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 why do i smell so bad?
my favorite thing to eat is a fried pickle/onion/radish/banana sandwich
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 Whats the longest time you not eaten for?

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 Whats wrong with me ?
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sore throat
tightness of the chest
runny nose
eyes hurt
slight fever

 Why does this happen?
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 can't sleep. What should I do?

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 how could i stay up all night?
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I need a quick remedy for constipation.?

a dodgy pint of lager!

Beer made by the Boggart brewery in Manchester
1 pint is all you need for a day of misery
Not dared to stray from the bathroom all day

Nobody's home
The French toast at Denny's.

Your pipes will sparkle.

Osh Aka Oisinmagic
two tea spoons of sugar in some warm water or drink a little olive oil or simillar

Steve R
a monumental nice out on the piss, followed by a kebab with loads of chilli sauce, that should do it

Clear Caro syrup

1 Try the "P-fruits that make you poop:" Peaches, pears, plums, prunes, and apricots, canned in heavy syrup. The syrup makes the fruits especially sweet and delicious, and it draws water into the intestines to soften things up.
2 Add fiber to your diet, with fresh whole fruits and vegetables, whole wheat bread, and bran-rich cereals
3 Try cutting down on dairy products, or cut them out altogether. Cow's milk slows down the intestines in some, setting them up for constipation
4 Give yourself time on the toilet. The best time (when the intestines are normally most active) is about 10 -15 minutes after eating
5 Before you go for more uncomfortable remedies, such as mineral oil, pills, or enemas, talk with your doctor. Any serious stomach pain that comes on suddenly needs a medical evaluation. For nagging, repeating stomach aches (which may well be caused by constipation), the path to comfort can be a long one. It often helps greatly to have an experienced guide

definatley prune juice

Просто Я
Try fresh cucumbers and milk. It works.

[email protected]
like alots of them says were right
prune juice does work but it tastes soo yucky
laxitives also work as well but slowy
i do a herabl laxitve tea called smooth move by traditional medicinals and it works but slowy and tip make sure you are realy constipationed or else it will hurt i learn that the hard way and mytummy and mybody ache the whole time intill it gotta out of me
you can get a health store or health part of your local food store
and drinking alots of water everday will help too

castor oil.. it's cheap.. mix it in a blender with orange juice or pineapple juice to make it go down easier.. works like a charm.. a sh**ty charm.. but a charm.

the truth has set me free
If you want a really quick remedy then try glycerine suppositories, works in minutes. Otherwise senna will work overnight. Best thing though is to avoid it in the first place by drinking at least 1.5 litres of fluid a day and eating lots of fibre such as bran, friut and veggies.

Lots of fruits, juice, or laxitives.

Try googling "laxitive" and see what kinds of suggestions come up.

Prune juice takes about two hours. If you hate prune juice like I do, try dried apricots. Always works for me and I just had a baby so I know this horrible situation.

heat a glass of orange juice and take some andrews liver salts and believe me it will sort you out...

Mod M
Colase is a stool softner that is cheap and readily available. It is not a laxative..eat more fruit and vegies and drink more water..but then an ol'timer would have heard all this before...a High fat meal might also do the trick...accompanied by prunes of course.

laxatives? milk + orange juice (will make your stomach sick though)? grape fruit? prunes? prune juice?

i personally find prunes (not the juice) most effective...

raisins, prunes, and peanut butter. oh and Mediterranean food too!


fiber really good

Fruit, cereal and a cigarette!

Very strong black coffee first thing in the morning

BTW the orange juice and liver salts will blow your head off !!!

organic flaxseed oil but you should not go out after taking it. trust me

Try colonic irrigation. Boy you will empty yor bowels in seconds!

The fastest way is to use prune juice, but get ready to make friends with your toilet! It's a pretty raw form of relief...

warm apple juice works really well and sometimes cold orange juice. but i recommend you try warm apple jusic first.

prune juice

fibre gel

media mogul
SENEKOT. honestly, pop down to the pharmacy, get some. It is naturally based and it takes a few hours to work through the system so if you take it tonite, you'll feel 10kilos lighter after your morning bog visit.

Lots of fresh fruit, or a vindaloo might get things moving. The fruit is the healthiest option though.

Prune juice works a treat.

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