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 Its 3 AM and Wake up time is 6 AM. HELP!!?
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 Smoking Weed (Details I Forgot To Mention)?
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I Am/Have

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~ Long QT (Heart)
~ Palpatations (About Every 3-4 Months)
~ Tourettes

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 What's wrong with me?
I feel like a rock is weighing my head down and when I stand up, I feel like passing out.

I haven't eaten anything in about a day but when I think about eating, I feel all blehh.

I lost my voice, how do I get it back?
I was playing around with my boyfriend and screamed and now it's gone. ): what do I do to get it backkkk?

Rest it.

Shadow (Cronos) sucks
buy a dummy lol

Del Boy
Just rest your voice and drink cold water. It will come back.

Tori G
1. rest your voice eventually it would come back
2. make some honey and lime tea n it would come back
- get a cup of hot water
- pour in some honey in the cup
- squeaky a whole lime in the mixture
- mix it all together then drink it and your voice would come back in an hours time

drink water.

drink water

The REAL Steel Deal!!!
Put a picture of it on the back of a milk carton.

Tickle My [Crazy] Elmo
Ask it nicely. Maybe it is hiding from you under the bed?

Keep screaming until it comes back.

Rest it.. try honey.

Drink lots of water.
Drink lots of tea. Those are the two best solutions :)

Also; don't try to talk if not necessary, this will tend to hurt it more, and prolong the length of time your voice is gone.
Have a throat lozenge, like Ricola (sp) and Sucrets.

Good luck!

Drink water and wait ..

║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║ ORIGINAL
Drink warm milk with honey, it works for me. Your voice should be back in a couple of days.

Sit on a thumb tack or your curling iron, you'll go AAHHHHHH, then tomorrow you move on the the letter B.

Jenn, lovely lovely day
hahahaaa ! lol, i really dont know buyt i hope your ok and wish you luck in getting it back very soon :P

im sure you'll get it back soon :D

please answer my question xxxxxx


peace and love x

the other guy
Try looking for it.

Or you can see if your boyfriend took it.

OR, MY REAL ANSWER you can drink really cold water. Or wait until it comes back.

Monse J
make hot tea, use honey, lemon, and mint. drink it in your bathroom with the shower on the hottest setting. as phlem loosens, spit it out, but try not to use your vocal chords to hack it out. also, but disgusting is making ginger, garlic, tea. boil it all together and gargle with it, swallow some, but minimize swallowing because of the taste and strength of tea. don't use vocals until you absolutely need to, even then, it might take a few tries to get anything discernable out. good luck!

You could make a jug of drink . Which is honey plus lime .
Whenever i lose my voice . My mum would mix this for me .
OR you could just drink more water and try not to speak at all.
Be patient. Get well soon .

First of all: Don't worry. It's probably nothing serious. I've had the same thing for a WEEK.. But I feel better now. It's probably not good for you, but there's nothing you can do right now x(. The only thing I could recommend is drink a lot of tea with honey. Honey is good for your throat. Also, drink a lot of Advil or stuff. It will make you feel better. Rest your voice, too. Don't try to talk today. If you don't have a voice, you don't have a voice. Maybe if you don't talk today, it will become better tomorrow.
That's the only thing I could thing of, I'm sorry!

You've temporarily damaged your vocal cords. They are pretty delicate.

First: Do NOT whisper! Whispering causes more damage to vocal cords and is harder on them than talking. Avoid talking all together until you are able

Second: Drink some tea with honey in it. The warmth of the tea and the consistency of the honey will help soothe your throat and cords.

Third: Wait. Usually your voice will come back in 24 hours. If it doesn't come back in over 3 days, then I'd worry. TIll then just be patient.

And next time....don't scream so loud. You're not in a screaming contest. Your vocal cords and I'm sure your boyfriend will thank you.

Just Wait Thats all you can do i remember my brother lost his voice a while ago try taking some cough drops it mite help soothe your voice

Check your boyfriend's pants.

I think you have to just wait a while untill it comes back usually happens to me when I go to a concert and cheer really loud, i lose my voice. Just drink a lot of water and don't talk a lot, it should come back in less than a week. Good luck :)

D1Chung вαиgѕ☮
ur in luck...caz theres always a nice pair of lips here that can cure anything....especially for getting ur voice back

you can try getting some water from the faucet or whatever and putting lemon juice and honey in it and heat it up in the microwave and stir then drink while its still hot.

Nancy M
try not to talk very loud or very often,,, if youa re to talk talk low and calmly!!!! try drinking warm stuff like tea and hot chocolate!!!

Christy V
Don't drink milk! I heard it's bad for your throat. And I would drink A LOT of water and don't talk for a while. Once in a while test your voice to see if it came back and if it didn't don't talk. After it comes back, don't over do it and scream for a while. Good Luck :)

Drink hot tea with lemons and try taking a few cough drops. That's the best advice I can give.

Babeyy Skuseyy
Drink Lemon And Hot Water

wow ur hot r u nkaed?

drink lots of liquids...what do u mean u were ..Playing ?

Brian L
Did you check your pockets?

don't talk

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