you use pot to counteract the side effects from all the morphine pills you have to take for the pain you are trying to control. I am sure they will understand.

Drug users, hide no more!

ya quit smoking, its illegal!

dont do dumb stupid things like hat pot head

you don't pass it. That's the point of the test, to get rid of potheads like you. Just quit, it's not worth smoking it.

Drink atleast 3 gallons of water and eat stuff with vinager in it. lots of it.

err for a start dont smoke marijuana! god people are stupid

Your screwed

How about pretend you are really really sick and can't make it to the drug test. Then, when you have miraculously gotten better and stopped being a dumbass and stopped smoking pot, then maybe you can have the drug test. Kids are so stupid these days. Geez

♥ Glitterbomb ♥
It stays in your system for bout 12 weeks - boy youre mullered!

stop smoking you idiot!

I'm not judging you, But if you use it for medical reasons, it should be no problem. All you have to do is show them your prescription for marijuana.

Charles WE
You better hope they don't opt for a lock of your hair. You're dead meat if they do.

i,m going for a urine test in two days, i hope i dont follow you in otherwise i'm in sh!! street.

Testing is more sophisticated these days and the detox kit contaminants are getting picked up by the tests as well as the cannabinoids in your urine.

Ditch the pot and get on with your life. A positive test can follow you forever.

You are well and truely screwed. Deservedly.

So you're a pothead and you want to pass a pee test in two days? good luck. The only way to get those toxins out of your body is not to put them there.

Dude, you are totally screwed..unless you drink nothing but water and bleach for the next 2 days. And that will kill you. I have heard lots of stories on how to get clean fast...but not sure how well they all work. I have heard about going and getting something called sure-gel.....its a canning product..and drinking that. I have also heard about getting some AZO pills the cranberry kind. (its over the counter medicine for a urinary infection)
sorry I seriously dont know what else to tell you!
Good luck!

Science Fiction Author
you should probably stop smoking marijuana if you want to pass. You are aware that is illegal right?

Ya stop smokin.
u shoulda thought of this before,what age are u?!

Just deal with its your own fault.

Amy F
Stop being an idiot and smoking marijuana!!!

yeah, the best way is to stop using marijuana.

Sunshine Nat
Stop smoking marijuana, that'd probably work...
But just a suggestion...

busty bertha
yeah give up the drugs go sort your life out.


Stop smoking it!

Get a life and grow up -----

Er.. heres a wacky idea, dont smoke marujana!!!! Yeah I know, genius!!

You ask, I answer
hahaha...you're screwed. i wouldn't want you working for me...

n/a n
I don't smoke, I have heard from friends there is a way of passing a UA. Drink lots of water all weekend to where it hurts to pee. Go to the grocery store and buy stuff called, Sur jell (sure gel) its for canning jellies and stuff. Mix one package with 52oz. of water or cool aid drink it all 5 hours before the test. Make sure you urinate at least 2 times. It will hold up the toxins for the 3rd 4th and 5th time you urinate. I hope this will help you out and good luck.

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