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Does n e 1 know ...

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 Is there some type of glue to heal a heart that's breaking?

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 Why do they sterilize needles for leathel injection?
feel free to star if you think this is interesting or just funny....

 HELP! is it dangerous to sleep with..
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thanks to all in advance....

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 I swallowed a worm! What should i do?
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 smoking weed, is it bad for you?
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 I'm 15 and smoke..........?
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 How much sleep does the average person need ?

 How many hours of sleep do you get a day?
I get around 5 hours on a weekday and about 9 - 10 on a weekend....

 Its 3 AM and Wake up time is 6 AM. HELP!!?
Its 3 am. i cant sleep. ive tried everything. i have to wake up at 6 am.
what do i do?
how can i get to sleep?
suggestions/ tips pleaseeee =)
Thank youu!:)...

I keep having this recurring dream that I am driving a car and my foot is on the break but the car won't stop.
and in my dream I am pressing my foot against the brake as hard as I can, and i am terrified of what I am going to hit but the car won't stop.

It's just a dream about your fear of not having control

Jeff Zhang (J-Z)
this is not a question...

you are hurrying to fast in your life stop and smell the ****

Dawn C
I'm no Freud, but maybe you feel out of control of something in your life? Maybe try looking up some of the elements here: http://www.dream-land.info/.

Good luck!

It may be that you fear that that ever will happen to you.

It's your subconscious telling you to check your brake fluid.

This is an expression of anxiety coming out in association with every day life.

l m
everybody has dreams like that....its one of the most common dreams.....
i have had a dream like that too and so i jumped out of the car and then this criminal started to chase me in a maze that had nuclear bombs in it
which was kind weird

Emily N
There is something out of control in your wake time and you want to find the control but can't and so you are having this dream. Either find the control you need or accept that life is out of your control and you will find a peaceful sleep.

Are you looking for a meaning for the dream? Most dreams are have a different meaning than in real life. I had a similar experience - but it actually happened. The gas pedal stuck, and I almost went through a plate glass window. It finally unstuck in time to avoid the calamity, so I stopped, got out and walked home.
But it sounds like you are frustrated about something. No charge.

Dan the car man
Control you subconsciously believe you have none,,, Go see a good councilor not some wack job but ask around of stable older people not other wack jobs.. Try a church or community program... but be careful if you smell one drop[ of wacko run away..

In classic dream interpretation a car is supposed to represent you and your life. If you are trying to slow down and can't, that may mean that you feel that some aspect of your life is going too fast and you are losing control. Of course dreams can be interpreted in very many ways and that is just one possibility.

Is there anything in your life that u think is happening very quickly? Could there be anything that u have fears about as to how it will unfold or happen? Do u wish anything would slow down in your life?

Maybe it means that there is no stopping you....that you will just plow ahead with all you've got until you get to where you want or need to be. It's a dream telling you to take chances - go for it. I like my interpretation as it is a positive one. So use it. LOL.

I've had similar dreams, but not recently. Seemed to go away. I have no idea if they mean anything.

This is not a question, but I agree with the others. You have a situation in your life that you feel you are loosing control of.

sounds like there are some things going on in your life that you don't feel in control of. how old are you? what's going on in your life? are you taking a chance on something or someone? are you overwhelmed? have you made any rash decisions lately? MOST sounds like --- you're doing something that you're not quite sure is best for you, and you'd rather stop, or have someone tell you you're doing the right thing......?

It sounds like there is something in your life you don't feel you have control of. Is something happening in your life you want to change and haven't?

You are hiding something mate....that is bugging you when you are asleep.

this isnt based on a real life experience is it? i'd still check my brakes just in case tho =P

I am not an expert at this, but I have read quit a bit. It sounds like something in your life is out of control (hence the can't stop). You need to take a look at what going on in your life and find out what it is.

Ricky Bobby
maybe there's an unsolved car problem in your life that u need 2 pay attention 2 also its said that u dream about the last thing u were thinking about b4 u sleep

You may be suffering from what is called Cleo Syndrome. You see you have dreams like normal people, but you find a message in them like for this one you are going to die in a horrible accident when your brakes give out.

Big S
This dream is clearly signifying that there is something in life that you want to control but you cannot; your lifemust slow down but you cant get it to go at your own pace. Try to organize your days better and make sure you aren't taking things up too fast.

Maybe it means that´s how you see your life!
Think it.

Well, have you ever actually stayed asleep long enough to find out if you ever actually *hit* something? If not, try finishing the dream. Hopefully this will make it stop.

are things changing around you in real life...this may mean that you feel things are changing too quickly and you are trying to stop this, but no matter what you do, they continue to change.

Another way of putting it is that your sub conscious may feel that life is moving too quickly for you.

Larry & Barbie
Your life is out of control

you feel like your life or something in your life is out of control and you can't stop it.

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